get-LiteForex-50%-Deposit-Bonus-with-promo-code get-LiteForex-50%-Deposit-Bonus-with-promo-code

Promotion Details

Offer 50% Deposit Bonus
Available to All traders of LiteForex
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Use LiteForex’s Promo-code to get the bonus

LiteForex has released a “Promo Code” through the blog that you can use to get an extra 50% Deposit Bonus.

By using the Promo-Code, you can get a 50% Deposit Bonus of up to $5,000 to your live trading account directly.

The promo code for the 50% Deposit Bonus is “Blog” which you can apply when making a deposit.

You can use the promo code only 2 times.

You can use the bonus for trading on your live trading account, and you can withdraw them all as your profit once your account meets a certain volume requirement.

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What’s the Promo Code of LiteForex?

LiteForex is an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) Forex broker, that runs bonus promotions only once in a while.

LiteForex releases promo codes through their blogs, youtube and other SNS channels.

By using LiteForex’s promo codes, you can get certain bonuses on your live trading account or gifts depending on the promo code you use.


This time, the promo code “Blog” will give you 50% Deposit Bonus of up to $5,000 to your live trading account.

The number of promo codes is normally limited, so you may want to hurry up to use one.

The promo code “Blog” is available only 2 times per trader.

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How to get LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus?

LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus is available for all traders of the broker.

By using the promo code “Blog” you can get up to $5,000 of bonus directly to your live trading account.

Follow the steps below to get a 50% Deposit Bonus to your live trading account.

  1. Go to LiteForex Official Website.
  2. Open a live trading account.
  3. Log in to LiteForex’s client portal from the Official Website.
  4. Go to the Deposit Section.
  5. Choose the preferred deposit method and enter the Promo code “Blog”.
  6. Proceed to make a deposit.
  7. Receive the Deposit Bonus instantly upon credit.

To receive the 50% Deposit Bonus, you must deposit at least 100 USD or equivalent amount in other currencies.

ListForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus is available for the following account types: MT4-CLASSIC, MT4-CENT, MT4-ECN, MT4-ECN2, MT5-CLASSIC, MT5-CENT, MT5-ECN.

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Maximum amount of 50% Deposit Bonus

The maximum bonus amount you can get from LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus promotion is $5000.

This means that the bonus will be applied to your deposit of up to $10,000.

In case you want to make a deposit of more than $10,000 you will not be receiving the bonus for th exceeded amount.

LiteForex itself does not have a limitation to the amount of deposit, so you may deposit the amount as you like.

To activate the promo code, you have to go to the “deposit” tab in your account, choose a payment system and type the promo code into the corresponding field before sending the deposit.

50% bonus will be credited to your account together with the deposit.

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Withdrawal Condition of LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus

From the account which you have received 50% Deposit Bonus, you can withdraw your profit at anytime you want.

Note that your fund withdrawal will cause partial cancellation of the bonus amount, according to the amount of withdrawal.

The amount of LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus is also available for withdrawal.

To be able to withdraw the bonus amount, you need to trade at least 50 trades with a total volume of at least 30% of the bonus amount.

Please see the table below for the example of calculation.

Deposit Bonus amount (%) Bonus amount ($) 30% lots of the bonus amount
1000 50% $500 150
5000 50% $2500 750
10000 50% $5000 1500

Once your account meets the volume requirement, you can withdraw the bonus as your extra profit at anytime.

The volume is multiplied by 0.01 for trading of CFDs on shares, oil, cryptocurrencies and stock indexes.

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When a client withdraws his own money from his account or makes a transfer to another account, the bonus amount is reduced in proportion to the account balance.

Main Rules of LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus

For more information and the “Terms and Conditions” of LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus, you may visit LiteForex Official Website and find out more.

Here are some of the main rules of the promotion “LiteForex 50% Deposit Bonus”.

Your accounts must be fully verified.
In order to receive LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus, your account must be fully validated with documents.
The maximum leverage you can use is 1:1000.
Through LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus promotion, you can use only up to 1:1000 leverage for your account.
Artificial trades (locked positions) are not considered.
Any hedged positions are not calculated towards the volume requirement, thus only one of them is considered.
Transactions resulting in less than 30 points of profit/loss aren’t considered.
For trades to be calcualted within the volume requirement, the opening and closing prices must be more than 3.0 pips.
The bonus will be cancelled after 3 months.
You can use LiteForex’s 50% Deposit Bonus for 3 months. After 3 months, the bonus will be deducted from the account.

Along with this 50% Deposit Bonus, there are many great adpects that you can benefit from LiteForex.

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