octafx-trade-and-win-loyalty-program-bonus-promotion octafx-trade-and-win-loyalty-program-bonus-promotion

Promotion Details

Offer Latest IT Gadgets
Available to Traders in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Thailand
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Just trade on any of your real accounts and start receiving prize lots for every closed order.

You are only eligible to take part in this promotion if you are a resident of in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Thailand.

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List of Gifts – free delivery

There is a number of gifts you can claim by exchanging your “Prize Lot”.

The list of prizes and the required prize lots for each gift are as follows:

Prize Required “Prize Lot” amount
Baseball Cap 5
OctaFX T-shirt 5
USB drive 10
Essential Powerbank 25
Bluetooth Speaker 40
Android Smartwatch 50
Android dual SIM 4.5in smartphone 150
Android dual SIM 6in smartphone 250
Windows 8 tablet 750
OCTAFX LAPTOP Windows 10 laptop 2500
Your prize will be dispatched to your chosen delivery address within 30 days of claiming your prize.

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How to participate in “Trade and Win” promotion?

The Promotion is open to OctaFX customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Thailand aged 18 or over at the time of entry.

You are not eligible for the Promotion if you are materially connected to the administration of the Promotion.

Follow the steps below to participate in this promotion today.

You can join Trade & Win any time by opening a real account with OctaFX.

  1. Open OctaFX Real Account
    Trades on demo accounts do not qualify users to enter the Promotion.
  2. Make a deposit and start trading with OctaFX
    To be entered into the Promotion, users must trade on their real accounts using any trading instrument OctaFX provides.
  3. Accumulate your “Prize Lots”
    Order duration is not limited, unless it is stated in the Customer Agreement. Only closed trades participate in volume counts.
  4. Login to the client portal and Claim your prize
    You can order prizes any time depending on their ‘prize lots’ balance.

You can use your current address that you wish prizes should be delivered to.

It can be your home or office address. Either way, OctaFX covers all the delivery costs.

*Prizes are limited to one of each type of prize per person.

*Prizes can be ordered at any time providing the client has enough prize lots to redeem.

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How much “Prize Lots” you can earn by trading?

Prize lots are calculated as follows:

For MT4 and cTrader accounts 1 traded lot equals 1 prize lot.

For MT5 account 1 traded lot equals 0.5 prize lots.

Prize lots are calculated for closed orders only.

All trading techniques or EAs are allowed.

The Prizes and participation in the Promotion cannot be exchanged or transferred. However, in the event that the Prizes offered are unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, OctaFX reserve the right to offer alternative prizes of equal or greater value.

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Your “Status Program” decides what “Trade and Win” gifts you can claim

OctaFX runs “Status Program” which is a separate promotion available for all traders of OctaFX.

The list of the gifts you can claim by exchanging your “Prize Lots” depend on your status within the program.

Details of OctaFX’s Status Program

Silver status holders can additionally claim AirPods and Apple Watch.

Gold status holders can additionally claim MacBook Air and iPhone XR, as well as the Silver status gifts.

Platinum status holders can claim MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, as well as the Gold and Silver status gifts.

You cannot order the same gift twice, however you can collect prize lots and order another gift of your choice.

Each delivery usually takes from 1 to 3 weeks for gift to arrive.

You can also track your order status in “Order history” tab in Trade & Win shop in OctaFX’s Official Website.

Use tracking code to track your order. It’s available in Personal area. Go to Trade&Win shop and click “Order history” to see tracking codes and order statuses.
The Promoter reserves the right to declare any prize already given invalid and subject to cancellation upon direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent operations with the prize funds.

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Higher rate of “Prize Lots” for higher Statuses

You get more prize lots for trading one lot depending on your status as below:

Your Status Prize Lots you can earn
Silver 1.25 prize lots for one lot traded
Gold 1.5 prize lots for one lot traded
Platinum 2 prize lots for one lot traded.

You can check it in your personal area under Prize lots icon.

There is no expiration date for prize lots.

If you don’t see prize lots, please mind that they are recalculated every 10 minutes.

You can only use prize lots to exchange them for gadgets and merchandise.

Details of OctaFX’s Status Program



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