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Offer Bonus & Special Services
Available to All traders of OctaFX
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

With OctaFX, you can earn many benefits just by making a higher amount of deposit.

This “User Status” program has started in 2019.

Higher the account balance, more than benefits you can earn.

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4 User Statuses within the program

Clients receive additional advantages depending on their user status.

The higher their overall balance, the higher the user status they get:

Bronze 5 USD
Silver 1,000 USD
Gold 2,500 USD
Platinum 10,000 USD

When the cumulative balance of your Wallet and trading accounts reaches the specified amount, you can upgrade your user status.

Make sure to keep your cumulative balance above the specified amount to keep your user status. If your balance goes below this amount after a withdrawal, the status gets degraded immediately.

If your balance goes below this amount in the course of trading, you have 30 days to restore its level.

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Upgrade Conditions

Your status within OctaFX’s User Status program depends on the account balance.

All accounts with more than 5 USD of minimum deposit will earn the “Bronze” status, and the traders of “Bronze” status cannot be downgraded.

To be upgraded to higher status, you must deposit more than the required amount for each status as below.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
5 USD Deposit 1,000 USD Deposit 2,500 USD Deposit 10,000 USD Deposit

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Downgrade Conditions

Here are the conditions of downgrade.

From Bronze From Silver From Gold From Platinum
Can’t be downgraded Less than 800 USD of account balance Less than 2,000 USD of account balance Less than 8,000 USD of account balance

If the account balance has reached the specified amount due to losses of trading, then you will remain the status for 30 days.

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Benefits of each User Status

There are 4 tiers within OctaFX’s User Status program.

Each user status has different benefit.

1. For Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

  • No commission on deposits and withdrawals
    OctaFX cover all charges due for money transfers in the system.
  • 24/5 Customer Support
    OctaFX’s hotline is at your service 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

2. For Silver, Gold and Platinum

  1. Trading signals by Autochartist
    Autochartist is plugin for MetaTrader that delivers real-time trading signals straight to your terminal. It predicts chart patterns and trends online and also allows you to receive daily Market Reports via email.

3. For Gold and Platinum

  • Faster bonus withdrawal
    The higher your user status, the fewer the number of lots, comparing to the bonus amount, you need to trade to complete the bonus. Ordinarily this number is bonus amount/2 (the bonus amount divided by 2). The correlation if ×1.25 for Gold and ×1.5 for Platinum.
  • Lower spreads
    You can trade the most popular instruments with lower spreads. You can enjoy this benefit only on an MT4 Micro account without fixed spreads.
  • Accelerated deposits and withdrawals
    The clients with Gold and Platinum status have their withdrawal and deposit requests processed faster.

4. Only for Platinum

  • Experts’ trading prompts based on your three-month trading history
    OctaFX’s specialists will review your trading history for the last three months and point out the mistakes you can avoid to increase your trading profit.
  • Personal manager
    OctaFX assigns you a specialist that will guide you through all questions you may have with OctaFX.
  • VIP events
    Meetups behind the closed doors where you can get in touch with other traders of your level and discuss what you want informally. Transfer services and other expenses are on OctaFX.


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