paxforex-100%-loyalty-deposit-bonus-promotion paxforex-100%-loyalty-deposit-bonus-promotion

Promotion Details

Offer 100% Deposit Bonus
Available to All traders of PaxForex
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

PaxForex offers 100% Deposit Bonus only for loyal traders.

The bonus is offered up to $30,000 per trader continuously for 12 months from the dates of your deposits.

Get the bonus today to increase your margin and leverage on MT4.

PaxForex offers up to 1:500 leverage on all account types. Find out more about PaxForex’s leverage conditions here.

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PaxForex 100% Deposit Bonus

PaxForex’s 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus is available for both new and existing traders of PaxForex.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Bonus % 100%
Promotion Period 12 months from the date of deposit
Maximum Bonus Amount $10,000 per account and $30,000 per trader
Requirement to get the bonus $1200 minimum deposit

Once you make your deposit and apply for the promotion, the bonus will be credited for the next 12 months.

The bonus amount credited every month is 12 times less than the total bonus amount, thus you will receive the total applicable bonus amount (100% of the total deposit amount) in 12 months.

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Why you should get PaxForex’s 100% Deposit Bonus?

PaxForex’s 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus will increase your available margin directly.

The promotion will support your trading with monthly bonus.

The bonus is available only for trading purpose, but not for withdrawal.

There is no additional costs or fees involved to participate in this promotion.

The bonus is also credited on multiple deposits until the total Deposit Bonus amount is equal to the Net Client Deposit.

*Net Client deposit is Deposit minus withdrawal.

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How to get PaxForex’s 100% Deposit Bonus?

To get PaxForex’s 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus, follow the steps below.

  1. Signup and open a trading account with PaxForex
    You can participate in this promotion with live accounts of any account types. See the comparison of account types here. For the comparison of spread, visit the page here.
  2. Deposit at least $1200
    The required minimum deposit amount to get the bonus is 1200 USD. You can also deposit the amount or more multiple times to increase the total bonus amount.
  3. Apply for the promotion
    Be fore making any trades, you must apply for the promotion from PaxForex Official Website.
  4. Start trading
    There are certain requirements that you must meet to continue receiving the bonus every month.

You can receive the bonus up to $10,000 or €9,000 per account, and $30,000 or €28,500 per trader.

Every time you make a deposit over $1200 you activate the 100% bonus again.

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Bonus is credited for the following 12 months

When you receive the bonus for the first time, you won’t receive the full bonus amount yet.

The total bonus amount which is equal to 100% of your total deposit amount, is divided by 12 equals parts and granted every month.

For example, if you deposit $9,600 then the applicable total bonus amount is $9,600.

The $9,600 bonus amount will be divided in 12, which equals to $800.

Thus $800 is the monthly bonus amount credited into your relevant account for the next 12 months.

Monthly Bonus amount calculated as Total bonus amount divided by 12.

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Requirement to get the Bonus

To continue receiving the bonus for the next 12 months, there are certain requirements that you must meet.

The requirements to be eligible for the monthly bonus is the followings:

  • At least 31 days must be passed from the date of previously granted bonus
  • Trade at least the required volume which is calculated as “Monthly Bonus / 10”
  • Equity on the trading account must be not less than planning deposit bonuses amount.
  • Net Deposit amount should be more than 0.
All positions closed with a profit or a loss of less than one maximum spread will not be included in the lots calculation.

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Withdrawal Conditions of PaxForex 100% Deposit Bonus

The bonus amount is only for trading and cannot be withdrawn.

The bonus can be used as trading margin to increase the available trading capital.

In case of any fund withdrawals, PaxForex may at its discretion decide to remove, proportionally, the granted Deposit Bonus.

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FAQs of PaxForex’s 100% Deposit Bonus Promotion

Here are the frequently asked questions of the promotion 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus.

Who can receive the bonus?
All traders, both new and existing traders of PaxForex can receive the bonus. There are certain requirements to be eligible for the monthly bonus.
How much is the bonus amount?
The total bonus amount is 100% on your total deposit amount. The total bonus amount is divided in 12 and credited every month for the next 12 months.
How long can I use the bonus for trading?
There is no time limit for the use of bonus.
Can I withdraw the bonus amount?
No, you can use the bonus amount only for the purpose of trading and to increase the margin in your live accounts.
What happens if I make a fund withdrawal from the account?
You can withdraw your own funds and profits at anytime. In case of fund withdrawals, the related bonus amount will be removed from the account.

Do you have any other questions regarding to the promotion?

Contact PaxForex Support Team for more.



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