superforex-50%-welcome-deposit-bonus-promotion superforex-50%-welcome-deposit-bonus-promotion

Promotion Details

Offer 50% Deposit Bonus
Available to All Traders of SuperForex
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus Condition

Here is the main condition of SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus promotion.

Bonus Type Deposit Bonus
Bonus Percentage From 40% to 50%
Maximum Bonus Amount Unlimited
Bonus available for All new traders if SuperForex
Multiple Bonus on One Account Unavailable
Bonus on Multiple Accounts Available
Compatible Bonus Dynamic Bonus

Exclusivity and compatibility. SuperForex Welcome + Bonus can be combined with Dynamic bonuses.

It cannot be combined with the 60% Energy Bonus, 120% Hot Bonus, Easy Deposit Bonus or the No Deposit bonus.

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What is SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus?

SuperForex understands the importance of recognising the customers and their business and reward them for choosing SuperForex.

For unlimited period of time SuperForex’s new members will get a welcome+ Bonus on every deposit they make.

The Welcome+ Bonus is aimed at increasing the trading volume of customers’ accounts and thus help traders realize better trading profit.

To obtain the Welcome+ Bonus, you need to register a live trading account with SuperForex and submit the “Get the Welcome+ Bonus” button from Clients Cabinet.

You can login to SuperForex’s client cabinet from SuperForex Official Website.

For the list and conditions of SuperForex’s all fund deposit and withdrawal methods, visit the page here.

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How to get SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus?

To benefit from SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus offer, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open a live trading account with SuperForex
    The account opening is free and may only take a few minutes to complete.
  2. Apply for the Welcome+ Bonus
    Choose “Bonuses” tab on the left hand-side menu and select the Welcome+ Bonus. At the bottom of the page click the “Get the Welcome+ Bonus” button.
  3. Make a deposit
    In order to get the bonus, you should activate your trading account by replenishing it with any amount. You can replenish it using whatever method is more convenient for you. The amount of the deposit is also specified by you.
  4. Get Welcome+ Bonus to your trading account
    The welcome+ bonus will be automatically credited to your account.

SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus is available for all new traders of the broker.

Signup to open an account today and increase your trading volume with the bonus.

By opening multiple trading accounts, you can also receive the bonus multiple times. (once per account)

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SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus has 3 levels

Customers have the right to receive a Welcome+ Bonus up to 3 times per account.

+40% for the first deposit guaranteed, +45% for the second deposit but only if amount of second deposit is more than $500 and +50% for the third deposit but only if second deposit is more than 500$ and the third one is more than $1000.

Bonus Level Bonus % Required Deposit Amount
First Time Deposit 40% Any Amount
Second Time Deposit 45% At least $500
Third Time Deposit 50% At least $1000

All 3 credited bonuses are summarizing and 100% tradeable being an integral part of the margin

The Welcome+ bonus will have been completed by the moment of full using of credited bonuses.

It will be completed also if amount of second/third deposit is not enough to be eligible to get second/third bonus according to the above Conditions.

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Fund Withdrawal Conditions of SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus

Profit got from the Welcome+ Bonus is calculated and credited in a proportional amount between both the deposit and bonus parts every time the deal is closed.

Each deal influences the distribution of the profits on balances in different ways.

Withdrawals and cancellation: The profit over Welcome+ Bonus can be withdrawn only after all buy or sell trades are completed.

Upon withdrawal, a proportion of the bonus funds will be cancelled. The proportion is calculated based on the following:

C = (X/Y) * (the amount of the 40% bonus on the deposit) where:

C = cancelled amount

X = the amount that is requested for withdrawal

Y = the current available balance in the account after the Welcome+ bonus and other types of bonuses, if available, have been deducted.

For example, you claimed the Welcome+ Bonus and made first deposit of $100 to activate it. The bonus will be 40% of $100 = $40.

In total you have 140$ on your account. Let’s say you make some trades and get to $200 and you want to make a withdrawal of $50.

Let’s use the formula to see how much money will be cancelled from your account:

X = $50

Y= 200 – 40 = $160=> C = (50/160)*40 = 12.5

So $12.50 will be cancelled from your account after you make your withdrawal.

For the available fund deposit and withdrawal methods for SuperForex, visit the page here.

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Terms and Conditions of SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus

Here is the full terms and conditions of SuperForex Welcome+ Bonus promotion.

  1. Every customer of SuperForex has the right to receive the Welcome+ bonus on his/her deposit to a real trading account with SuperForex.
  2. Client can claim for the Welcome bonus program once, per account
  3. If, after the first or second crediting of the bonus to the first or second Deposit, the received bonuses have been cancelled in full, due to trading or in case of withdrawal of funds, Welcome+ program continues to operate, and the client has the right to receive a new bonus, provided that the next (second/third) Deposit matches with minimum amount of replenishment, to be eligible to receive the bonus for the second or the third Deposit.
  4. Although identification information is not requested while applying for the Welcome+ Bonus, SuperForex reserves the right to request identification documents at its own discretion.
  5. SuperForex reserves the right to cancel the Welcome+ Bonus without any prior notice to its customers. Therefore we strongly recommend that customers should not use the bonus funds in calculation of profit in their trading strategy.
  6. The customer agrees that in case the SuperForex company finds facts of a fraud activity involving the bonus, the client’s deals can be declared void and the results of the trading can be abolished.
  7. SuperForex is not responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result of cancelling the bonus, including but not limited to Stop Out, as the bonus is the ownership of SuperForex.
  8. The Company reserves the right to amend or modify the Bonus Agreement terms without prior notice.
  9. By applying for the Welcome+ Bonus you acknowledge you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


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