TopFX-30%-NFP-Deposit-Bonus TopFX-30%-NFP-Deposit-Bonus

Promotion Details

Offer 30% Bonus up to 250 USD
Available to All Clients of TopFX
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

30% deposit bonus by TopFX. Trade on the Non Farm Payrolls report to receive a 30% deposit bonus.

30% TOPFX NFP deposit bonus

First of all, who is TOPFX? A Prime Brokerage company with decades of experience in the sector, offering its services to a large number of clients such as hedge funds, Forex and CFD brokers, proprietary trading companies and professional traders.

In short, a company that deals with providing liquidity to other companies active in online brokerage but at the same time offers services for the investment of traders, with countless available tools and advanced technologies.

Decades of experience
Since its creation, the company has had as its main objective the satisfaction of the needs of its customers, of whatever nature they may be, quickly becoming a leader in the sector as a Liquidity Provider.
Ultra Low Spreads
The company offers spreads as low as 0.0 pips and a more than reliable execution
Lightning-fast execution
Almost instant order execution, less than 25 ms.
Wide range of tools available for trading
The broker offers over 600 assets available for investment, from Forex, indices, stocks, metals, energies, ETFs to cryptocurrencies.
Fast withdrawal and deposit operations
Any operation, whether it is a withdrawal or deposit of funds, they will be handled quickly and safely.

TOPFX in addition to the features listed above is constantly committed to offering its traders promising initiatives with the aim of improving any trading experience.

Among these initiatives we find the 30% NFP deposit bonus.

An extremely advantageous promotion that will offer the trader wishing to invest his funds in the NFP a 30% deposit bonus that can be used to increase the volume of operations.

The NFP is the acronym for Non Farm Payrolls, by far the most important macroeconomic report that is part of the world’s largest economy.

This report is typically released on the first Friday of the month at 1.30pm (BST) and presents changes in employment in the non-farm sector of the US economy.

In order to apply for the promotion, the trader will have to invest his funds in this sector.

If deemed eligible, he will automatically receive 30% of the deposit made in his account for a maximum amount of $ 250. The promotion is applicable on deposits over $ 100.

Request 30% Bonus offered by TOPFX

How to request the 30% Bonus

In order to have access to the promotion, it will be sufficient to follow the next very simple steps.

In order to apply for the promotion, interested traders must have a real TOPFX account.
Traders who already have an account can request the bonus by logging into the customer area and selecting the account on which to receive the promotion. New prospects will need to open a new account before proceeding.
Make a deposit
The promotion requires a deposit of more than $ 100. After making a deposit, you must send an email to to receive the bonus.

Open a real account with TOPFX

Terms and conditions of the 30% NFP Deposit Bonus offered by TOPFX

In order to be eligible for the initiative, traders must respect and fully adhere to the terms and conditions imposed by the company.

  1. The applicant must carefully review and accept the general terms and conditions of the promotion imposed by the company.
  2. The 30% deposit bonus offered by the company is available to any eligible trader. Any individual who, acting in bad faith, has abused the promotion, provided false information and failed to comply with the terms and conditions imposed will be considered ineligible for promotion.
  3. The bonus is only available for accounts with USD base currency.
  4. The minimum deposit required to qualify for the promotion is $ 100.
  5. The maximum prize that can be received from the promotion is $ 250.
  6. The maximum leverage available for trading with the bonus is 1:500 (the maximum leverage varies according to the instrument in which you want to invest).
  7. The stop-out level for MT4 accounts is 35%, while for cTrader accounts, it is 30%.
  8. TOPFX has the right to terminate the contract at any time and without giving any notice to the trader. In the event that abuse is suspected, the company reserves the right to cancel and cancel any transaction on the account. Any non-compliant operation such as multiple requests from a single customer, access via different IP addresses and multiple operations of multiple accounts carried out by a single device will result in the cancellation of the bonus.
  9. The bonus is not compatible with other TOPFX promotions.
  10. The promotion can be ended at anytime.
  11. In order to have access to the promotion, the customer must provide accurate and real personal information and be eligible by passing the KYC process. In addition to this, the company may request more detailed information by sending further documentation, if deemed necessary, for greater security on the identity of the applicant. In the event that false information is provided, both the bonus and the account will be canceled.
  12. The bonus will be removed following any withdrawal or transfer of funds.
  13. The bonus will be credited automatically immediately after making the deposit. Funds resulting from the promotion cannot be withdrawn but only used for trading purposes. Any profit can be withdrawn at any time.


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