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Promotion Details

Offer Up to 200% Deposit Bonus
Available to All traders of Traders Trust
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Traders Trust launches “Traders Challenge” promotion.

An attractive promotional offer. With deposits starting at $500, you will receive a $9,500 bonus to trade with.

The more you deposit the more you get!

“Traders Challenge” bonus offered by Traders Trust

Simply an opportunity not to be missed. An extremely advantageous promotional initiative offered by Traders Trust offers traders the possibility of being able to significantly increase their trading volume despite a relatively low initial minimum deposit.

This is how it works, the interested party will have to open a new Classic account and make a deposit of no less than $500 in order to have access to the promotional offer.

After having requested the Bonus, the Classic account will evolve into a “Challenge Account” on which the company will deposit bonus funds starting from $9,500 to be added to the capital deposited by the trader.

The funds deriving from the promotion can be used for any type of trading but cannot be lost, consequently, the trader will only risk his own capital.

The client will be able to take advantage of the promotion by opening positions of greater volume in order to consequently generate a greater profit.

In order to withdraw the profits generated by trading, the funds in the client’s Challenge account must be greater than $10,000 (i.e. the sum of the deposit made by the trader plus the funds deriving from the bonus).

Any amount exceeding this figure may be withdrawn at any time deemed necessary or alternatively be reused for further trading.

Furthermore, by keeping his deposit stable above $10,000 for more than three consecutive months and adding his trading strategy to the rankings of social copy traders, the client will be able to make his skills known to investors around the world and if deemed worthy, earn performance commissions from potential followers.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Bonus withdrawal Unavailable
Profit withdrawals Available if requirements are met
Minimum deposit required $500
Maximum deposit Unlimited
Promotion funds starting at $9,500
Promotion validity period Unlimited
Compatible accounts Classic accounts
Deactivation of offer Upon request at any time

Bonus “Traders Challenge” is open to all traders who are already clients with the broker and potential new clients.

To get the bonus, just follow the next simple steps:

Open a Classic Account
The applicant must have a Classic account, if he does not have one, he can do so by clicking here.
Fund deposit
Make a deposit of $500 or more using your preferred payment method.
Request the bonus
The trader can join the promotion by filling out the deposit bonus form.

Visit the official website of Traders Trust

Terms and conditions

Applicants interested in joining the “Traders Challenge” initiative must first carefully read and accept the rules of use imposed by the company.

The full version of the regulation can be found on the page dedicated to the promotion.

Later it will be possible to know in summary the terms and conditions of the offer.

  • The promotion is available to any trader, regardless of their country of origin.
  • Promotion activation time could last up to 24 hours despite the customer meeting all the requirements and being deemed eligible.
  • Any withdrawal during the promotional period will cause the cancellation of the bonus from the customer’s account. To be able to withdraw the entire balance, all positions must be closed and a request must be sent to the email address
  • The customer may request cancellation of the offer at any time by sending a request to the e-mail address
  • The “Traders Challenge” promotion launched on 06/23/2022 and there is no expiration date at the moment.
  • The bonus can be claimed by any trader holding a Classic real account who makes a minimum deposit of USD 500 / JPY 50,000 / EUR 480 / GBP 400 / PLN 2,150 or more.
  • Participation in the initiative is granted only once per customer and for a single account by completing the form on the page dedicated to the promotion.
  • The offer is only available on new Classic accounts. Accounts already opened and used for trading will not be considered eligible.
  • The bonus resulting from the promotion will be credited to the applicant’s account with amounts starting at 9,500 USD (or equivalent currency).
  • The trader will be allowed to make further deposits into his account but this will not result in any further bonus funds being added.
  • The offer will be valid indefinitely as long as the account balance is greater than zero. Any losses arising from trading that will cause a decrease in the initial balance will not affect your credit. Any withdrawal operation that will cause a decrease in the initial balance will result in the total cancellation of the bonus credit.
  • Full or partial withdrawals that are less than 500 USD / 50,000 JPY / 480 EUR / 400 GBP / 2,150 PLN will cause the bonus to be cancelled.
  • A trader who wants to withdraw the entire balance of his account must send an email to the email address


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