PUPrime-offers-up-to-10,000-USD-Cashback-Rebate-for-Crypto-trading PUPrime-offers-up-to-10,000-USD-Cashback-Rebate-for-Crypto-trading

Make a deposit, start investing in cryptocurrencies and get your cashback! Multiply your investments!

New cashback offer launched by PUPrime

Since its creation in 2015, the online broker PUPrime has proven to be extremely competitive, becoming a world leader in the sector in the years to come. The broker provides its clients with cutting-edge trading services and tools and over 200 products divided between forex, indices, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Being a world-renowned company and providing its services in over 120 countries, it guarantees every trader multilingual support that is essential to say the least from a team of experts in the sector. In addition to an impeccable service, PUPrime periodically offers its customers extremely advantageous promotions and offers.

The broker recently launched the promising new “Crypto Cashback” offering, which will allow any interested trader to receive up to $ 10,000 in cashback by trading cryptocurrencies. Each customer eligible for the offer will be eligible for a refund by making a deposit and trading a specified number of crypto lots during the promotional period.

Promotion Eligibility.
Any new or existing customer can apply for the promotion and enjoy its benefits.
Promotional period.
The promotion is valid from June 27, 2022 until July 26, 2022.
The trader will receive up to $ 2 in cashback for each lot of cryptocurrency traded, excluding operations deemed invalid and cryptocurrencies not eligible for promotion.

Apply for Crypto promotion Cashback offered by PUPrime

How to request the Crypto Cashback promotion offered by PUPrime

The interested trader can request the Crypto Cashback promotion with a few very simple steps.

First step.
In order to be eligible for the promotion, the trader must have a real PUPrime account. The customer, whether new or existing, will need to log in to their account in order to apply for the promotion. In case the trader does not have a PUPrime account, he will need to create one.
Second step.
Immediately after logging in, you can request the Crypto Cashback promotion offered by PUPrime via the registration form.
Third step.
Start trading on cryptocurrencies in order to accumulate as many refunds as possible up to a maximum of $ 10,000. The total amount will be credited to your account balance at the end of the promotion.

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Crypto Cashback Terms and Conditions

In order to be eligible for the offer, traders must meet the terms and conditions imposed by the broker.

  1. The Crypto Cashback promotion offered by PUPrime is reserved only for both new and existing customers with Islamic standard and standard accounts.
  2. The countries deemed eligible for the offer are: France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco, United Kingdom, Reunion, Malta, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Ivory Coast, French Guiana, Luxembourg, Spain, Martinique, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Algeria, Taiwan, Netherlands, Guadeloupe and Saudi Arabia.
  3. To be considered valid, deposits must be made during the promotional period. The minimum net deposit required is $ 500 for the lowest redemption fee of $ 0.50 per lot. The maximum rebate granted by the promotion is $ 2.00 per lot.
  4. The full amount resulting from the promotion will be credited to the customer’s account only at the end of the promotional period.
  5. Crypto Cashback offered by PUPrime is not eligible for trading on the following instruments: ALGUSD, MTCUSD, XRPUSD, BCHUSD, XLMUSD, EOSUSD, BTCBCH, BTCETH, BTCLTC, BTCXAU, ETHBCH, ETHLTC, ETHXAU.
  6. Positions open for less than 5 minutes, blocked positions and hedged positions will not be considered valid for the Crypto Cashback promotion.
  7. The Crypto Cashback promotion is not compatible with the other promotions offered by the broker, except “You can be a trader too”, “Refer a friend” and 50% Deposit Bonus.

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Investing in cryptocurrencies with PUPrime

PUPrime offers its loyal customers a wide range of cryptocurrency CFD investment tools including BCHUSD, BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD, EOSUSD, XLMUSD and many more. Traders will be able to trade without worrying about central bank interventions, interbank dealers handling orders or massive pension funds causing price swings. Any change in cryptocurrency prices stems solely from the prevailing news and sentiment. As the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, it is subject to considerable daily price fluctuations and is considered particularly attractive by aggressive and experienced investors. Anyone wishing to try their hand at investing in this instrument will have to carefully study each of its features in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

Crypto trading with PUPrime is considered to be particularly beneficial in many respects.

State-of-the-art trading platforms.
PUPrime has the latest generation trading software, the award-winning MT4 and Mt5 platforms.
Leveraged trading.
PUPrime offers maximum leverage of 33: 1 for crypto CFD trading.
Unnecessary crypto wallet.
The absence of a crypto wallet increases the advantages deriving from the high volatility and eliminates the risk of theft.
Low spreads.
The broker offers some of the lowest prices on the markets and extremely advantageous spreads.
Support at all times.
An experienced team in the field always ready to meet customer needs.
Safe trading.
Negotiate in maximum security and transparency with a reliable and regulated broker.


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