Condition-of-ForexVox's-10%-Variable-Deposit-Bonus-Promotion Condition-of-ForexVox's-10%-Variable-Deposit-Bonus-Promotion

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ForexVox launches the 10% Variable Deposit Bonus. Profitable opportunity for your trading.

Make a deposit to your account and claim the 10% Bonus available for withdrawal.

Variable deposit bonus of 10% offered by Forex Vox

Neo online broker created by traders for traders, always attentive to the requests and needs of its traders, constantly promotes advantageous initiatives to make trading ever simpler and more advantageous. Forex Vox recently launched a fantastic new promotion, the 10% Variable Deposit Bonus . The new promotion offered in addition to increasing the deposit made to your Standard Forex Vox account by 10% is also available for withdrawal at any time deemed necessary.

Request the Bonus 10% variable deposit offered by Forex Vox

Accessing the promotion will not be difficult, any trader interested in the initiative will be able to access it through the following very simple steps.

You start by making a deposit.
Deposit a minimum of USD 50 to your standard Forex Vox account.
After that you will need to contact the Forex Vox team
Email the support team your bonus request.
Now it’s time to trade.
Once you have received the bonus on your account, you can start trading using a wide range of instruments divided between forex, indices, metals and commodities.

Visit the official website by Forex Vox

What you need to know about the 10% Variable Deposit Bonus offered by Forex Vox

It is important that every trader interested in the promotion knows every single feature in detail, including rules to be respected and negotiation and withdrawal parameters. The next list will detail everything you need to know to be able to access, use and withdraw the 10% variable deposit bonus.

  1. The trader can request the 10% variable deposit bonus after making a deposit through the Clieti Area.
  2. The bonus amounts to 10% of the deposit made.
  3. A minimum deposit of USD 50 will be required in order to receive the bonus on your account.
  4. The bonus will not be credited to internal transfer deposits or deposits of any other Company competitions / promotions.
  5. The promotion is only eligible for the Standard account type. You will need to submit a request by emailing the support team after making a deposit.
  6. For each deposit made, the maximum bonus amount that can be received is 200 USD. The total amount that the trader can receive during the trading period is 200 USD.
  7. The fund quota generated by the bonus will be automatically added to the funds available for trading on your account. Bonus funds can be either withdrawn or used for trading.
  8. When a trader decides to withdraw funds after requesting the bonus, the promotion will be automatically canceled. Any profits generated from trading through the bonus funds can be withdrawn at any time deemed necessary.
  9. The trader has a maximum time of 60 days to use the bonus funds, after this deadline the bonus will be automatically deleted from the applicant’s account.
  10. Any fraudulent activity on the bonus account will entitle the company to permanently cancel the promotion.
  11. Forex Vox reserves the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notice.
  12. The company will not be held responsible in the event of technical interruptions, interruptions of the internet line and other services provided by third parties that could affect the normal use of the promotion
  13. Each customer will be able to request the promotion only for a Standard account.


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