July 25, 2022

Binance, How to get a Crypto Loan without collateral?

Unlike bank loans, you don’t need a good credit score to get a crypto loan.

How-to-get-a-Crypto-Loan-without-collateral How-to-get-a-Crypto-Loan-without-collateral

Is it possible to get a cryptocurrency loan without collateral?

Unlike bank loans, you don’t need to have a good credit score to get a cryptocurrency loan.

Typically, cryptocurrency loan providers require users to stake their cryptocurrency assets in order to obtain loans.

Taking a cryptocurrency loan without collateral is extremely risky, as “crypto lenders” offering non-collateralized loans can be fraudulent with the intent of stealing your assets or identity.

To prevent falling prey to scams, consider choosing a reliable cryptocurrency loan provider like Binance Lending.

Is it possible to borrow cryptocurrencies without putting assets as collateral? It’s possible, but it could also be a scam. Often, collateral is used to protect cryptocurrency lenders, so a loan that sounds overly superior, like a non-collateralized loan, is likely to be fake. Users should be cautious not to borrow cryptocurrencies from “lenders” that do not require collateral.

Instead, you can apply for a cryptocurrency loan from a reliable lender like Binance Lending, which offers you reasonable loan interest rates. Binance Lending does not reject loan applications based on credit scores but instead holds user collateral to reduce loan risk.

Disclaimer: Always do your due diligence and make sure to borrow from a reliable cryptocurrency loan provider before engaging in a transaction involving cryptocurrency loan risks.

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Why do cryptocurrency loan providers need collateral?

1. Collateral can be used as margin

Unlike traditional loans, borrowing cryptocurrency does not require a credit check. Instead, lenders use collateral as security to reduce their loan risk. If the borrower is unable to repay the debt, the collateral will be seized. This model could allow users without a credit history to borrow cryptocurrencies.

2. Collateral can be used to calculate loan risk

Cryptocurrency loan providers can also use collateral to calculate personal loan risk and loan terms, including payment terms, interest rates, and loanable funds amount. The theory is simple: the higher the collateral value, the lower the lender risk.

This can be done by calculating the loan-to-value ratio (LTV). LTV is the ratio of the value of a personal loan to the value of its collateral. With LTV, cryptocurrency loan providers such as Binance Lending can assess personal loan risk levels and provide cryptocurrency loans while safeguarding their business.

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Calculate the loan-to-value ratio for Binance Lending

The formula for calculating the loan-to-value ratio is as follows:

Loan to Value (LTV) = Loan Amount / Collateral Amount x 100%

Loan Amount = Principal + Interest

Note that different assets used as collateral have different initial LTVs. See the Index Price page when calculating LTV.

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Risks of non-collateralized loans

1. Fall into a scam

From a cryptocurrency lender’s perspective, it is difficult to mitigate loan risk without a credit check or collateral. If you do find an optional non-collateralized cryptocurrency loan, be wary of whether it is a scam. Did you leak important information? Has the lender been exposed by the media for a fraud case? Do loan terms sound too good? Are other users talking about its service? These are some questions that may help you when verifying the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency lender.

In some cases, scam victims have had their trading accounts locked from accessing their funds. Fraudsters may also try to trick victims into handing over personal information, including account numbers and passwords.

2. Super high interest rate

Legitimate cryptocurrency lenders are unlikely to offer non-collateralized loans, as lenders are highly vulnerable to losses if borrowers fail to repay their debts. However, some cryptocurrency lenders may offer such lending because they want to earn higher interest , provide less money to borrow, or shorten the payback period. However, these types of loans may not be suitable for traders looking to increase their position size through leveraged trading. This is because of the shorter window of time available to traders to obtain highly profitable trades sufficient to repay the high interest. Therefore, traders should be cautious about applying for non-collateralized loans.

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Advantages of Binance Lending

Binance Lending is a lending solution that enables individuals to obtain cryptocurrency loans at competitive interest rates. Approved loans are secured by eligible crypto assets held in their Binance account as collateral. Other advantages include:

Offers a wide range of assets
Binance Lending has more than 160 assets available for lending and accepts more than 50 cryptocurrency assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin.
Transparent User Interface
Repayments and interest are automatically calculated and made accessible to users, allowing borrowers to verify their access to cryptocurrency loans at competitive rates.
Loan Staking
Part of the collateral offered is an option that can be staked to generate cryptocurrency rewards, which in turn can lower loan interest.
If you repay early, interest will only be calculated based on the number of hours you borrowed.
Integrated Ecosystem
Lended cryptocurrencies can be used anywhere in the Binance ecosystem, including transactions, payments, and withdrawals.

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While it is possible for cryptocurrency loan providers to exist without collateral, it is highly likely that this is a scam. Consider using a trusted service provider like Binance Lending to borrow at competitive rates and avoid theft of your identity or assets.

Ready to get a cryptocurrency loan? Please do the following:

First, sign up for a Binance account or download the Binance app. Next, verify your account to access more features and increase account security. Once your account is verified, you can apply for a loan from Binance Lending. Binance Lending offers a wide range of cryptocurrency loans including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and Binance Coin. Again, be sure to do your own research ( DYOR ) before trading with borrowed cryptocurrencies.

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