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ZuluTrade Social and Copy trading service

ZuluTrade’s service is recommended to for traders who are struggling to make profits in Forex and CFD markets.

Such traders may be facing many problems while trading, and the one of the major reasons can be the psychological status.

When investing in Forex and CFDs online, psychology is much more important than you think and the psychological behavior has been the same since long time ago.

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We suggest you pay attention to the fact that even in the presence of sustainable trade systems, the trader is influenced by a number of risks of the personal psychological problems:

1. The risk of boring trade

Many are attracted to trade not only because of the possibility of large movements of capital in a short period of time.

Adrenaline “injections” are often the stimulus. And in times of high volatility and sudden movements, reflex of a “racer” can be triggered.

And if the strategy available to the trader does not work in periods of high volatility, the traders often enter bypassing its rule.

This is quite dangerous, because in the trade there are often long periods of non-directional lateral movement with sharp bursts of activity.

In this case, the trader must either change the strategy or change himself and understand with what purpose he came to the market-to earn or to feel emotional pleasure.

With ZuluTrade, you can trade such risk.

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2. The risk of recession of trade

Ideal systems do not exist! It is necessary to understand right away, once and for all.

Any strategy with a high level of profit will periodically give a series of several losses 2 to 3 times in average of 100 transactions.

And if a trader is trading not only within the day, these series can lead to months of decline, albeit moderate.

The trader who understands this and understands how his system operates, will not give it up in times of such recessions and will not rush to look for a “Holy Grail.”

With ZuluTrade, you can continue trading without such disruptions.

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3. The risk of too rapid growth of capital

Similarly, there is a possibility of revaluation, if the system of the trader did not give a series of losses, but a series of good trades.

As a result, the account has grown, so has the trader in his own eyes.

Traders usually become too self-confident after a significant rise, and resize positions, trade more freely, rejecting created strategies.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to outwait the inevitable period of sideways trend following the period of rise and as a result good profit earned at good trend “dissolves” in a series of stupid trades in other phases of the market.

With ZuluTrade, you can choose the strategies and adjust the risk exposure and profitability as you want.

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4. Risk trade planning

Even with a ready and profitable strategy and defined profit losses, we cannot know in advance the sequence of winning and losing transactions.

The account gradually increases during the year, but the time is spent both on the return of losses and the growth of the account.

Most of the profit was obtained in a relatively short period of time – but we do not know exactly at what point it will happen.

This means we should be able to outwait periods of recession, in order to make money.

Risk of planning is definitely a psychological risk, even if you trade methodically.

The best therapy against psychological risks is a comparison of psychological risk (the risk that we perceive) with the actual market risk.

We must maximally improve knowledge of the market, due to the history of the trading strategy.

Many programs and platforms give results on trade and calculate statistics, such as those used for assessment in trading systems.

Statistical indicators are collected to enable modelling of the decision-making process, facilitating for the traders determination of the point of entry into the market.

With ZuluTrade, you can eliminate such complicated processes but just rely on professional investors.

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What should you consider when opening an Online Forex Trading Account?

When using ZuluTrade’s service, it is necessary that you choose Forex brokers to open an account and make a deposit.

Forex trading is becoming the popular choice of trading preferred by millions of traders across the world.

However, to trade, you must initially open a demo account to learn and a live account once you are confident about trading online in the market with real investment.

When you use ZuluTrade’s service, you are recommended to open an account with AAAFX, as AAAFX’s platform is directly integrated to ZuluTrade’s service.

There are many elements to be considered when you open an online forex trading account and here follows a few:

1. Leverage

This specifies the ability to control large amount capital, using your small capital invested.

Remember, higher the leverage, higher will be the risk involved.

Leverage amount may differ with account type.

However, leverage is considered to benefit forex trading, as it enables the trader to make huge gains with just a small investment.

Fees and Commissions

This is another consideration when you open a forex account.

In forex, traders will directly deal with market makers and not the brokers.

However, market makers still make money every time you trade, therefore you must be aware of fees of commission involved.

Besides these elements, there is also lot many to consider for opening a forex trading account.

Each forex firm and type of account you choose may differ, therefore, it becomes essential to review them thoroughly before you choose.

In addition to it, each company may also offer various levels of services along with fees and it may also go beyond the trading costs.

It is always recommendable to go with reputable company to open your account to avoid hidden costs or extra fees that may influence your overall profit level.

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