Here we will review the service of XM.

Please note that the review written in this page is not for advertising objective nor officially authorized by any entities, but it is intended to help traders get to know about this broker better.

Who is XM?

XM is a trade name of Trading Point Holdings Ltd(or other several companies founded by XM group).

The broker is active since 2009 and has achieved to acquire more than 500,000 real/live accounts in 2016. To compare the number of accounts, Japanese biggest brokers have got about only 400,000 or much less in twice the active period.

XM is regulated by many regulatory authorities and mainly by CySEC. XM is one of the biggest broker in Cyprus area.(at least that is what people say in the industry)

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XM’s General Trading Condition

XM offers normal number of trading instruments including Forex Currency Pairs, Precious Metals and CFDs through MT4.

The leverage is up to 1:888, which is a bit tricky number but a higher than the average leverage.

The Spread is variable which starts from 0.5 pips(including commissions), which is also the average spread for some USD and JPY pairs.

You can find out more about XM’s Forex spread conditions in the page here.

There is no trading method restrictions but only arbitrage trading is prohibited.

XM is also known as having relatively smaller slippage and number of order rejections comparing to other brokers.

There is nothing to complain about the trading conditions.

Visit the page here to see the full comparison of XM’s all trading account types.

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XM MT4 and MT5 trading platforms

XM’s clients can trade Forex and CFDs through some of the world’s major exchanges from a single account.

XM’s platforms, MT4 and MT5 are available for customers depending on individual requirements and preferences.

Advanced trading functionality and fully integrated charting is also available.

The highly skilled staff on our 24-hour trading desk are ready to answer queries or execute trades on behalf of clients when needed.

XM’s technology spans several platforms and systems.

All platforms are proven robust solutions for both the individual and institutional trading environment.

Find out more about XM’s MT4 and MT5 trading platforms in the page here.

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XM’s Bonus Promotions

XM offers not so gorgeous but variety of bonus promotions to its traders.

Some main promotions are:

  • $30 No Deposit Bonus (profit is available for withdrawal)
  • 100% Deposit Bonus(up to $500, not available for withdrawal)
  • XM Loyalty Program(cash back service by accumulating the points)

The conditions of these promotions are simple and understandable for anyone.

For traders who are solely aiming to earn benefits from bonuses, XM may not be your choice.

You can benefit more and more by trading long term with XM.

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XM’s Advanced and Latest Technology

XM applies the expertise in liquidity and order flow management to a broad range of instruments and trading functionalities, whilst demonstrating the dedication to client service of the highest quality.

The result is a secure, robust, and user friendly solution for any institutional trading environment.

XM’s MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are tailored for traders who need robust institutional grade liquidity and trading functionality.

The range of instruments is extensive.

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XM’s Customer Support

XM has got its own procedure to take care of clients’ requests properly.

They are always willing to come back to you with real answers and normally wouldn’t take too many days for a response.

Through the livechat, you may sometimes get procrastinated by a support staff saying “will let you know via email” and no response after that.

But if you are a client of XM, you should have an account manager of yours so you may contact him/her directly so you can get a proper response.

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Any complaints against XM?

XM has acquired large number of clients from 2009, but there is almost no major rational complains against its service.

XM does make sure that it solves every single problem mentioned by its clients.

There is no profit cancellation mentioned by traders or excessive slippages at all.

Looking into every aspect of its services, we can say that XM is a highly recommended broker.

Only arbitrage trading is not supported by XM.

Other than that, there is almost nothing to be careful of, as XM has got simple conditions and no extra restrictions on its platforms.

We recommend that you make a close connection with your account manager of XM, so you will be able to have your issues solved smoothly in the future.



4.9 rating based on 1,168 ratings
4.9/5 1168


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4.9/5 144


3.6 rating based on 99 ratings
3.6/5 99


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4.7/5 92


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4.9/5 145


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