Risks-of-Weekend-Position-Rollover-in-Forex---Mistake-or-Smart-Move Risks-of-Weekend-Position-Rollover-in-Forex---Mistake-or-Smart-Move

Exness does not have a restriction on trades

Exness allows its traders to carry positions over the weekend.

In fact, Exness does not have restrictions to such a trading method.

On Exness’s MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, you can hold positions as long as you want, even with no swap charges on certain financial markets.

But is it a good idea to hold positions over the weekend?

In this article, we will show you the possible risks of trading Forex over the weekend and the measures you can take.

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Keeping orders open over the weekend: chance or failure?

Have you ever thought about leaving orders open on the weekends? If so, has this decision always worked in your favour? If not, should you try to clear your doubts, fears and give it a try? We collect all the information you need to know to leave orders open over the weekend.

Trading over the weekend is a big dilemma. On the one hand you can incur heavy losses if the market is surprised by the unexpected news and you also don’t pay attention to it before the weekend. On the other hand, you may close trading orders before the weekend and lose the opportunity to profit from trading. Imagine that after the weekend the price moves according to your prediction, but there is no good price to enter the market.

So do you keep orders open over the weekend? If you’re looking for the right answer, you won’t find it here. There are several factors you should consider before leaving your order open.

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1. Timeframes

If you read our previous articles, then you can see that timeframes play an important role in various trading cases, as well as in this case,

If you are a long-term trader and are accustomed to opening weekly to monthly trading orders, then this is for you, as changing volatility will not affect your trading. If you are a short-term trader and are used to opening trading orders from one minute to several hours then we have this question for you. You should consider keeping orders open during the weekends if you are a swing trader who is used to leaving one order open for several days.

Make sure you choose the right timeframe if you want to keep orders open over the weekend. H4 and daily timeframes are suitable for this case.

2. Risk/return ratio

You should pay attention to the risk/reward ratio (how much you can afford compared to the potential profit). In our opinion a good ratio is 1:3 where your potential for profit must be 3 times higher than the potential for loss. Make sure if the price movement goes against your prediction after the weekend, you still have a safe trading mechanism.

3. News

Even if you don’t believe in fundamental analysis, it’s worth checking out the events that might occur over the weekend. If there are important events such as Brexit negotiations, Donald Trump’s speech, NAFTA negotiations, etc. take place over the weekend, then it’s a good idea to close orders. You never know when the news will be released and how the market will react.

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4. Trading diary

Imagine if you leave an order open during the weekend and you experience a loss, is this a reason not to try again? Of course not. Keep a diary to record your trades, because by doing this you can track all your profits and losses. It will be easier for you to create a trading strategy that can lead you to success.

5. Tranquility

There is one important thing about trading that is not about the market but more about your personality. Imagine if you left orders open over the weekend, but you don’t know what news will be released and how the market will react on Monday. Are you ready to experience the stress of the weekend and can’t wait for the market opening on Monday? Otherwise it’s good to keep your doubts and start trading with a cool head on Monday morning. If you are confident and dare to take risks then leaving orders open on weekends will be an interesting challenge for you.

Consider your personality qualities and make sure the weekend doesn’t turn out to be a bad day for you.

The bottom line is that keeping orders open on the weekends is your decision and whether it will make a big profit or stay calm and limit your opportunities. When this question pops up in your mind, pay attention to all the points we explained above then you will make an easier decision.



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