FXCM-$300-Welcome-Deposit-Bonus-available-only-until-30-June-2022 FXCM-$300-Welcome-Deposit-Bonus-available-only-until-30-June-2022


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FXCM’s $300 welcome bonus

FXCM, which has always had the needs of its traders at heart, recently launched an exciting new bonus offer, totally free, for all clients.

Thanks to a fantastic promotion, each trader can receive a bonus depending on the amount deposited, consequently, the amount of the aforementioned bonus will vary as the amount deposited varies and each trader can take advantage of the promotion only once.

Based on the deposit credited to their FXCM account, the trader will automatically receive a following bonus as listed in the table for each of the deposits made:

Deposits from $50 – $999 You will receive a $25 bonus
Deposits from $1000 – $2499 You will receive a $100 bonus
Deposits from $2500 – $4999 You will receive a $200 bonus
Deposits starting from $5000+ You will receive a bonus of $300

Get FXCM’s $300 Welcome Deposit Bonus

Main features of the promotion

In the event that an FXCM client is the holder of multiple trading accounts, you will be entitled to a single and unique Bonus request and for a single account and also promotion, it should be remembered that this will be available for a limited time.

The Welcome Bonus offered by FXCM is not available to traders residing in European countries.

Traders who decide to withdraw the credited sum deriving from the promotion from their account will be able only after having generated a trading volume of not less than 50 FX or CFD contracts. JPN225 and XAG are excluded from this Promotion.

The promotion began on November 22, 2021 at 00:01 GMT and will end on June 30, 2022 at 23:59 GMT (the “Promotion Period”).

Having read sufficient and having the terms and conditions of the promotion established by FXCM and fully satisfied the eligibility requirements, the applicant FXCM trader will credit the Bonus to their account within a maximum of fourteen business days.



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