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Yadix is always striving to elevate your trading experience and the latest example is the addition of copy-trading offering AutoTrade to Yadix’s wide range of trading tools.

AutoTrade is a service provided through Myfxbook and FxBlu.

It provides you the opportunity to copy a wide selection of trades from any system into your Yadix MT4 trading account.

Autorade offers the following benefits:

  • No need to waste time searching for winning systems
  • You can add and remove systems at any time
  • Trade mirroring is completely automated
  • Incentives are given to signal providers only for profitable trades
  • Advanced Risk Management systems
  • Real data with accurate statistics
  • No additional software needed

To get started, just log into Yadix’s secure client portal and select ‘Open A New Live Account’.

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You may also have read that there are many ways to invest with Master Strategy, terms like PAMM, MAMM, Trade Copy, High Water Mark and more, can be confusing.

At Yadix, they like to simplify as much as possible so client’s can feel comfortable when investing, so what’s the difference between PAMM and Trade Copying?

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What is PAMM?

PAMM or MAM is a software that allows you invest in a Master Strategy by connecting your account to a Master account.

The Master account can then trade with the entire equity of the pool of investors connected.

For example, 10 investors have 5,000 USD invested each, this means the Master account has 50,000 USD in combined equity to trade with.

The outcome of each trade is then distributed to each investors account as soon as the trade is closed, based on the percentage of invested sum vs. entire equity.

In this case each investor will receive 10% of the profit/loss of the trade immediately as soon as its closed.

Naturally, the larger the share of the pie an investor owns, the larger share of the profit or loss the investors will receive.

At no point does the Master have trader have access to your account, meaning the investor stays in full control of invested funds all times, and can choose to exit at any time.

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Forex Copy Trading Service

Trade copy is also a software that allows investors to benefit from successful forex trading strategies, however this time the Followers (investors) account is connected to a Master Strategy account and copies trades.

The percentage of trade sizes an investor will copy is based on the sum invested by the followers vs. the master’s balance.

For example, the follower has a balance of 5,000 and the master account has 10,000, the follower will receive 50% of the trade sizes to the account to ensure the risk and rewards ratios are well balanced.

Another example could be the follower has 10,000, yet the master is trading with 5,000, in this case the follower will copy 200% of the masters trades in order to benefit fully from the invested funds and the successful strategy.

Many investors choose trade copy as they can still intervene to set their own stop losses, take profits, execute trades and close trades at any time, however no involvement is necessary.

Other traders may choose PAMM/MAM as they can monitor their investments and account growth with no ability to intervene in trading.

To see the latest investment options including PAMM and Trade Copy choices, please visit the investors area.

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StablePro EA Copy Trading Investment

With Yadix, you can capitalize from one of the best performing investment program of 2018 & 2019, which has delivered +324.7% account growth consistently over 608 days!

Since starting, nearly two years ago (608 days), this strategy has delivered profit during every single month, using the low risk trading approach.

StablePro EA is a fully automated trading system that focuses on EUR/USD M15 time-frame, it can also run on GBP/USD.

The EA identifies profitable trends and executes trades.

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Low risks and securing profits

Low profit taking targets are in place to ensure that open trade times are limited and to protect against breakout trends.

The system does not use any trade multipliers or any breakout strategies that can be classed as higher risk but focuses on analyzing the M15 charts to identify profitable trends and to generate consistent profits and low drawdown.

The EA uses hidden stop loss and take profits to trade with the lowest risk possible.

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Trust your money to professionals

As of today, the Forex market is one of the most attractive investment tools.

Sure, the funds invested in it can bring simply incredible profits.

On another hand, Forex trading is not a simple affair – it requires specific knowledge and long-term experience, therefore, trading for a novice can result in stress and potentially enormous losses.

That’s why such kind of the Forex investment as Forex trust management is in demand.

It’s really simple: a professional trader takes care of your capital and increases it, and you share some pre-defined commission with him.

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Risks and profits

It goes without saying that any investments are associated with risks.

The market law is that the more risk you take, the bigger profit you can get.

For example, the safest way to invest your money is certainly a bank deposit.

In this case you do not need to worry about capital safety; however it will not grow too much.

Surely, bank rates provide some profitability, but sometimes they cannot even cover an inflation rate.

If you invest your money into real estate, you can make much more money and feel relatively comfortable.

However, the real estate market is not as stable as it can seem, just look back at the recent crisis.

You can go bankrupt as well if you run your own business.

But even if things shape well, you’ll still need some time before your investment starts to bring returns, and you start getting profits.

That’s why more and more investors are handing their money to trust management of professional traders or companies working in the Forex market.

This investment is also convenient as you can choose risk and reward ratio by yourself reflecting your understanding of comfort and profitability.

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Trading on your own or trust management?

If the Forex market is so good for investments, then why go to financial managers?

Why not manage your capital on your own?

Many people successfully make money trading on their own in the Forex market.

But for most of them it took years to stop losing money in the market and the same period of time to learn how to trade profitably.

Surely, there are some exceptions, but even if you have inborn aptitudes, you have to develop them as without skills and knowledge your money can become a sitting duck in the market.

If you have no time or you don’t want to learn, yet you want to get profits from Forex trading, then the most efficient and simple option is to hand your funds to trust management.

And if you want, at the same time you can trade on your demo-account or real account with a small training deposit after you entrusted your capital assets to the Forex market professionals.

All in all, trust management is that case when your money works for you not requiring any special interference from your side.



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