Who is Yadix?

Yadix is an online Forex and CFD brokerage firm founded in 2010.

With Yadix, you can trade more than 85 symbols including Forex pairs, Commodities and Indices.

As a true ECN broker, the broker processes all orders with low latency millisecond execution speeds, and allows any kinds of trading strategies such as hedging, scalping, HFT (High Frequency Trading) and EAs (Trading Robots)

ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network.

Yadix also ensures that there is no re-quotes or stop loss hunting, and strives to provide the platform where traders can make unlimited profit and withdraw.

To signup for free and start trading with Yadix, go to the page below.

Yadix Online Registration Page

If you have already registered with Yadix, login to the client cabinet from the Official Website and get started.

Yadix Company Information

Yadix brand is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA).

For fund security, the all clients’ funds are segregated into different bank account.

As required by the law, Yadix maintains adequate capital to cover all client deposits, potential fluctuations in all open positions and outstanding expenses.

All accounts at Yadix are also independently supervised by a third party auditors.

More information about the fund security and Yadix brand, please visit the official website.

Yadix Official Website

Yadix’s Trading Condition

With Yadix, you can invest in more than 85 financial markets including Forex, Commodities and Indices on MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform.

Yadix’s MT4 is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices. For the download links, please visit Yadix Official Website.

On Yadix’s MT4 you can experience ECN and STP trading with no dealing desk intervention.

Yadix aggregates market price feeds from many liquidity providers (LPs) then provides best bid and ask prices to traders by using the ECN technology.

Their LPs include more than 15 major banks such as UBS, Citibank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Deutsch Bank and Barclays Bank.

STP stands for Straight Through Processing.

Their main advantage is the execution quality.

99.4% of trades are executed in 15 milliseconds or less, and it is even lowered to 2 milliseconds ping speeds if you use the Yadix’s free VPS.

On Yadix MT4, about 78% of trades are filled at the requested price or with positive slippage.

Open Yadix Real or Demo Account

Trading Account Types of Yadix

In terms of trading strategies, Yadix has literally no restrictions on the MT4 platforms.

There is no re-quotes, order rejection or stop loss hunting.

You can perform hedging, EAs (automated trading robot), scalping, HFT or any other strategies.

There is even no limits for the minimum distance on stop loss, take profit and pending orders, and no maximum of the number of simultaneous open orders.

The maximum trade size by default is 100 lots. The trading conditions are negotiable.

The trading cost, maximum leverage and the required minimum deposit amount are different depending on the account type as follows:

Account Types Classic Rebate Scalper Pro
Minimum Spread (Commission) 1.0 pip 1.0 pip ($5/lot) 0.0 pips ($5/lot) 0.0 pips ($3.5/lot)
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500 1:200
Minimum Deposit $100 $100 $500 $10,000

Yadix provides about 15 funding options of bank wire transfer, online wallets and credit/debit cards.

Open Yadix’s Trading Account

Bonus Promotions of Yadix

Yadix has a number of bonus promotions running all the time.

Starting with the 50% Deposit Bonus which you can get up to 10,000 USD.

Yadix also has its own official cash back bonus promotion which you can get up to 1.2 pips, and for scalpers 20% cash back rebate bonus is available.

Finally, Yadix’s welcome gifts promotion is for serious traders.

The promotion has guaranteed gifts like iPhoneXs, Galaxy S8+, MacBook Pro and PlayStation4 for loyal traders of Yadix.

For more details and the latest bonus promotions, visit Yadix’s official website from below.

Go to Yadix Official Website

Have you already been trading with Yadix? Leave your review, opinion and ratings to let other traders know your experience!

13 main advantages of trading on Yadix MT4

As a true ECN and STP broker, Yadix has a lot to offer for online Forex and CFD traders.

It is better to visit Yadix Official Website for the latest and more information about their trading conditions, but we have also summarized their 13 great advantages which can help you to maximize your profit rate on Yadix MT4.

  1. No Dealing Desk on Yadix MT4
    On Yadix MT4, No Dealing Desk, No Re-quotes or Re-pricing. All orders are executed anonymously, automatically using best bid/ask price directly through to the liquidity provider.
  2. Free Forex VPS (Virtual Private Server)
    Using Yadix’s Forex VPS allows you to connect to the trader servers faster and beat latency, giving you the best chances of filling your market orders at the target price.
  3. Negative Balance Protection for all accounts
    All Yadix’s trading accounts are protected against negative balances. In the event you reach a negative balance, Yadix will cover the negative sum to save you money.
  4. High Forex Leverage up to 1:500
    Yadix’s high leverage allows traders to reduce the collateral needed to open market orders. Yadix offers high leverage (up to 1:500) so that clients can benefit from larger trades using lower equity.
  5. Institutional Pricing from 0.0 pips
    Yadix offers inter-bank variable spreads starting from 0.0 pips. Due to Yadix’s liquidity depth, spreads during abnormal market conditions remain tight which is ideal for trading news.
  6. Over 85 financial markets
    On Yadix, MT4, you can access more than 85 financial instruments from one trading platform. With Yadix, clients can trade Forex, spot metals, commodities, indices and futures using best bid and ask pricing.
  7. 0.01 Micro Lot Trading
    Micro lot trading means clients can take advantage of institutional market conditions with lower initial investments. Micro lots also offer better risk management controls.
  8. 4 Trading Account Types
    Yadix provides 4 STP and ECN accounts to ensure all trading strategies can benefit. Whether you trade news, use an Expert Advisor for Scalping or are looking for an institutional account, Yadix has the right choice for you.
  9. Market depth provided by over 15 liquidity providers
    Yadix uses more than 15 FX banks and execution venues so traders benefit from deep liquidity, anonymous order execution, no conflicts of interest and superior trading conditions.
  10. Fast Order Execution and Accurate Fills
    Yadix’s low latency server network and FX Bridge means all orders are executed and filled at super-fast speeds. Fast execution is crucial for EA, news and scalping trading strategies.
  11. Yadix allows all kinds of trading strategies
    Yadix accepts and fully supports trading strategies by offering exchange level spreads and trading conditions. Many EAs rely on hedging and scalping and Yadix welcomes both.
  12. Direct Cash Back Account
    Rebates offer real traders the highest value and unlimited real cash rewards for you volumes. Every trade on the Cash Back account earns great amount in cash.
  13. MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms
    MT4 is the world’s most popular trading platform and is a multiple award winning Forex terminal. All Yadix’s accounts are fully available to trade on the Yadix MT4.

Go to Yadix Official Website

Why trade Forex and CFDs on Yadix MT4?

Yadix understands the importance of providing suitable trading conditions for EA traders and Yadix’s infrastructure means that each of the account types can comfortably welcome and handle all strategies programmed into a Forex robot.

The technologically used at Yadix is ideal for EA traders as it allows direct access to real Forex markets with superior order execution and no dealer intervention.

High-bandwidth and low-latency connections through the Equinix Financial Exchanges deliver faster order execution to Yadix’s clients.

Yadix supports Expert Advisors, Auto Click, Scalping and Hedging.

Visit Yadix Official Website to find out more about their trading conditions today.

Visit Yadix Official Website

1. Yadix with 0.1 pips average spreads on MT4

Yadix introduces to you the lowest and tightest spreads in Forex.

The broker have sourced new liquidity feeds and they are now offering the best spreads anywhere with a massive reduction across all symbols with as much as 60% lower spreads.

The average spread for EUR/USD for 28-11-2018 was 0.13 pips, with more than 40.88% of ticks at just 0.1 pips, please see below:

Spread #Count of Spread % Percentage
0 16453 17.79%
0.1 37819 40.88%
0.2 30725 33.21%
0.3 4734 5.11%
0.4 1692 1.83%
+0.4 1104 1.19%
Total 92527 100.00%

Login to your MT4 account and review the amazing reductions in the raw spreads and also benefit from the exclusive ECN rebate program and discounts.

Start trading today and allow Yadix to help save you costs and become a more profitable trader.

Yadix Official Website

2. Low Cost and Risk Management

It is important to understand that trading opportunities are being constantly generated.

Armed with the knowledge that the next opportunity is only a matter of time away it is possible to adopt a proactive rather than reactive approach to trading.

By reacting to changing market conditions, a trader is always trying to play catch-up to what opportunities are presented.

Trading under such conditions creates unnecessary stress and could lead to the process being tainted by the unwarranted emotional input.

On the other hand, an individual who has a predefined plan that takes into account potential market conditions is able with a degree of certainty to map out the trade even before the set-up appears on their trading terminal.

With the application of proactive risk and trade management, a trader can define an entry, stop loss and target even before the mouse is clicked to transmit the order.

Take advantage of Yadix’s low cost condition and the award winning MT4 trading platforms.

Invest in Forex with Yadix

3. Trade during News-Time with Yadix

Yadix allows any kinds of trading strategies on the MT4 platforms including News Time trading.

Substantial profits can be generated by placing orders before the news.

However, major news events such as the Non-Farms Payroll data and monetary policy decisions made by the US Federal Reserve or the European Central Bank do create a lot of volatility.

Trying to day trade in such volatility comes at a price.

The cost comes in the form of large stop loss.

Unless a trader is willing to bear the cost which front-running the news brings, it is best to wait for a release to happen and then reassess the market mood after the event takes place.

Open Yadix Real or Demo Account

4. Yadix uses ECN deep market liquidity

Yadix is a leading Forex Broker that offers a professional ECN and STP trading experience.

Yadix’s traders can benefit from anonymous order execution, no conflicts of interest and superior trading conditions.

Take advantage of spreads from 0.0 pips, 1:500 leverage and micro trading with high-speed order execution (average 3 millisecond).

Orders are executed with full transparency directly to leading investment banks providing liquidity to Yadix.

These execution venues include Merrill Lynch, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citi, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan.

Find out more about Yadix’s ECN and STP

Yadix’s Trading Tools for Manual Traders and EA users

Yadix provides several trading tools for its traders.

For manual traders, one click trading system is available, which you can make orders instantly at anytime you want.

For EA (Expert Adviser) traders, Yadix offers free VPS (Virtual Private Server).

The server is hosted at Equinix LD4 center.

By using fibre-optic connections to tier-1 banks, Yadix VPS is provided with low latency (2ms ping on average) and direct-to-market STP execution.

Free VPS is available from $5,000 of minimum deposit.

If you are looking for EAs, Yadix also has several EAs available in the Official Website.

Visit Yadix Official Website

High Performance Automated Trading account for all traders

Yadix provides a free high performing automate trading to its clients.

Yadix’s StablePro EA is the next generation of trading enabling the automation of trading on your live trading accounts.

At Yadix, carefully monitor the traders and the system that they use. Yadix does this once everyday and see the performance of the systems.

Hunting for the Perfect investment? Invest with confidence, with safety and with instincts

To open Yadix’s StablePro EA account, please register online for free and speak with your account manager on how you could sit back and see how your account grows.

Signup for Yadix’s StablePro EA

Why use Yadix’s StablePro EA?

  1. Profitability
    Yadix’s StablePro EA enables traders to enjoy a consistent and safe growth of profits.
  2. Transparency
    You can monitor the trading activity in the account directly through the MT4 terminal.
  3. Reliability
    The Manager can not withdraw funds from your account, but can only trade it.
  4. Flexibility
    Your funds available anytime. You can withdraw profit or add funds to increase your income.

Details of Yadix’s StablePro EA

Free Forex VPS Server – Improved uptime and speed with Yadix

If you need a reliable connection and wish to keep your MT4 platform running 24 hours a day, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) will ensure complete uptime on your trading connectivity.

Many traders use VPS technology to run their Expert Advisers (EAs) non stop.

VPS is essentially a virtual machine hosted in a data centre that allows you have the same functionality of a physical computer it never needs to be shut down or is affected by internet connection and power cut failures.

Keep valuable uptime on your trading connectivity with Yadix.

Get Yadix’s Free London VPS

YADIX Ratings And Reviews

YADIX's Rate

3.9 rating based on 42 ratings
3.9/5 42
  1. Trading is only profitable when you work with the right person. I allowed Bloomcapital handle trades on my trading account and they make profitable trades and positive returns, and then I make withdrawal to my bank account. I recommend their services, hit them him up for amazing trading experience and easy payout via; /Bloomcapitalinvestment@/gmail./com/ . I have earned 85,000 usd while working with them

  2. Low costs for good ECN conditions, are top executions for EA trading or day trading

  3. Yadix’s execution speed is amazing. Compared to other companies, it is extremely stable and fast. One serious broker!

  4. many brokers are available with various facilities, but so far can still rely on execution in Yadix that can be trusted with scalper account that is managed at this time

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YADIX's Trading Accounts

YADIX (Quantix FS Limited) offers 5 trading account types.

Account Name
Max Lev
Min Deposit
Margin Call/Stop Out
$5 per 1 lot (round turn)
$10 per 1 lot traded
$10 per 1 lot traded
$7 per 1 lot traded

YADIX Company Profile

Yadix with super fast execution on MT4 platform!

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.
Regulations & Licenses
Company Quantix FS Limited
Founded 2010 (14 years)
Country Base Seychelles
Headquaters Suite C, Second Floor, Orion Mall, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Traders Rating
3.9 rating based on 42 ratings
3.9/5 42
Supported Platforms
Maximum Leverage 500:1 *
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Negative Balance Offer Negative Balance Protection
Client Funds Safety Segregated
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods

Company Categories


Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.


Everything you need to know about YADIX (Quantix FS Limited).

What is Slippage? What causes Slippage? What's the solution to avoid slippage? Slippage is a common factor that reduces profitability and costs traders money, but did you know that Yadix provides you with an effective solution to help avoid slippage? What is Slippage? Slippage is when an order is filled...

In order to make a withdrawal of your funds from Yadix's Mt4 live accounts, please login to Yadix's client portal and go to "View Accounts" and "Withdraw Funds". In order to withdraw funds from your trading account, please enter the sum you would like to withdraw the reason for the withdrawal and enter the ac...

How to open Yadix MT4 account to trade Forex? How can I open new additional MT4 live accounts with Yadix? Are my funds safe with Yadix? Segregation of funds and bank accounts Regulatory Supervision AML Procedures No Conflict of Interest Invest in Forex with STP and DMA broker Deep Market Liquidity on Yad...

To validate your account, please upload scanned and color copies of the below documents. Identification: Passport, ID Card (copy of front and back) or Driving License (copy of front and back). Proof of Address: Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Tax Bill or a letter from a reputable bank. To submit the above documents...

Clients can choose to change the leverage on their trading accounts at any time by submitting a request from the Request Change of Leverage/Margin form below. Please note that leverage changes can only be performed on accounts that have no open orders. In case you do have orders open, please close them from wit...

You can transfer funds between your MT4 live accounts anytime you want. To do that, please login to Yadix's Client Portal and go to "Internal Transfer" as below. To perform an internal transfer, please enter the account number of your target account and the amount you wish to transfer. Once satisfied, click o...

What is Yadix's execution model? Is it NDD, STP or ECN? What is an STP account? 3 advantages of ECN accounts Orders won't get rejected Fast execution speed Availability of Market Depth Window 3 disadvantages of ECN trading Maximum leverage may be low Transaction fee will be charged High required depos...

Please login to Yadix's Client Portal and go to "View Accounts" section as below. There you will find listed each trading account listed under your Yadix profile, account ID, account properties, the status, real-time balance, and actions that you can perform on each account. Under the action section, you c...

In order to change your Personal Details/Information registered, you need to contact your Account Manager to request. Through Yadix's client portal, you can only: Change the residential address Change the password for your client portal To perform the above 2 actions, please login to "Yadix's Client Po...

In order to change your address, please go to Yadix's client portal, then go to "Change Address". After that, complete the below form with your new address details. Before requesting an address change, please upload a new proof of address that can be a Utility Bill, Bank Statement, or another official docu...

By working with 15+ liquidity banks, Yadix can offer core bank spreads starting from 0.0 pips on Forex majors, for example trade EUR/USD 0.0 pips, USD/JPY 0.1 pips and USD/CAD 0.1 pips. Yadix's MT4 chart will always display the Best Bid and Ask prices that are fed from more than 15 liquidity banks and ensures tha...

Leverage is a powerful tool that allows traders to reduce the capital needed to enter a higher volume Forex trade. Yadix offers flexible leverage from 1:1 to 1:500, so that traders have greater trading capabilities and risk controls. For example, a trader with a balance of 1,000 and leverage of 1:500 can open ...

No conflicts of Interest order execution flows gives high frequency strategies, Expert Advisors, Scalpers and profitable traders the environment needed to succeed and maximize efficiency. Orders are submitted from the trader's platform to the Yadix servers, from there the order is matched and instantly executed t...

To fund your Yadix trading account, please login to Yadix Client Portal, then go to "Deposit Funds" section. There, enter the amount you'd like to deposit, and select from the payment options below. Yadix currently offers 14 different deposit methods for traders as below. Skrill - Fees: 1% + $0.25 ...



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