yadix-free-london-vps-bonus-promotion yadix-free-london-vps-bonus-promotion

Promotion Details

Offer Free VPS
Available to All traders of Yadix
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Yadix Forex broker operates the STP model offering stable and reliable trading conditions and execution.

Their tier one liquidity providers compete for Forex trading volume by offering low spreads across all currency pairs.

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Yadix Free London VPS Promotion

Claim a Free Forex VPS to host your EA.

Reduce latency and benefit from faster and more accurate order execution directly to 15+ Liquidity Banks.

With Yadix, you can claim your free London VPS from $2000 of minimum deposit amount.

As long as you meet the minimum volume requirement every month, there is no charge for using the London VPS.

This promotion is available for all account types of Yadix.

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Why you should get Yadix’s Free London VPS?

With Yadix’s London VPS, you can accelerate your trading and beat slippage with a Free London VPS that offers an average ping time of 2ms and super-fast execution.

There has been a number of reviews by Yadix’s traders who mention the fast execution speed of the broker.

With a deposit of just $2000, you can qualify for the silver VPS to start with.

Save money on your trading costs and on your trading activity!

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How to get Yadix’s Free London VPS?

Follow the steps below to get free London VPS of Yadix,

1. Signup and open a trading account

Go to the account opening page and open a live trading account with Yadix.

You can participate in this promotion and get the free London VPS with a live account of any account types.

2. Deposit at least $2000

The required minimum deposit amount to participate in this promotion is $2000.

If you want to claim a VPS plan with better specs, then you need to deposit more amount to use them for free.

3. Send an email to Yadix’s support team

Once you made a deposit to your account, contact support team of Yadix, to claim your VPS account.

4. Start trading

Start trading while using the VPS for free.

In case you failed to meet the volume requirement within the month, then your account will be charged 35 USD for the VPS service.

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3 plans for Yadix’s London VPS

Through this promotion, you can choose from 3 different VPS plans.

Each plan requires different minimum deposit amount and the volume, and offers users different specs of the VPS.

VPS Plans Silver Gold Platinum
Required Minimum Deposit Amount $2,000 $5,000 $10,000
Required Monthly Volume 15 lots 25 lots 35 lots
Memory (RAM) 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
Processors 1 CPU 2 CPU 3 CPU
SSD Storage 10 GB 20 GB 25 GB
The operating system is “Windows Server 2012”.

In case you failed to meet the minimum deposit or volume requirement, then you can continue using the London VPS with a fee of 35 USD per month.

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Fund Withdrawal Conditions through this promotion

Participating in this VPS promotion does not restrict you from withdrawing funds.

You can deposit or withdraw funds from the accounts at anytime you want, with no limit.

Note that if the account balance is below the level required by the VPS plan you are using, then you may need to pay 35 USD to continue using the VPS.

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FAQs of Yadix’s Free London VPS

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding to Yadix’s promotion “Free London VPS”.

Who can participate in this promotion?
All traders of Yadix (both new and existing traders) can participate in this promotion.
Where is the VPS server located?
The VPS server is located in London, United Kingdom.
What happens if my account couldn’t meet the conditions?
You can continue using the VPS plan for 35 USD per month, or you can choose to cancel the VPS plan.
Which account type can I use for this VPS promotion?
This promotion is available for live accounts of any account types.
Is Yadix’s VPS faster than other brokers’?
Yadix’s VPS plan provides you with less than 2 millisecond of ultra fast execution, which is much faster than the average execution speed available in the industry.

Do you have any other questions regarding to this promotion?

Visit Yadix’s official website below and contact their multilingual support team today.

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Why and who need VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

Most traders use expert advisors (EA) that require you to leave your computer running 24/7 for optimal results.

Expert Advisors use many types of indicators and different strategies to trade automatically.

These strategies can trade all day or only use a specific time window.

If your PC or Internet is not up and running during these important times, you risk missing out on trades and important data which will surely cause the EA to perform poorly.

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What is execution latency?

Even more important, most EA trading systems require ultra low-latency for optimal trade results.

Latency is the delay in the amount of time it takes a data packet (or trade) to travel from source to destination (client to broker).

Ultra-low latency trading is ideal for EA’s and manual trading.

The faster the prices are received, the quicker you can enter orders.

This will increase your chances of getting the price you are attempting to trade on.

This is most valuable during periods of volatile market activity when prices are updating and moving quickly.

Yadix has partnered with a leading VPS provider. Stop losing out on trades that never got filled because of avoidable PC and Internet problems.

Ping time is only 2ms from Yadix’s trading servers.

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Yadix MT4 and VPS with STP execution

The STP and DMA forex model provides direct access to the forex exchange market that utilises multiple liquidity providers to supply true market conditions without the intervention of a dealing desk or any third party.

Yadix provides its clients, regardless of account size or trading experience, access to the liquidity of the interbank foreign exchange market.

All deals executed through the range of trading platforms are completed using the STP and DMA (Straight Through Processing) model to ensure true market conditions are enjoyed by all clients.

Yadix believes that this is the most transparent forex model.

STP and DMA are the choice that offers full clarity and openness between the broker and its clients.

More about Yadix’s Execution Statistics

Furthermore, Yadix operates under the compliance and license of the regulator IFSC.

Yadix’s STP model ensures that the company does not run a risk book behind the scenes and means that Yadix does not take risk on clients’ orders that leads to conflict of interest between the broker and its clients.

Each order submitted through any of Yadix’s platforms is delivered directly to the bank using the leading technology solutions used by Yadix.



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