How to open FXTM Forex account of MT4 and MT5?

To open a Forex trading account with FXTM, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Go to FXTM’s account opening page and signup online
  2. Receive login details of FXTM’s client portal and account
  3. Login to FXTM’s client portal from Official Website for fund deposit.*
  4. Download FXTM MT4 or MT5
  5. Login to FXTM MT4 or MT5 and start trading
In case of a demo trading account, you do not need to make a deposit but you can start trading with the virtual fund.

To complete the FXTM’s online registration, you only need to follow the on-screen steps, which may only take a few minutes to complete.

If you have any questions about the account opening procedure, contact FXTM’s multilingual support team.

Open FXTM Real or Demo Account

For the comparison of FXTM MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, visit the page here.

Required Documents for FXTM account validation

In order to trade with FXTM, you may need to do the following 2 things to verify your information.

  1. Activate your account by uploading your ID and Proof of Residence.
  2. Upload your payment confirmation and other types of documents to proceed with your financial operation.

And here are 3 types of documents that FXTM may require from you.

1. Identity Document (ID)

Examples of acceptable IDs are:

  • Passport
  • National ID
  • Driving Licence

You need to upload a copy of either one of the above documents in “MyFXTM”.

Then, you also need to fill in the fields with the following information of the document.

  • Document Type
    Select the relevant Proof of Identity Document type from the drop down list.
  • Document Number
    Enter your Proof of identity document number e.g Passport Number, National ID Number. Please enter letters or numbers with no spaces or special characters.
  • Issue Date
    Select the date your document was issued. If this does not apply for your document, please select “no issue date”.
  • Expiry Date
    Select the date your document expires on. If your ID document does not expire, please select the \’No Expiry\’ option.
*If your permanent residence country is different from your citizenship, you can provide a valid ID from either country.

*For IDs that have front and back sides, both sides need to be uploaded.

*Attached files can be in the following formats: gif, jpg, tiff, png, doc, docx, pdf. The size of the file must not exceed 25 MB.

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2. Proof of Residence (POR)

Examples of acceptable PORs are:

  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill

You need to upload a copy of either one of the above documents in “MyFXTM”.

Then, you also need to fill in the fields with the following information of the document.

  • Document Type
    Select the relevant Proof of Residence Document Type from the drop down list.
  • Document Number
    Enter the Invoice number, Account Number, or Reference Number of your document as applicable. Please enter letters or numbers with no spaces or special characters.
  • Issue Date
    Enter the date of the document issuance.
*POR documents need to be valid for 6 months since the date of issue.

*Attached files can be in the following formats: gif, jpg, tiff, png, doc, docx, pdf. The size of the file must not exceed 25 MB.

3. Other Documents

Other documents are not required by default, however, they may be requested by FXTM for reasons such as withdrawal validation.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Support team.

The other documents required by FXTM maybe:

  • Credit Card
  • Payment confirmation

For more information about the required documents for account verification, visit the page here.

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Opening Islamic Swap Free account with FXTM

Clients of Islamic religion wishing to trade Forex with Swap Free (Roll Over Fee) trading accounts are looking for FXTM’s Islamic Forex accounts, with no extra charge or fee.

Trading is hassle free with the ability to open or close positions at any time on the FXTM MT4 and MT5 platforms with no defined amount of time required for holding a position.

Islamic clients trade Swap Free on FXTM’s MT4 and MT5 platforms.

According to the No Riba policy Islamic clients may hold positions for an undetermined amount of time without incurring any Roll Over Fees until they are closed.

Clients of the Islamic faith are eligible to trade on these accounts in a swap free atmosphere.

These accounts can be held in any base currency FXTM offers for its trading accounts.

Open FXTM Real or Demo Account

Conditions of Fund Deposit and Withdrawal with FXTM

FXTM offers variety of easy and secure facilities to perform fast and straightforward funding of your trading account.

You may choose whichever payments Method you prefer such Bank wires, Credit/Debit cards and E-wallets.

FXTM does not charge any fee for your external transfer to your trading Account.

FXTM is not responsible for any fees charged by your external financial institution (such as banks, credit card companies etc.) when transferring funds to your trading account.

If you deposit funds with currency different from your trading account’s the company will exchange the fund upon its sole discretion.

In order to secure your funds FXTM holds the funds in separate bank account designated as “clients account”.

Depositing money to your account is absolutely safe, private and secure.

The transactions are communicated using Secure Socket Layer technology, ensuring that your personal information is safe.

No third-party payments will be accepted by FXTM.

Withdrawal requests received by FXTM are processed within 48 business hours of receipt.

FXTM will notify you by email when your withdrawal request is processed.

Total wait time varies, however most clients receive their funds within 5 business days.

Any withdrawal request sent in during the weekend will only be accepted on Monday.

For the list and condition of FXTM’s all fund deposit and withdrawal methods, visit the page here.

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You can invest in Forex and CFDs with FXTM

By opening an account with FXTM, you can invest in Forex and CFDs.

While Forex currency pairs would be the all-time popular financial market by investors, CFD products can also provide you many advantages.

The CFD products include Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Metals and also Bonds.

Why invest in CFDs? There are many merits such as the followings:

  • Unlimited trading styles allowed including scalping.
  • Trade commodities, CFD’s and Forex from all over the world using a single trading platform.
  • Short sell CFD’s on assets otherwise not able to on other markets.
  • No limits on order placements, stop loss and profit taking (provided that the requested rate is not within the spread).
  • Leverage makes your buying power a lot more substantial than trading the asset on the stock market.
  • Gain from even the smallest market movements.

For the list and comparison of FXTM’s all trading account types, visit the page here.

See the list of CFD markets of FXTM

FXTM MT4 and MT5 platforms

FXTM offers their customers online trading with the Metatrader4 platform (MT4) and MEtatrader5 platform (MT5), the over the world well-known platform famous of its high stability and reliability.

MetaTrader, commonly known as MT4 and MT5 are considered to be the most user-friendly and reliable online Forex trading platforms on the market today, offering numerous and versatile features.

FXTM MT4 and MT5 are world-leading and highly popular trading platforms that are provided by most major FOREX brokers.

FXTM MT4 and MT5 provide automated strategies, trading advisors, and indicators that have been developed by experienced traders.

With FXTM, you can also manage your accounts, funds and trade online through FXTM Trader mobile app.

For more information about FXTM Trader mobile app, visit the page here.

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Merits of FXTM MT4 and MT5 platforms

At FXTM, you’ll benefit from quality trade executions, tight spreads, personal customer service and all of the features of the Metatrader4 and Metatrader5 trading platforms.

Benefit from all the features of the FXTM MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

  • Automated trading.
  • Lock (hedging) positions.
  • Trailing Stop.
  • Simplicity and customization – there’s no terminology to learn and everything is done in 2 to 3 clicks of the mouse. Charts and windows can be customized.
  • Ability to create your own indicators and expert advisors. After some basic coding training you’ll be able to create your own tools that will fit your personal trading style.
  • High popularity means lots of user-created content. There are thousands indicators and expert advisors written by other traders and available for free download.
  • Account history and reports, as you can customize your reports and view the statistical analysis of your trades.

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FXTM MT4 and MT5 Mobile Apps (Android, iPhone and iPad)

FXTM MT4 and MT5 Mobile Traders allow you to trade using your smartphone or various tablet devices using a simple and easy to load ap.

Have your trading at your fingertips when you can’t be in front of your computer.

Having FXTM MT4 and MT5 apps on your device will allow many of the same features that you’re used to for placing trades, putting in stops or limits, looking at charts, or just to keep a close eye on your account status in real time.

Start trading from your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or just about mobile device from anywhere in the world now.

FXTM MT4 and MT5 Mobile Trader serve as a multi-platform, shared wallet trading account that allows traders to perform the following actions

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Merits of FXTM MT4 and MT5 Mobile Apps

The experts who developed the Mobile Trader platform have come up with a brilliant solution to those of FXTM who are constantly on the look for right time to enter or exit the market.

Users can enter instant and pending orders, view past order history, and modify as well as monitor live orders all in real time and from any location that supports a cell phone data connection.

  • View account status
  • Execute, modify and monitor live trades
  • Place and monitor pending orders (limits, stop losses and entry orders)
  • View closed trades
  • Multi language support
  • See tick chart in real time
  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Dynamic
  • Use iPhone, iPad, Android and popular tablets.
  • Select favorite instruments to trade

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Trade anytime and anywhere through FXTM’s Mobile Apps

Start using FXTM MT4 and MT5 Mobile Trader application and keep up with market movements wherever and whenever you choose.

See global exchanges’ trading hours at a glance, get real-time Forex quotes, continuously updated market news and the latest analysis and commentary from FXTM team of experienced strategists, all optimized for mobile devices.

In addition to the usual features you could expect from the world’s most popular trading platform, FXTM MT4 and MT5 Mobile Trader also allows you to incorporate expert advisors and robots to test and execute your investment strategy.

To address the question of data security, the experts developing the Mobile Trader application have encrypted the feed to make sure their user’s data security is not compromised just because they wish to trade on-the-go.

The powerful graphical capabilities of many mobile devices make it a worthy piece of hardware to run such demanding software as the Mobile Trader.

This trading platform allows the user to enhance their charts with their favorite analytical features such MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Momentum and many more.

Furthermore, the zoom feature allows users to look at the charts at different time periods and assess the right support and resistance levels necessary for successful trading.

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FXTM MT4 and MT5 Web Trader

Now you can trade from anywhere in the world that you can get an internet connection.

There’s no need to download a special program to trade your account.

Just use your login and password on an internet browser and you have the ability to look at charts and place trades with stops and limits.

With the FXTM MT4 and MT5 Web Trader you can trade from around the globe, and no download or installation is necessary.

In the past you had to find an appropriate equipment to download and install the platform so you could access your account, but now all of that is over, at your office, traveling or at a friend’s house you can access FXTM MT4 and MT5 Trading Platforms.

No more restrictions that came with installing the platform.

Trade from anywhere, at any time, no restrictions no downloading of any kind of application or plugins to make it work.

This revolutionary, secure and scalable web platform has changed the way people trade.

The Web Trader enables users to trade without restriction from any Internet-connected PC with any popular browser (including Macintosh Safari) using their standard login details.

With Web Trader, there is no need to download and install software and no need to worry about firewall blocking.

The full compatibility that exists in the FXTM MT4 and MT5 Web Trader ensures that any trades executed over the web interface will automatically be updated in the trader’s installed Client.

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FXTM Invest – Copy trading service

Managed accounts are meant for those investors who cannot monitor the Forex market 24 hours a day.

With managed accounts they get a chance to participate in the Forex market, these accounts are an ideal consideration for those clients who prefer to have their accounts managed by professionals.

FXTM Invest uses the professional tools of fundamental and technical analysis to adequately respond to changes on the Forex market and show trading results, managed accounts are designed so the top professional Forex traders make you money from foreign exchange currency trading.

A few advantages that attracts people to the Forex market is the high liquidity, 24 hour trading, low start-up costs, and a number of other attractive reasons, nevertheless, some investors are not able to thoroughly learn or trade currencies because of a conflicting full time job or other obligations or they would like to increase their portfolio without having to adapt to a totally new market.

FXTM Invest’s Managed accounts are perfect for those kinds of investors.

A managed Forex account has, as we mentioned before, several advantages.

There are possibilities to achieve a steady growth rate without spending time and effort yourself, therefore the company providing the managed accounts will charge a small monthly/yearly fee so they can work at providing the account with the desired steady growth.

The Forex market is a very liquid market, providing the investor a much more flexible way of withdrawing funds.

Also, trading currency permits profit potential in both rising and falling markets, giving the experienced money manager more opportunities to grow the investor’s account.

More traditional companies and individuals prefer to have their funds traded manually, as the human interaction can sometimes yield smaller drawdowns and larger returns.

FXTM Invest’s Managed Forex accounts can be an excellent way to grow a large account, or provide a steady rate of growth over a long period of time without the hassles of trading currency yourself.

If the investor has both the capital and a decent investment firm or professional, a managed Forex account could prove to be a great investment opportunity.

For the list and condition of FXTM’s all bonus promotions and trading contests, visit the page here.



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