Summary-of-Trading-Conditions-on-1Market's-MT5-and-1nsight-platforms Summary-of-Trading-Conditions-on-1Market's-MT5-and-1nsight-platforms


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1Market - What's now?

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1Market – Full range of options for trading CFDs

1Market is a top-notch STP (straight-through processing) CFD broker.

1Market is a fully regulated company licensed in the European Union to offer real money trading activities to customers of legal age.

In addition to offering excellent operating conditions, 1Market also provides its clients with 24-hour customer service, Monday through Friday, and the proprietary sentiment analysis technology: 1nsight.

As an advanced platform, 1Market understands how important it is for customers to be able to operate on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Therefore, 1Market has developed mobile applications for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

1Market’s platform also offers a range of top-tier options – over 560 financial instruments across all asset classes.

1Market is always one step ahead of the rest when it comes to innovation.

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1Market’s Leverage Condition

Leverage allows you to open a much larger position than you could open with the capital you have in your account.

At 1Market, you can trade positions with a leverage of up to 1: 400, or with a margin of 0.25%.

This leverage is expressly reserved for professional clients.

Given the margin requirements, you can use an initial margin of $ 250 to trade contracts up to $ 100,000 in value.

As a retail client, you can trade positions with 1:30 leverage.

This means that a margin of $ 100 allows you to trade contracts valued at $ 3,000.

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1Market’s Spread Condition

At 1Market, all traders offer the added advantage of trading on fixed spreads.

This means that you can trade with small commissions that brokers add to all new positions.

Calculating the spread is very easy: You just have to subtract the difference between the buy price and the sell price.

The broker determines the purchase price.

It is the price that the broker is prepared to sell the base currency (the first currency of the pair), in exchange for the counter currency (the second currency of the pair).

The market determines the selling price.

It is the price that buyers are willing to pay to buy the base currency in exchange for the counter currency.

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1Market’s Rollover Condition

1Market charges an industry-standard Rollover rate (overnight swap) for trades that remain open after 00:00 GMT.

Explanation of the Rollover:

When you transfer a financial position from one shift to the next, you may incur charges for interest rates that must be paid, or you may receive interest rate payments on those positions.

Each currency pair has a unique interest rate that you, the trader, will pay or receive if the position is left open overnight.

Rollover example:

If you trade GBP / USD, and the GBP interest rate is 0.08% and the USD rate is 3.00%, the following applies:

Note that the British pound is the main currency of the pair.

It is known as the base currency. The interest rate of the base currency is lower than that of the counter currency (the US dollar).

If you buy GBP, you will be charged for the Rollover; instead, if you sell GBP, you will receive the Rollover rate of 0.08%.

Rollover Schedule and Fees:

  • From Sunday night to Monday: Normal Rollover
  • Monday to Tuesday night: Normal Rollover
  • From Tuesday to Wednesday night: Normal Rollover
  • Wednesday night through Thursday: Rollover rates are charged for three days of Rollover interest (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday)
  • Thursday night to Friday: Normal Rollover
  • Friday night: No overnight Rollover rate
  • Saturday night: No overnight Rollover rate

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1Market’s Slippage Condition

Trades are not always executed at the prices we expect.

Slippage occurs when trading online when there is a difference between the expected price of a transaction and the price of its actual execution.

It usually happens when the markets are volatile.

If it happens, it usually occurs between trading days or when the market opens.

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Trading Hours on 1Market’s platforms

Trading hours may change if markets have low liquidity levels, during holidays or after trading hours.

To view the hours of operation for the holiday season, click here.

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Trading Conditions for Professional Traders

Whether you are a professional trader or want to be one, 1Market gives you the opportunity to make trading your full-time job.

1Market conducts its business in accordance with the laws and regulations of CySEC and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), and provides you with the transparent and secure trading environment you need so that you do not miss an opportunity to trade.

Find out for yourself what 1Market offers you.

National competent authorities draw up laws and regulations (such as permanent product intervention measures), which protect retail clients with, for example, lower leverage restrictions, etc.

If you decide to be a professional client, these measures will not apply to your account, along with future measures that may be applied by the competent national authorities.

As a professional trader, you will not be eligible for the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

Ready to operate professionally?

Conducting business professionally requires a skill that not everyone has.

Put your skills to the test and apply for a professional trading account below.

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Trade with a trusted broker – 1Market

1Market’s motto is “Tradings for all”.

The only way to make trading accessible to everyone, regardless of your understanding of market dynamics or investment potential, was to create a comprehensive environment powered by 1nsight technology, the collective knowledge tool that enables you to gain valuable insights based on Opera.

Find out what other assets traders like you trade with and how your choices influence asset movement in real-time.

1Market believes in the inclusion of investment and operation services.

With a deep understanding of market dynamics and years of experience in the world of operations, 1Market has designed a comprehensive trading and investment ecosystem that allows everyone to grow at their own pace.

When it comes to offering operators a lucrative choice of assets and products, 1Market is relentless.

1Market will gradually add more new assets to 1Market’s platform as the customer experience and research teams continue to analyze the demand from 1Market’s most versatile financial instrument traders, and 1Market’s comprehensive mobile solution will be released soon.

The adventure has just begun. What are you waiting for?

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