SuperForex-increases-Gold-Trading-Leverage-to-100 SuperForex-increases-Gold-Trading-Leverage-to-100

SuperForex increases leverage for gold trading.

A maximum leverage of 1:100 and a minimum deposit of $100 to trade on the most famous instrument in the world.

SuperForex announces max leverage increase for gold trading

The broker SuperFoerx announced a significant increase in the leverage available for gold trading.

From today, traders will be able to trade with this instrument using a leverage equal to 1:100.

As a result, the minimum deposit required to invest in the instrument will be reduced to $100.

This important and advantageous update will allow investors with not too high deposits to trade in the gold market and earn on price fluctuations.

Trade gold with SuperForex

Investing in gold with SuperForex

Gold is in fact a great store of value, a large part of traders use it as a protection for periods of financial crisis, inflation and geopolitical risks.

Seen by investors as a real “safe haven” because unlike other equity market instruments, its price does not fluctuate based on government choices or interest rates. Another feature sees this instrument as a sort of insurance.

when in not particularly stable periods, traders invest funds in the gold market.

All of this could result in an increase in its value and market demand which would give traders the opportunity to use it as an equity hedge.

One of the main characteristics of the gold market is the highest liquidity in the world, which grants traders huge benefits and great investment opportunities.

A large number of novice traders are adamant that forex is only about trading currencies.

Nonetheless SuperForex gives traders the opportunity to access a wide range of excellent level of instruments capable of satisfying any trading need.

One of these, certainly the most popular are precious metals, and especially gold.

Gold, a metal considered precious since ancient times by many civilizations that existed, is undoubtedly one of the oldest financial instruments used in trading for the longest time in the history of mankind.

Selling gold can always pay off
This essentially depends on a single movement, the cost of an ounce of gold can increase significantly, but its decrease will be very slow.
Its price fluctuations are not excessive
A large proportion of investors prefer investing in this instrument, given the fact that its trading does not require quick responses to market fluctuations.
Trading at no cost
SuperForex will not charge any commission to traders who decide to invest in this instrument.


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