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IFCM announces the launch of the new IFCM Invest service.

IFCM launches IFCM Invest

The online broker IFCM announced the launch of a new and advantageous service, IFCM Invest.

Through this service, IFCM traders will be able to use one of the most popular fund management tools in the world, PAMM accounts.

PAMM accounts allow a selected trader, paid with a percentage of profits, to manage the trader’s funds for trading.

An extremely effective and popular tool that allows traders to have an excellent passive income and an important protection of their funds.

The IFCM Invest PAMM service makes market conditions available among the best in the world, each trader will be able to use the service on both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms.

In addition, investors will be able to access a wide range of financial instruments (over 650 instruments) for trading, being able to choose between cryptocurrencies, ETFs, stocks, indices, currency pairs, metals, commodities, etc.).

The new IFCM Invest service offered by the broker has no restrictions on the type of feasible strategy, minimum investment amount and capital size of the Manager.

The money manager is in summary, an extremely experienced trader who commits his trading skills using the investor’s funds.

His earnings represent a percentage of his successful investments.

A percentage share of him could range from 10 to 50 percent.

Obviously. the most popular and highest success rate managers will ask for higher commissions for their work, but this shouldn’t frighten the trader, because high commissions mean high earnings.

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IFCM Invest – what it is and how it works

IFCM Invest is an innovative service offered by the broker that uses PAMM technology.

PAMM is the acronym for Percent Allocation Management Module.

Through this service, any trader will be able to purchase a share (often as a percentage) of a PAMM account through which his funds will be traded on the market.

The main features of the service will be described below.

Investors and Managers
IFCM Invest is a service that allows traders to use experienced investors (also called Money Managers) who carry out CFD trading operations.
Allocation methods by volume
Thanks to copy trading technology, IFCM Invest decides position sizes based on an allocation percentage on the trader’s account. This means that investments will be made automatically in relation to the percentage share owned by the trader.
Account of the manager
The total funds in the Manager’s account are the sum of the capital invested by the traders. In short, in a hypothetical PAMM account the investors own 25%, 35%, 20% of the total fund, while the account holder (i.e. the Manager) holds the remaining 20%.
Gains or losses
Whatever the outcome of the investments made, all traders will receive a percentage of the profits and losses made on the PAMM account with reference to the shares of their accounts.

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Advantages of trading IFCM Invest

The IFC Markets PAMM service offers traders numerous trading advantages, such as spreads starting from 0.4 pips, lightning-fast order execution, the ability to choose PAMM accounts on both Mt4 and Mt5 platforms.

Any investor in addition will be able to trade on a wide range of financial instruments (over 650), including currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETFs, stocks, metals, indices and more.

Another service that offers numerous advantages is the IFCM Invest copy trading, which is indispensable on numerous occasions.

Easy access for beginners
Often novice traders are overwhelmed by confusion and uncertainty not having the necessary experience in forex trading. IFCM Invest is a great alternative to solve the problem. Thanks to PAMM accounts and copy trading, they will be able to invest and earn using extremely experienced traders in the sector.
Time is money
Learning to invest with effective methods and efficient strategies in forex requires experience and a lot of time. Any trader, whether experienced in the sector or novice, will have to study carefully and devote much of his time to technical and fundamental analysis. With IFCM Invest Copy Trading all this will not be necessary, the manager will manage every form of investment.
Limit errors
Being inexperienced, novice traders often make mistakes during the early stages of trading. Copy Trading is an excellent alternative to limit mistakes due to inexperience.
Diversify investment portfolio
Not investing everything in a single financial instrument is one of the fundamental principles for adequate portfolio risk management. Unfortunately, the most common mistake among beginners is to ignore the importance of portfolio diversification which could result in huge losses. To address these issues, IFCM Invest allows traders to implement a well-structured asset diversification plan by investing in various Managers who carry out their work on a wide range of financial instruments (such as currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices).
A good investment a good return
Using a professional in the sector to be able to invest is certainly an excellent choice. In addition, proper copy trading management could be a promising source of income.
Full control
Although the trades are carried out by those who have been in charge, the trader will always have full control of their funds without any restrictions. The Manager in charge will be paid only if he completes his work and makes a profit.

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How to start investing with IFCM Invest

In order to start using the service, just follow the next very simple steps.

  1. Visit the official website .
  2. Start the registration process on the dedicated page (the procedure will be quick and easy).
  3. Make a deposit by choosing from a variety of payment methods available.
  4. Open an investment account .
  5. Choose the Master account that best suits your needs from the “top manager” list. When the trader needs to change his Master account he can do it at any time. The data regarding the trading history and the chart of the Master account are available at any time, to allow the trader to find a balanced and profitable Master.
  6. Transfer funds to your investment account.


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