SuperForex-now-offers-2000-High-Leverage-on-Profi-STP-account SuperForex-now-offers-2000-High-Leverage-on-Profi-STP-account

SuperForex increases the Maximum Leverage to 1:2000

SuperForex has made a major update for Profi-STP account type.

Now SuperForex’s Profi-STP account offers the maximum leverage up to 1:2000.

SuperForex’s Profi-STP account will be the only account with this extraordinary leverage for now.

The traditional maximum leverage of SuperForex used to be 1:1000, thus the updated leverage will have the doubled leverage for Forex traders.

Open your Profi-STP account today to experience the extraordinary trading condition.

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Condition of SuperForex Profi-STP account

superforex 2000 high leverage profit stp account type

SuperForex’s Profi-STP account is the only account with 1:2000 high leverage for now.

See the table below for the trading condition of SuperForex Profi-STP account type.

Account currency USD, EUR, GBP, ZAR
Maximum deposit amount Unlimited
Minimum deposit amount $500
Compatible with bonuses Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic
1 Lot size 100,000 USD
Maximum Leverage 1:2000
Swap Charges None
Minimum Spread 0.0 pips
Forex Copy Trading Unavailable

You can visit the page here for the comparison of SuperForex’s all STP account types.

Asides the excellent trading conditions, SuperForex also runs various bonus promotions and trading contests for traders.

Visit the page here for the list of SuperForex’s all bonus promotions and trading contests.

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1:2000 High Leverage with NBP

SuperForex doesn’t just offer 1:2000 extremely high leverage, but the broker also supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection) for all accounts.

SuperForex’s NBP protects traders from exceeded losses.

The high leverage 1:2000 can be risky for trading, but the maximum loss is limited to the total deposit amount, thanks to SuperForex’s NBP.

What is NBP?

With SuperForex, you can deposit up to the amount you can afford to lose, as your first risk management method.

For the list of all fund deposit and withdrawal methods for SuperForex, visit the page here.



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