FBS with 3 Million FX traders, continues to offer the Highest Forex Leverage in the World!

Leverage 1:3000

It is Officially the Highest Leverage among hundreds of Forex brokers, and it is available for all traders in the world!

For your information, the average leverage offered by standard brokers is around 1:200 – 500. By just comparing the numbers, you can see that how large FBS’s leverage is.

In this article, we will educate you with the necessarily information before using this “Top in the World” leverage by FBS.

NBP fully Supported

You may wonder “How Risky it is to use the Leverage 1:3000”.

Well, it actually isn’t so Risky as you think.

FBS supports NBP “Negative Balance Protection” for all account types.

This makes sure that you won’t lose more than you deposit. Thus, your maximum loss is limited to the total deposit amount.

In case, your account happens to have negative balance(any amount), FBS will automatically fix it to Zero for Free.

With FBS, you can Leverage your profit to 3000 times more, and limit loss to the total Deposit amount.

Account Balance Restrictions

Although the Highest Leverage in the world sounds attractive, that condition comes with some restrictions.

The Leverage 1:3000 is available for accounts with less than 200 USD of account balance. In case, the account balance exceeds that, the leverage gets lowered automatically.

And the Leverage 1:3000 is available only for Micro, Standard ad Zero Spread account.

Other than the above, there are no other conditions for this Leverage.

No issues with Withdrawals

FBS offers over 10 Gorgeous Bonus Promotions and other Trading Conditions seem to be just too good.

But, it isn’t some SCAM brokers as some traders might think.

FBS isn’t located in Europe or licensed by CySEC(the most popular FX license in the world), so the name itself hasn’t been talked so much by web-medias, although the broker is the Most popular FX broker in Asian and Oceanian region.

All Withdrawal processes are very smooth and Support Staffs are very educated. And most importantly, we haven’t received any complains against FBS over the years.

FBS is officially recommended by Hercules Finance, as one of our partners.

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