Why-you-should-try-TitanFX's-ECN-account-for-Forex-trading Why-you-should-try-TitanFX's-ECN-account-for-Forex-trading

Efficient account with optimal trading conditions, minimal commissions, and high execution speed.

Titan ECN

Titan FX is an international ECN broker highly appreciated by traders for the efficiency and quality of the tools and services offered for online trading. The broker offers its clients a cutting-edge trading environment with reliable and advantageous trading conditions, institutional-level spreads, lightning-fast order execution (a fundamental feature for trading in highly volatile markets), high liquidity, and optimal security standards.

As mentioned, Titan FX is an ECN type broker. By definition, ECN (acronym for Electronic Communication Network) is an electronic system that allows the intersection of buy and sell orders with the intent to execute them. In practice, the goal of an ECN broker is to provide traders with fast and advantageous direct access to markets, a true “bridge” between investors and liquidity providers. All of this is simplified by state-of-the-art technology, the Financial Information Exchange Protocol. Titan FX relies on a large number of top-tier liquidity providers, such as banks and major financial institutions, which allow the client to use the best prices available on the market. As a “bridge,” the broker allows traders and liquidity providers to operate with each other without intermediaries. This enables virtually instant order execution.

  • ECN technologies to be exploited on the best trading platforms in the world: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).
  • Broker strictly regulated by the Financial Service Commission of the Republic of Vanuatu and the Financial Service Commission of Mauritius.
  • A customer support team composed of industry experts available 24 hours a day, based in Dallas, United States.
  • Low latency thanks to Equinix NY4 data centers. Titan FX ECN is an integral part of the Equinix Financial Trading Hub and consequently part of the main financial exchanges: brokers, investment banks, hedge funds, and high-frequency trading (HFT) firms.
  • Cutting-edge technologies developed by Secure Client Cabinet based in Melbourne, Australia to ensure efficient and up-to-date service.
  • Data center for economic analysis based in Mumbai, India. Analysis of the foreign exchange market and market sentiment signals processed in India’s financial capital thanks to financial institutions such as RBI, BSE, NSE India, SEBI.
  • Financial consulting based in London, England. The Financial Technology Hub constantly monitors the evolution and creation of emerging technologies and trends to provide clients with essential information for advantageous and low-risk trading.

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Zero Point

As a world-renowned broker, Titan FX invests numerous resources in research and development of advanced technologies that allow clients to trade by maximizing every opportunity. To date, the broker’s strength is the Zero Point infrastructure. This technology allows traders access to the Titan FX platform with:

  • Zero pip spread.
  • Zero latency.
  • Lightning-fast execution speed.
  • High liquidity and the best market prices.

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The Zero Point infrastructure features extremely innovative characteristics to enable traders to invest optimally in the FX market:

Fast and direct access: Dynamic Liquidity Aggregation (ZP-DLA)
The ZP-DLA is a state-of-the-art hub that constantly processes and monitors market trends and processes the necessary information to balance liquidity based on client orders. Moreover, the broker has a wide range of liquidity providers for multiple asset classes, allowing them to offer better prices on over 70 forex pairs, CFDs on indices, precious metals, and energy commodities (oil) without delays, requotes, or interventions.
ZeroPoint Automated Spread Minimization (ZP-ASM): instant prices.
Both liquidity pools and available prices (dark pool and disclosed) are examined millions of times per second to ensure the best the market has to offer and to allow the trader to maximize every opportunity.
Zero Point Order Execution Optimization (ZP-OEO): guaranteed Light Speed orders.
Through Zero Point Order Execution Optimization, every order will be executed in just a few milliseconds and with maximum efficiency, thanks to the use of Titan FX ZP-OEO’s fiber optic technology, combined with the infrastructure of the New York hub. This feature is essential for trading in highly volatile markets such as forex.

In practice, an effective and advantageous tool in every aspect. Zero Point was designed with the goal of creating a trading environment capable of making every transaction as advantageous as possible, allowing traders to react promptly to any opportunity.

  • A wide range of data centers in Asia, North America, and Singapore that are interconnected, ensuring high-performance trading.
  • Lightning-fast execution speed and ample liquidity thanks to servers hosted in the Equinix NY4 financial hub in New York.
  • Low latency that guarantees a minimal time between the subscription of a buy/sell order and the actual order confirmation.
  • Without any requotes, the execution price of the selected instrument for investment will not change.
  • Very high leverage available on all offered instruments (currency pairs).
  • ECN spreads starting from zero pips.

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Comparing Titan FX Accounts

The broker offers its clients the option to use a wide range of available accounts for trading. Each trader can therefore test their features and choose the one most suitable for their trading style and needs. All accounts do not require any opening or maintenance fees (considered by the broker as superfluous and not transparent). The accounts are divided into two categories:

  • Standard Account
  • Zero FX Account, divided into: Zero Standard, Zero Blade, and Zero Micro.
Zero Standard Account.
The account offers investments in the forex markets without having to pay any commission, a type of account usually chosen by discretionary traders and any other investor with a not excessively high investment volume.
Zero Blade Account.
This account involves paying a small commission on each trade and offers extremely low spreads, recommended for traders with a high investment volume, EA traders, and scalpers.
Zero Micro Account.
An account suitable for traders with a low risk appetite and who want to invest with maximum caution.

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Below are the main trading features of the accounts offered by the broker:

Titan FX Zero Micro Account.
The account allows trading without paying any commission and without an initial minimum deposit. Additionally, it offers a minimum order starting from 0.1 micro lots (or 100 currency units) and a maximum financial leverage of 1000:1.
Zero Standard and Zero Blade Accounts
These types of accounts allow traders to trade starting from a minimum of 0.01 lots (or 1000 currency units), using a maximum leverage of 1:500, and an initial deposit of $200.

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All accounts, regardless of their type, have unique features designed to meet the demands of traders of any level. Both experienced investors and beginners can engage in trading and determine which one is most suitable without taking any risks, using a demo version with virtual funds.

The general characteristics shared by all offered accounts are as follows:

  • One-click trading, fast and easy.
  • Optimal funds management, with quick and secure deposits and withdrawals 24/7 and a wide range of available payment methods.
  • Available on MT4, MT5, and Titan FX Social.
  • Flexible leverage up to 500:1 on Blade and Standard accounts and 1000:1 on Micro accounts.
  • Compatible currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar.
  • Any trading strategy allowed, including scalping, hedging, and EAs.
  • No hidden commissions, no account opening or maintenance costs.
  • All orders will be executed without any intervention from the Dealing Desk and without requotes.

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In the following table, the various types of available accounts will be compared in detail.

Features Zero Standard Account Zero Blade Account Zero Micro Account
Trading Commission No commission imposed 3.5 USD commission per 100,000 traded No commission imposed
Spread Institutional-level STP Raw ECN spreads from 0.0 pip Institutional-level STP
Recommended for Beginner traders Advanced traders and EAs Traders with low risk propensity
Zero Point Technology Available for free Available for free Available for free
One-click trading Available Available Available
Products available for trading Over 60 currency pairs, commodities, precious metals, single stocks, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies Over 60 currency pairs, commodities, precious metals, single stocks, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies Over 30 currency pairs, precious metals, and Bitcoin
Deposits-Withdrawals Fast and secure 24/7 Fast and secure 24/7 Fast and secure 24/7
Minimum deposit $ 200 $ 200 No minimum deposit required
Minimum trading volume From 0.01 lots From 0.01 lots From micro 0.01 lots
Maximum leverage allowed Up to 500:1 Up to 500:1 Up to 1000:1
Limits on applicable styles and strategies No limit No limit No limit
Available platforms MT4, MT5, and Titan FX Social MT4, MT5, and Titan FX Social MT4, MT5, and Titan FX Social
Margin call 100% 100% 100%
Stop out 20% 20% 20%
No Dealing Desk Compatible Compatible Compatible
ECN Benefits Not compatible Compatible Not compatible

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Among the accounts listed above, FX Blade is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used. The strength of this account comes from the use of ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technologies, which allow for matching buy and sell transactions directly and enable traders to use much more advantageous spreads compared to other accounts offered (thanks to Zero Point Dynamic Liquidity starting from 0 pips) and almost instantaneous execution speed. Although it is recommended for more experienced traders, every customer, regardless of their level of experience, can choose to take advantage of its features to achieve their goals or simply test it through a demo version.

Open a real account with Titan FX

Opening a new Titan FX account

Traders interested in starting to invest with Titan FX can open a new account by following these simple steps:

First step: visit the official website.
To begin, the potential customer must access the official website and click on the “open a real account” button in the center of the page (or alternatively at the top right). A new page will be displayed where they must enter: a valid email address, choose the new account’s password, select the account type (individual or corporate), and accept the terms and conditions imposed by the company. Once this is done, click on “start.”
Second step: select the desired account type.
At this stage, the trader must choose which of the available accounts is most suitable and configure it according to their needs by selecting: platform (MT4 or MT5), maximum leverage to use (up to 1:1000), and base currency of the account (dollar, yen, EUR, euro).
Third step: provide personal information.
On this page, the customer must provide their personal information: name, surname, date of birth, country of residence, address, city, postal code, and phone number where the verification code will be sent and must be entered to proceed.
Fourth step: Submit documents for verification
To prove their real identity, the trader must submit the required identification documents:

  • Face photo using the Shufti system of the Secure Client Cabinet service or alternatively a selfie ID.
  • Clear photo of a valid identification document.
  • Photo of a document confirming the customer’s address, such as: residence certificate, bank and credit card statement, bill with the complete address. The submitted document must be recent (no older than six months) and the issuer must be clearly visible.
Fifth step: verification.
During the test, the broker will ask the customer questions related to their level of experience, risk propensity, amount of capital to invest, financial situation, skills, and knowledge of the sector, etc. Based on the customer’s answers and the verification of their real identity, the broker will assess whether they are capable of trading the available products.

Having successfully passed the verification process, the trader can make their first deposit into their account using a wide range of available payment methods and begin investing with Titan FX.



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