How much profits are ZuluTrade’s traders earning?

“Automated Trading” has been gaining popularity these days.

The reasons are simply because”

  1. It’s easy
  2. It’s profitable
  3. It’s time saving

ZuluTrade is one leading “Social and Copy Trading Platform” provider in US.

The service of ZuluTrade is available through hundreds of foreign FX brokers in the world.

ZuluTrade is the place where:

Traders can copy professionals’ trades for Free.

Millions Dollar Profit

And the company has officially published that a trader(who has been copying trades through ZuluTrade) is about to earn 0.3 million dollars of profit.

See the top 3 copy traders in the below picture.

The Top 3 Traders of ZuluTrade

Some people might think if it is possible to make such amount of profits on FX trading.

Well the answer is “with ZuluTrade, it may be highly possible.”

There are hundreds of professional traders on ZuluTrade’s system, and all you need to do is “choose the traders to copy the trades from”.

Do you need a Fund Manager?

Take advantage of ZuluTrade’s access and connections to some of the best Money Managers, Funds, Managed Account programs and other Forex based investments that are currently being offered in the Foreign Currency Markets.

Whether you are looking for diversification, growth, capital preservation, or a combination of all, ZuluTrade can put you in the correct investment that fits your needs and risk profile.

Different clients have different needs.

That is why ZuluTrade has an investment model that allows them to tap into the network of successful, profitable investment professionals.

ZuluTrade’s years and connections in the industry ensure that the clients will receive access to the best in the business.

Speak to an ZuluTrade support team to discuss your needs.

They will identify the best opportunity according to what your assessment indicates.

Contact ZuluTrade Suppor Teamt

Do you prefer “High Profit High Risk”?

Do you need strong growth, and your risk profile is higher than the average investor?

Returns north of 50% appeal to you, and even though more risk is involved, so long as you can see very strong gains per year and a high rate of growth, these objectives justify the extra risk.

ZuluTrade has options for you.

Do you prefer “Log Profit Low Risk”

Perhaps you are looking for preservation of capital and have a long term outlook.

Higher risk does not appeal to you but returns of 25-30% per annum does.

Is your time horizon 12 months? 24 months? More?

Talk to an ZuluTrade’s representative to see just what options we have available to you and your specific needs.

Do you need instant diversification, low risk, and steady returns?

ZuluTrade has the perfect fit for you.

In fact, ZuluTrade probably will provide you with more than one option.

Talk to ZuluTrade today and start watching your investment grow.

Signup for ZuluTrade

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You are an investor that does not fit neatly into either of the profiles above.

You have specific needs, a unique profile and objectives that make it difficult to find the right fit for you.

You don’t know where to find access to what you need.

Talk to a ZuluTrade representative that knows where to place you after an initial conversation.

ZuluTrade is in the business of finding the right fit for you.

ZuluTrade only offers the best of the best in products and services.

ZuluTrade’s investment offerings are no different and they want you to meet your investment goals-regardless of what they are.

It is not altruistic. Its simpler than that-its business. If you win, we win.

ZuluTrade will help you seek the best solution because it will also help ZuluTrade community grow in size, strength and reputation.

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ZuluTrade provides Resources you need for Online Forex trading

Through various partnerships, ZuluTrade is your one stop shop for news, Forex signals, Forex education, managed accounts and more.

All the resources you need are here for you.

ZuluTrade provides fresh, new content that will give you the edge in your Forex trading.

1. Real-time News and Economic Calendar

Get up to the minute intelligence and analysis that will help you gain a greater perspective of the financial markets.

Whether you are a news trader or not, these events move markets.

Get unfiltered news from ZuluTrade that you will not find anywhere else.

ZuluTrade’s partners will provide you with what you as a trader will need to conquer the markets.

Register for ZuluTrade for free

2. Forex Signals for free

ZuluTrade’s partners (money managers) already have their pages here.

Also take a look at ZuluTrade’s other partners and pick the signal provider that is right for your specific needs.

ZuluTrade picks their partners carefully and only those with the best results make it on to ZuluTrade Official Website.

ZuluTrade has done all the work for you.

Take advantage of ZuluTrade’s due diligence. ZuluTrade only works with the best, because the best is what you deserve.

See ZuluTrade’s Forex signals

3. Forex Education for beginners

ZuluTrade’s signal providers will provide clients in all part of the world with cutting edge tools that will help you learn the forex market and navigate them in a profitable manner.

Their page on ZuluTrade Official Website is already up where you can monitor the performance.

Also you will find forex education help from other parts of the world, in your language as well, so keep checking back.

See ZuluTrade’s Educational Pages

4. Managed Accounts through many brokers

You can find managed accounts easily with ZuluTrade.

Also ZuluTrade is working on partnerships with leading money managers in the industry.

You will not want to miss out. Keep checking back.

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ZuluTrade Introduction Video

Check out the introduction video of ZuluTrade below!

So, what is ZuluTrade?

Want to trade Forex?

Want to bet that the Euro will go stronger than the Dollar?

Not easy!

This is something that only professionals can do.

Jim is a professional trader one of the thousands available on ZuluTrade.

He shares all his trades on and you can follow them.

Let’s say that Jim trades with $100,000 and buys a $1,000 bet on the EUR/USD.

If you are trading with $1,000, you will buy a $10 bet on the EUR/USD.

It’s always proportional!

Also, to trade successfully, you have to be awake 24/7.

Forex is a 24 hour game.

Thanks to ZuluTrade, you can sleep in Mumbai while your account is busy following Jim in New York City.

ZuluTrade is a cross-platform application.

You can monitor your account from an iPhone, Android, iPad or a PC.

Jim trades sometimes profit but sometimes they don’s.

ZuluTrade has a gorgeous feature that will monitor and detect whan and if Jim will start to perform differently than previously.

ZuluGuard is here to protect you for the first time in online trading.

All these great features and more are available to you today.

Create a free account on ZuluTrade!

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