Traders-Trust-offers-3000-High-Leverage-for-all-Metal-CFDs Traders-Trust-offers-3000-High-Leverage-for-all-Metal-CFDs

Traders Trust now offers 1:3000 Dynamic Leverage for all Precious Metal CFDs!

Up to 1:3000 Dynamic Leverage for ANY metal pair!

Traders Trust has made a major update to Metal CFDs in 2023.

With Traders Trust, you can now trade gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with up to 1:3000 dynamic leverage.

No other brokers offer this high leverage for trading of Precious Metals today.

The 1:3000 dynamic leverage can be applied for both buy and sell orders, and even for hedged orders.

Open an account with Traders Trust today and find the following pairs: XAUEUR, XAGEUR, XAGUSD, XPTUSD, XPDUSD.

The symbols can be found on both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms of Traders Trust.

Trade Metals on Traders Trust

Why trade metals with 1:3000 Dynamic Leverage?

Metals are considered safe haven assets that tend to keep their value during times of crises and inflation and can be used as part of a diversified portfolio to hedge against investment risk.

Dynamic Leverage can go as high as 1:3000 and it automatically lowers and adjusts as the volume of your open trades increases.

This means, you can boost your trading potential, lower your margin, lower your trading costs while responsible risk management remains in place.

The dynamic leverage of Traders Trust will be adjusted according to your trading volume.

See the table below to find out how the dynamic leverage can be change according to the lot volume.

0 – 1 Max 1:3000
1,01 – 5 Max 1:2000
5,01 – 10 Max 1:1000
10,01 – 20 Max 1:500
20,01 – 50 Max 1:200
50,01 – 100 Max 1:100
100,01 – 300 Max 1:50
300,01 – 500 Max 1:33
500,01 > Max 1:25

Once you enter the markets, Dynamic Leverage automatically adjusts your leverage and margin based on your open position.

Open Traders Trust’s Account

How to perform Effective Trading with Dynamic Leverage

The rule of Traders Trust’s dynamic leverage becomes a little bit tricky when trading.

It isn’t like you can see the exact leverage that will be applied to every position so that you can know the margin requirement easily, but it changes while you trade according to your volume as specified in the table above.

As Traders Trust applies dynamic leverage for all instruments on MT4 and MT5 platforms, you are recommended to do the followings, so that you don’t get lost in numbers and lead to a unexpected stop out/margin call.

Use the Margin Calculator in Traders Trust’s website
Traders Trust has a margin calculator for the users of dynamic leverage. By using the calculator, you can know the margin requirement before opening trades.
Study the Markets
1:500 used to be a high leverage some years ago, now a leverage of 1:3000 is extremely high and risky. As 1:3000 leverage will be applied to your initial trades on Traders Trust’s MT4 and MT5, it is crucial matter to know the market beforehand and make informed decisions.
Trade in Order
As Traders Trust’s dynamic leverage takes into account the volumes, the order you open positions matters greatly. Make sure you use Traders Trust’s calculator to check which currency pair you can benefit from the most with higher leverage.

Are you interested in increasing your trading volume with Traders Trust’s dynamic leverage? Go to Traders Trust’s Official Website and find out more about their service today.



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