February 12, 2023

Open a Forex account with 4XC - Must read review of the ECN broker

Is 4XC a trusted and safe broker to trade with? Here is everything you need know about 4XC.

Open-a-Forex-account-with-4XC---Must-read-review-of-the-ECN-broker Open-a-Forex-account-with-4XC---Must-read-review-of-the-ECN-broker

Geomatrix Ltd does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions such as USA, North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Myanmar.

Everything you need to know to be able to invest with a quality broker.

What is 4XC and what does it offer?

A strictly regulated no dealing desk broker characterized by a marked efficiency of the services offered, 4XC’s main objective is to create a trading environment that can fully satisfy customers and lead them to success.

The development of innovative and technologically advanced services, tight spreads, lightning-fast order execution and highly trained customer service will allow each customer to get the most out of their investments.

The broker allows traders to trade on a wide range of instruments including Forex, metals, oil, CFDs on indices, stocks, cryptos and futures contracts.

Transparency in its work and the excellent service offered represent the values of 4XC that has allowed its customers to benefit from extremely high trading standards and strict security measures on deposited funds for over 20 years.

  • Broker with a solid structure that operates with maximum transparency.
  • Excellent customer service, made up of extremely competent professionals in the sector available at all times.
  • No restrictions on the trading strategies that can be implemented.
  • Using cutting-edge technologies to guarantee an efficient and constantly updated service.
  • Advantageous prices combined with high liquidity.
  • Fully customizable trading tools to be fully compatible with any category of trader.
  • A broker totally focused on the client’s work. The numerous advantages offered will allow the trader to exploit every investment opportunity with the maximum potential.
  • Personalized partnership program.

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Later, it will be possible to learn about the main advantages that a potential client can receive by investing with 4XC:

Segregated accounts
A feature considered by many traders to be essential for gaining maximum confidence. Clients’ funds will be kept totally separate from the company’s funds and deposited with reputable banks in accounts set up exclusively for this purpose. Extremely strict security measures resulting from complex coding will guarantee the customer full dependence and total control of his account. In fact, any type of transaction can only be carried out by the trader who owns the account. The company will not be able to access the customer’s funds in any way or use them for its own work.
Strictly regulated (FSC licensed)
4xCube Limited is authorized to carry out its services by the Financial Supervisory Commission of the Cook Islands, with Money-Changing License number MC03/2018). The FSC is an extremely strict regulatory and control body which, in addition to supervising the work of companies, checks that the minimum capital adequacy requirements are met. To ensure maximum transparency and legality, 4XC regularly sends its financial reports and reconciliations of customer funds to the regulator.
Supervised by McMillan Woods
An excellent audit is synonymous with business balance and efficiency. In fact, 4XC uses one of the leading auditing firms in the sector, McMillan Woods, to be fully compliant with internal and external corporate audits.
Partnerships with top-level credit institutions
4XC is a company that does business with top tier banks. Each customer will be able to know these banks in detail by visiting the dedicated page “Deposit and Withdrawal Options” in the official website.
Cryptographic security
To have high standards of security on customer data, the company uses the latest cryptographic technology.
Information always available in a transparent trading environment
4XC that has nothing to hide. The company policy is mainly based on the transparency of the activities carried out and any information of any kind can be found on the official website or by contacting the support team.
Insured Up To £1 Million.
In order to have a relationship with its customers based on solid trust, the company recently introduced £1m professional indemnity insurance. In addition, the trader will be able to view the entire legal documentation on the dedicated page on the official website.
Wide range of financing methods
The broker offers the possibility to carry out any withdrawal and deposit transaction using the payment method that best suits your needs. All available options offer very advantageous withdrawal and deposit conditions with low and in some cases no commissions. The trader can consult the list of available methods by visiting the official website and clicking on “Funding methods”.

Visit 4XC’s Official Website

Regulations Financial Supervisory Commission in Cook Islands (FSC)
Demo Account Available
Minimum deposit $10 (varies by account)
Maximum leverage 1:500
Platforms MT5, MT4, Web Trader, Mobile Apps
Negative Balance Protection Available
Promotional Offers (Bonuses) 50% First Deposit Bonus
Markets Forex, metals, oil, CFDs on indices, stocks, crypto, futures
Social and Copy trading Available through HokoCloud
Stop Out level 50%
Margin Call Level 100%
Spread Starting at 0.0 pips (varies based on selected account type)
Trading fees $2/lot fee per side (varies by account)
Deposit fees None
Withdrawal fees Varies depending on the selected payment method
Accounts available Standard, Professional, VIP
PAMM account Available
Swap-free account (Islamic account) Available
Learning materials Available

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Accounts offered by 4XC

The account list available with the broker has been structured in such a way as to satisfy any need and is extremely flexible.

In fact, 4XC, despite offering the possibility to choose between various types of accounts, allows the potential customer to request a completely personalized solution that fully reflects his modus operandi.

The accounts available with 4XC are Standard, Pro and VIP.

Each of them has specific characteristics to allow the trader to trade with the best condition according to his needs.

Standard Account
The Standard account has been designed to allow any category of trader to invest with optimal conditions. Lightning-fast order execution, a minimum lot size of 0.01 lots, any viable strategy allowed, and no restrictions.
Pro accounts
Mainly created for traders with a high level of experience. Professionals who need certain characteristics in order to achieve their goals. The Pro account offers traders improved order execution and trading conditions suited to this category of traders.
VIP account
An account that offers a trading environment designed primarily for traders investing large sums of money. In fact, among the various features, the minimum deposit to access this type of account is 10,000 USD.

Open an account with 4XC

Consulting the next table it will be possible to know all the main characteristics of each account offered by 4XC:

Main features Standard account Pro account VIP account
Platforms MT4 – MT5 – Webtrader – Mobile App MT4 – MT5 – Webtrader – Mobile App MT4 – MT5 – Webtrader – Mobile App
Trade Instruments 74 currency pairs, 24 CFDs, 295 shares 74 currency pairs, 24 CFDs, 295 shares 74 currency pairs, 24 CFDs, 295 shares
Minimum deposit 10 USD on MT4 – 100 USD on MT5 100 USD on MT4 – 100 USD on MT5 10000 USD on MT4 – 10000 USD on MT5
Spread 0.8 pips 0.0 pips + $5/lot commission 0.0 pips + $4/lot commission
Maximum leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500
Base currencies available USD – EUR – GBP – BRL USD – EUR – GBP – BRL USD – EUR – GBP – BRL
Execution Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Quotes Extended (5 digits after the decimal point) Extended (5 digits after the decimal point) Extended (5 digits after the decimal point)
Minimum order size 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum order volume 30 lots 30 lots 30 lots
Maximum number of positions No restrictions No restrictions No restrictions
Margin Call 100% 100% 100%
Stop Out 50% 50% 50%

Open a trading account with 4XC

Each account offers endless investment possibilities across a wide range of available instruments.

The trading conditions, although different according to the selected account, guarantee the investor to be able to make the most of every opportunity in a trading environment full of advantages.

Non-Dealing Desk
The broker guarantees direct access to the exchange rates without any intervention in the trades.
Highly leveraged
The leverage allows you to invest in positions higher than the real invested capital.
Legal and transparent
The strictly regulated company is obliged to comply with strict regulations which allow the trader to invest in a safe and secure environment.
Flawless support team
Customer support made up of a team of experts available for any need 24/5.

Go to the registration page of 4XC

In order to open a new account with 4XC, regardless of the types offered, just follow the next very simple steps:

Step 1
Select the account that best suits your style and needs and send the application form.
Step 2
In this Step, a verification process must be carried out, necessary to ascertain the real identity of the applicant. The trader must provide the documents certifying his identity and country of origin (for example: clear and color double-sided photo of the identity card and recent gas and electricity bill).
Step 3
Once the result is suitable for verification, the customer will be able to make a first deposit and start investing on the main markets around the world.

Furthermore, after successfully opening a new account with the broker, the customer will be able to request access to the Discord community and download the app dedicated to the service.

As a member of the community, the customer will have the opportunity to receive high quality signals in relation to their market research and daily news useful for being able to trade efficiently.

In the event that the interested trader wants to open an account and test the services offered by 4XC without running any risk, he can opt for a Demo account on which virtual funds will be loaded to be used to try trading.

This type of account, although it does not allow the trader to receive any profit, has the same characteristics as a real account without any restrictions.

Open an account with 4XC for free

Trading tools

4XC employs extensive resources to provide its clients with state-of-the-art services and tools for use in trading.

Trading with full control over your positions, staying informed on market conditions, making use of professional traders to increase your earning potential, are just some of the factors from which the investor can take advantage of when trading with 4XC.

PAMM tool

The PAMM account is a valuable tool that allows 4XC clients to use accurate investment strategies created by professional traders.

Consequently, it will not be necessary to analyze the markets in order to find profitable trading opportunities and engage in the formulation of strategies.

Although the service is used by any type of trader, it is particularly suitable for investors who have the following characteristics:

Little experience and knowledge of the markets
Beginners with a not-too-high level of experience, will be able to take advantage of the trading strategies created by the “Managers” (professional traders) both to expand their knowledge and to make profits.
Not enough time to follow the markets
Not all traders have the opportunity to constantly follow their trades, create strategies or carry out market research. Taking advantage of the PAMM tool, all they will have to do is make use of experts in the sector who will manage all the trades.

Find out more about PAMM

But in practice, how does the PAMM service work?

The product is managed by a “Manager” (a professional trader) who creates a PAMM account, sets the capital with which to trade and creates accurate strategies that any trader can decide to follow.

In the event that the strategies created by the Manager produce profits, the trader will be entitled to a share in relation to the invested capital.

From the earnings, a commission must be subtracted which will be credited to the manager.

The customer will have the possibility to consult a large list of strategies constantly published by the Managers and follow the most suitable one for his expectations.

The investor can choose to follow more strategies in order to increase the possibility of earnings.

In addition to the economic advantage, by consulting and comparing the various strategies, the trader will be able to expand his knowledge and gain more experience.

Each trader can decide to register for the service as a Manager and as an investor.


  1. To begin with, the trader interested in becoming a PAMM Manager will need to open a real account with 4XC and decide whether to create a new wallet or edit an existing one.
  2. The Manager has the ability to manage the capital limit, the percentage of commissions and more at will.
  3. After creating the strategy to be published, the broker will make some changes if deemed necessary.
  4. When deemed suitable, the strategy will be published and any trader will be able to view it and choose to follow it.
  5. The Manager will earn a commission if investments resulting from published strategies are profitable.

Take advantage of 4XC’s PAMM service


In order to use the service and become a PAMM investor to all intents and purposes, just follow the next very simple steps.

  1. To start, the trader will have to choose the most suitable strategy for his style to invest in by consulting the list. Based on his risk appetite, the client will have the possibility to use options such as ROI and maximum drawdown.
  2. After having found the strategy in which to invest their funds, the customer will be able to set the desired amount to trade and the value of the stop loss.
  3. Upon reaching the overnight rollover time, the investment will be realized and included in the calculation change of the net profit.
  4. During the day the Manager invests and his open positions will change the net worth.
  5. At the rollover, the share of the profits in his strategic account will be divided according to the capital invested by each trader.

Go to 4XC’s Official Website

HokoCloud strategy and MetaTrader signals

In addition to the PAMM service, the 4XC broker offers its clients the possibility of using HokoCloud Strategies and MetaTrader signals.

State-of-the-art trading tools from which the trader can take significant advantage. Through the tools, the customer will be able to follow the professional trader compatible with his expectations or alternatively opt for the use of an algorithm for automatic trading.


An intuitive and easy to use copy trading platform that allows clients to:

  • Replicate any trade in real-time between your MT4 accounts.
  • Decide to follow an accurate strategy to be selected from the large available list.
  • Have total control over any operation and risks to run.

The service is totally free for all traders with a real 4XC account and has the following features:

  • Fast and profitable investment solutions for traders and IBs.
  • The service does not require any installation of software or VPS.
  • Possibility to publish your own strategy so that you can profit from it together with your followers.
  • 4XC accounts will be eligible for free copy trade and discounts on public strategies.

Start using Hokocloud with 4XC

MetaTrader Signals

A latest generation tool that allows the interested party to invest by eliminating the possibility of error deriving from conjectures and emotions.

The trader will have real-time access to a wide range of strategies and signals created by leading professional traders in the sector.

  • Access to more than 3200 free signals.
  • The service allows you to automatically copy the trades of traders in real time.
  • One of the most used auto trading platforms in the world.
  • Access to an extensive list of services such as hotkeys, predesigned templates, backtest tutorials, industry insider tips, and more.

Start copying trades with MQL4/MAL5

Make informed decisions

Successful trading is mainly based on two factors: having updated and detailed information on the instruments in which you intend to invest and having adequate experience in the field to be able to develop winning strategies.

4XC offers its clients the opportunity to access a finely structured educational material to allow traders of all experience levels to derive maximum benefit from detailed information on the markets and to improve their knowledge through tutorials and guides on how to trade successfully.

In summary, the more you know the better you invest.

The “4XC Learn” dedicated to information allows you to take advantage of numerous essential services to better understand the markets including market news, economic calendars, market analysis, market signals, guides for novice and expert traders, courses for all levels of experience and skills and tutorials on the use of platforms (MT4, MT5).

Market news
Taking current information (such as market rumors, expert trader advice and data that could significantly affect the markets) is considered essential by traders around the world. Overall, all the information that an investor can receive in order to invest in a particular instrument increases theoretical competence in order to be able to trade with greater success. 4XC offers its clients constantly updated market news, technical analysis articles on major financial events and illustrations on the causes of price swings to enable the investor to make accurate decisions for trading.
Economic calendar
By definition, an economic calendar is a detailed chronological list of economic events, news and macroeconomic data that could cause market swings. The broker offers a state-of-the-art calendar covering up to 360 events. Furthermore, for each event it will be specified why it is influential, the origin of the data and how it will contribute to market fluctuations.
Market analysis
The analyses represent an in-depth study of the micro and macro economic variables that could influence the markets. Its purpose is to identify all possible investment opportunities in the main financial markets. Technical analysis articles provided by 4XC illustrate up-to-date market trends and shed light on price swings in the forex, stock and cryptocurrency markets.
Market signals
Market signals allow the trader to understand when to open or close a position to obtain the greatest advantage. The broker offers free to view information about popular assets that is constantly updated to enable clients to place profitable trades.
Trading guide for beginners
The beginner’s guide is structured in such a way as to allow inexperienced, new to the way of trading, to expand their knowledge starting from the basic concepts of trading such as for example the differences between the markets Forex, CFDs, indices, stocks and commodities.
Advanced Trading Guide
An educational path mainly designed for expert traders who intend to improve their knowledge and refine their trading style. Through the course the trader will be able to learn how to read trends, what are the support and resistance lines, what are the technical indicators and which ones to use, as well as how to identify patterns.
Trading course for beginners
Novice traders intending to follow the course will be able to learn the basics of trading, begin to know its terms and how to approach the markets with the utmost prudence in order to reduce risks to a minimum.
Advanced trading course
Aimed at traders, who after having followed the course for beginners, wish to refine their knowledge in order to face the markets. The course will enable the client to understand what fundamental analysis, technical analysis, economic calendar, chart patterns and indicators are.
Trading course for experts
A course designed to enable professional traders to further broaden their knowledge of topics such as technical analysis, candlestick patterns, trading strategies, trading tools and more.
Tutorial of the offered platforms
A very useful service that allows the interested party to access illustrative videos on the main features and the use of all the platforms offered by the broker. Videos on how to access the platforms, how to best use each individual tool to avoid possible risks, how to open and close an order, how to manage Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters, one-click trading and much more for MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Go to 4XC’s Official Website

4XC’s promotional offers

The list of promotions that the broker offers to its traders is not very extensive, but nevertheless it is an excellent incentive to start investing.

In fact, 4XC allows its customers to take advantage of a 50% first deposit bonus and an incentive on exchange rates exclusively for Nigerian traders.

50% first deposit bonus

In addition to the advantageous trading conditions offered, the 50% first deposit bonus is one of the main reasons why many traders decide to start investing with 4XC.

The promotion is structured to allow the trader to use extra funds in trades and to be able to withdraw any profits at any time.

On every first deposit made each client will receive 50% of extra funds which will allow traders to open positions with a larger volume than the capital deposited.

In addition to the advantages, security and clarity on information and terms of use, they represent a real guarantee.

The offer has no hidden or difficult to understand requirement, each trader will be able to clearly know all the features of the promotion by consulting the dedicated page or by contacting the support team.

Mathematics is not an opinion, the greater the funds to invest and the higher the probability of profit.

In the event that an investment is successful, the trader can withdraw the profits at any time and without any restrictions.

Claim the first deposit bonus of 4XC

The next table provides a summary of the main features of the 50% first deposit bonus.

Type of offer First deposit bonus
Max bonus amount 1000 USD-EUR-GBP
Bonus withdrawal Not available
Withdrawal of profits Available
Minimum deposit required 100 USD-EUR-GBP
Minimum trading requirements None

Here is some useful information about the offer:

  • Extra funds from the “50% First Deposit Bonus” promotion that will be credited to the applicant’s account will have no expiration date regarding the time of use. As soon as the bonus funds are credited to the account, the customer can easily view them by clicking on the “Credit” button on the platform used.
  • Although the bonus will be included in the “Equity” and “Margin” list, it cannot be considered as a balance. In the event that a trader decides to carry out a withdrawal operation, he must be fully aware that this operation will automatically cause the cancellation of the promotion at the time of the request.
  • Bonus funds may be used in trades without any restrictions but will not be allowed to be transferred to other accounts. In the event that the trader proceeds to a transfer of funds, the broker will immediately cancel the bonus without any notice.

4XC’s First Deposit Bonus

4XC Bonus terms and conditions

In order to have access and register for the initiative, each trader must first of all know, accept and respect the rules of use.

As previously mentioned, the 50% First Deposit Bonus offered by 4XC is clearly regulated, easy to understand and without any hidden restrictive clauses.

The trader will not have to do anything but request the bonus and invest.

The list below is a summary of the Bonus terms and conditions. To access the integral version of the document it will be necessary to visit the official site and access the reserved area to the offer.

  • The promotion is available to anyone who wants to apply, with the exception of traders residing in the United States, Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Indonesia. Only the applicant will be entitled to use the Bonus (fake name, multiple accounts, accounts with the same IP address will not be eligible).
  • Promotion funds may only be used for trading purposes and therefore may not be withdrawn.
  • The Bonus credited to the applicant’s account cannot be used to cover negative balance losses, as the extra funds will be classified as a margin credit.
  • The 50% First Deposit Bonus is available to all 4XC Real Account customers who have never made a deposit into their account.
  • 4XC Broker shall not be liable for any losses (such as limitations, indirect, special or consequential losses or loss of profits), costs, expenses incurred in connection with the offer.
  • The 50% First Deposit Bonus promotion offered by 4XC is not compatible with other promotional initiatives managed by the broker and if the customer still wants to use it, despite already taking advantage of other promotions, he can opt for the opening of a new account and fill out the form before making a first deposit.
  • The customer is free to transfer or withdraw any profits, but this will cause the promotion to be cancelled from the account of the trader concerned.
  • In the event that the client makes a withdrawal despite still having open positions, the bonus will be cancelled.

Claim 4XC’s Bonus

Offer on USD-NGN exchange rates

The exchange rate in the international economy plays a key role.

Fluctuations in exchange rates between various currencies have important consequences for the economic performance of nations.

An extremely strong and appreciating domestic currency costs less than foreign currency in terms of domestic currency.

This particular allows to stimulate and favor imports but at the same time makes exports and purchases of other currencies more expensive in terms of the national currency.

Conversely, a weaker currency depreciates relative to the others, and this causes an increase in exports and purchases from abroad.

To avoid serious imbalances between imports and exports, central governments come into play, monitoring and regulating exchange rates by buying or selling foreign currency, with the sole aim of benefiting the economy of their own country.

Furthermore, the exchange rate is an essential tool for assessing the real state of health of an economy.

Awarded by the “Forex Rating”, 4XC holds the title of best broker in Africa of 2022.

And being a leader in the sector in the old continent, it could only offer services and offers of a higher level than the standards.

Among the advantages available, the broker allows the trader to use one of the best NGN to USD exchange rates offered in the world.

In practice, the customer will be able to receive more dollars by depositing in Naira (Nigerian currency).

For example: today’s exchange rate is $453.88/NGN – the one offered by 4XC is $449.34/NGN.

We would like to point out that the above values are not updated and should only be considered as an example. The exchange rate is a fundamental resource that determines the cost of goods and services and is characterized by daily variations based on market quotations.

This sort of promotional offer managed by the broker is accessible to all, both traders residing in Africa, Nigeria and other parts of the world will be able to take advantage of the $/NGN exchange rate.

Following are some questions and answers that will further clarify every aspect of the offer.

Is it legal to invest in forex in Africa and in particular in Nigeria?
Yes, trading forex in Africa is allowed. In order to get started, you will need to use a strictly regulated broker such as 4XC, declare each profit in your country of residence and, if applicable, pay commissions.
What do you need to trade Forex in Nigeria?
To be able to start investing in the old continent, every trader will need an excellent internet connection, a reliable forex broker like 4XC and an optional demo account to try without risking your own capital. The latter is extremely useful for testing the new trading environment before using real funds.
When can you invest in Africa?
The Contracts for Difference (CFD) market operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can trade at any time you deem necessary. The forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Go to 4XC’s Official Website

IB program

Essentially an Introducing Broker (IB) is an individual who engages in introducing new clients to 4XC.

This service will give the IB the option to receive a share of the spread or commission charged by the brokerage.

Regardless of the level of trading experience and knowledge of CFD trading, any trader can apply to become an Introducing Broker.

The innovative IB program offered by the broker is suitable for everyone and offers numerous advantages such as large prizes and indispensable support for potential customers.

Commission management features a dynamic and competitive structure that will allow IBs to get the most out of every service they perform and withdraw profits quickly.

By promoting the broker through social media or any other media channel, the IB will receive payments based on the amount of registered customers.

The higher the tier, the more profits you get from doing your job.

Marketing team ready for any eventuality
If required, state-of-the-art marketing materials will be available that will allow the IB (with professional banners, widgets, brochures, email templates, Facebook covers and more) to quickly achieve their goals. The material offered is easy to understand and any type of trader will be able to consult it without problems.
Non-stop access to the IB portal
Any trader will be able to access their IB Portal page at any time and consult progress, commissions and profit updates.
Multilingual support
Always available in 24 languages and active 24 hours a day. Made up of professionals in the sector to solve any problem.
Statistics and reporting
Reports and statistics, essential services to be able to understand how to get the best ROI from your IB activity.

Furthermore, the IB service offered by 4XC is totally customizable in order to allow anyone to be able to join the initiative and start a profitable collaboration with the broker.

The IB program is built on mutual trust and transparency of information and offers stakeholders evolving benefits such as the tiered commission program.

Become 4XC’s IB

In order to quickly become an Introducing Broker with 4XC, just follow the next simple steps:

  1. Proceed to enrollment by registering in order to become an IB.
  2. Start promoting 4XC by introducing new clients and monitor progress in your IB portal
  3. Access your IB portal to monitor your daily commission, always having full control over your work.

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* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

With innovative MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, 4XC provides ultra-low spreads, fast execution, and a diverse set of investment options including Forex pairs, Metals, Indices, Oils, and Cryptocurrency pairs.

Geomatrix Ltd does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions such as USA, North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Myanmar.

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  2. Encantado con todos los servicios y vuestra flexibilidad. Muchas gracias por todo

  3. I have been trading for long time and I have also my network of clients. I faced lots of problems and delays in other big brokers. In 4xCube I have to be honest and leave my review once they are fast and efficient to deal with the request of my network, my clients and I are very happy and I truly recommend 4xCube. Execution is very good, support team very quick in their answers.
    In another broker I was cooperating with, one withdrawal would take 3/4 working days, with 4xCube, usually day after the money is already available.

    My clients and myself are very happy.

    Thank you

  4. 4xcube. I think what many people want to hear is that you are getting the police involved, it is clear from past behaviour of Gary Strong that he won’t stop because he thinks he’s untouchable. As individuals we can do nothing,but surely a company would have more power to get this psycho locked up. I sincerely hope that you do everything you can possibly do to get Gary Strong put away, too many people need justice.

  5. Not good at all. 4xcube has only been operating since November 2018 and well over a 12 million dollars has vanished with no logical reason, that figure could be much higher now.

    ASIC has them on the watch list. Running out of time now 4xcube/8topuz.

  6. Given that ASIC has formally advised that it considers 4xCube Ltd to be part of an international scam, and has publically listed a warning in relation to this group, ANZ strongly recommends that you send no further funds to these entities.

    4xcube also owned by 8topuz which was called Paragon Trading before last year. Wouldn’t this be apart of an international scam especially as they are the same owners.

    You can access the specific ASIC warning at the following internet address:

    cybersecurity officer Shaun Harris on [email protected]

  7. I’ve subscribed their mobile app to access 8topuz trading algorithm, and it generated around 30% return on my investment since May/18. Very happy with the results!

    Human emotion and behaviour is one of the main contributing factors to why investors underperform. Place your emotions aside when it comes to Investing.
    Trade using our Artificial Intelligence software. Fully automated.
    Find out more at
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    Awarded as Fintech Company of the Year, 8topuz Wealth Fintech supplies trading software and artificial intelligence algorithms, both to retail and institutional clients, in order to automate their investments.

    In our sector, we are growing at a very fast pace, looking to become the industry leader with this type of offering.

    If you’re ambitious, hard-working and ready to build a lasting and rewarding career, we’re a results-oriented business that’s ready to supercharge your future.

    Career Program

    During one month time and starting on the 4th of November, we will be giving our first free Fintech training course to the selected candidates, with a real career opportunity for the highest rated, to take place at our offices in Limassol, Cyprus.

    At 8topuz we offer uncapped commission and most importantly 8topuz is a career progression opportunity – every management is based on your performance only. Team Leader, Senior Agent and even the Head of Department began as an Agent and progressed at their own speeds, some after just a few months or less!

    As a valued member of our Outbound team, we will look for you to bring enthusiasm and passion to 8topuz and our potential customers. The role is target driven and highly active, so an energetic, money-hungry candidate would thrive in this environment!

    You will be speaking with individual and different business owners every day, getting to know them and explaining how can help them automating their trading and using an automated trading solution. Our Outbound team are our greatest form of 8topuz advertisement at (alongside word of mouth and recommendation), so passion and confidence 8topuz are traits we look for in our employees! You’ll be a part of a brand new team and a brand new office – helping shape the next chapter in our company’s proud history.

    You will need:

    Great communication skills with the ability to build instant rapport

    A passion for customer satisfaction

    The right attitude to get the job done and perform to targets

    The desire for fast career progression

    Apply today!

    Don’t delay as vacancies are limited: submit your CV for consideration or get in touch now!

    8topuz HR Team

  8. On 11 October 2019, ANZ received a notification from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) confirming the aforementioned parties are unlicensed foreign entities that have made unsolicited calls to Australian investors to invest in non-existent financial products. Victims are then directed to deposit funds into foreign bank accounts.

    Details of known bank accounts are listed below:

    Account name: 4xCube Ltd
    Account number: 608000
    Bank name: Capital Security Bank Limited – Cook Islands

    ASIC has formed the view that 4xCube Ltd’s operations constitute a cold-calling scam. ASIC is aware that Australian investors have been induced to invest funds by the convincing telephone calls and associated websites used by the operators of these scams.

    ASIC has added the details of 4xCube Ltd to its public list of “unlicensed overseas callers and fake regulators” located at

    You can access the specific ASIC warning at the following internet address:

    ANZ’s records indicate that you have made, or attempted to make, one or more payments to 4xCube Ltd or one of their related accounts.

    Given that ASIC has formally advised that it considers 4xCube Ltd to be part of an international scam, and has publically listed a warning in relation to this group, ANZ strongly recommends that you send no further funds to these entities.

    If you have further queries regarding this ASIC notification or other cold calling scams, you can contact ASIC’s Infoline directly on 1300 300 630.

    Alternatively, you can contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter, my contact details are listed below.

    Yours sincerely

    We were right all along

  9. Very happy with the service.
    Execution is amazing.
    They accept crypto deposit what is great.

  10. Interested to know how Gary Strong passed due diligence to trade at 4xcube when he is not registered to trade in any country,infact,he has no qualifications at all, and was recently found to be using stolen accreditation certificates. This,coupled with the lies he told the investors should have raised concerns.

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