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Great news! FBS adds stocks to the list of its trading instruments.

From now on, you can buy and sell shares of the world’s largest companies: Alibaba, Apple, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Google, Tesla, Amazon and many more!

Now you can profit with the liquid stocks of the most popular companies of USA stock market. Look for the “Stock” category in trading instruments on FBS website.

Stock trading is a great long-term investment, and stock market delivers great returns to investors over time.

Buying stocks allows you to trade on news discussed all over media.

They offer a long list of top companies – just visit the official Website, make a deposit, pick a company from the list, and start trading stocks with a reliable broker!

Stock trading with FBS is available on all MT5 accounts.

FBS Official Website

If Facebook launches a new update, the stock’s price gets higher. If Apple launches… anything, the stocks are getting higher in price again!

FBS gives you a unique chance to earn wherever on the most beneficial conditions! Take it now!

Ultimate Ninja Mind Trick For Setting And Fulfilling Goals

You’ve probably tried many schemes and mind tricks to set your goals properly – if none of them worked well enough, check out a tip shared by a journalist Jeremy Anderberg.

He called it “the rule of three”, and this is the last rule of goal-setting you’ll ever need.

The point is many people think that “productivity” means the amount of tasks you’ve got done — a measurable number of boxes that have been checked off the to-do list.

However, not every item on your list has equal value.

So, the rule is:

Productivity isn’t about doing more things — it’s about doing the right things, i.e. things that would add the most value to your business and bring the best outcome.

At the beginning of each day, decide what 3 things you want to accomplish by the end of the day, and handle them first.

Repeat it every week, and soon you’ll see how this simple yet game-changing trick changes your life!

Summing up 2018: the brightest moments of the year!

In these times of festive mood, we all feel like summing up the achievements we have got this year and planning new goals for the next one.

Let’s review what FBS has done throughout 2018.

What FBS has reached in 2018, are as follows.

  • 11 million traders From 197 countries all over the world choose FBS as their trusted broker.

11 million traders fbs forex broker online trading

  • 370 000 partners made the team shine brighter this year
  • 7 international awards were given to FBS because of their outstanding, stable and high-quality work – fair and square
  • 2 mind-blowing traders’ parties were organized by FBS in Cairo and Surabaya
  • 8 financial exhibitions and fairs became the platforms for them to present them services and opportunities to the clients

We have a lot to tell about 2018, and it can’t really fit in one letter. So, hurry up to read our annual report. (spoiler: there’re a lot of exciting things there!) All of this was only possible because of you, our clients – our main and greatest achievement. We work, develop and grow for you!

Visit FBS Official Website to find out more!



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