Use-M-PESA-and-Bitcoin-to-trade-Forex-with-Anzo-Capital Use-M-PESA-and-Bitcoin-to-trade-Forex-with-Anzo-Capital

Anzo Capital - What's now?

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You can now use M-PESA to trade Forex

Anzo Capital is pleased to introduce to you two new payment solutions, Mpesa and BTC Deposit.

These new funding methods are convenient, safe and secure, making it easier for you to fund your account and trade.

Information as follows:

Main Condition of M-PESA Deposit

Transfer type Mobile Payment Wallet
Accepted currency KES (Kenyan Shilling)
Minimum deposit 20 USD
Processing fee None
Prcessing time Immediate deposit to MT4 account

M-PESA is a mobile money service that allows you to do everything from money transfer to withdrawal/payment using your mobile phone.

To make a deposit to Anzo Capital’s Forex trading account with M-PESA, please log in to Anzo Capital Official Website.

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What is M-PESA?

Mobile remittance and payment services, such as M-PESA are used in developing countries (Asia, Latin America, and Africa), where many people do not have a bank account.

M-PESA is a mobile remittance service that is very popular in the Republic of Kenya in East Africa, and has started to spread in other African countries and Europe.

M-PESA is an electronic money service that uses a mobile phone platform operated by Safaricom, a Kenyan mobile phone company, and a large Kenyan bank, which was created in 2007.

Using the system provided by Safaricom, you can make electronic transactions such as deposits, transfers, and withdrawals without having a bank account using SMS alone, and you can deposit and withdraw cash at agency agencies in various locations instead of at a bank counter.

The feature is that it does not require an internet line and can be established only by mobile phone communication.

Also, because the personal identification information is managed by the Sim card, multiple people can do financial transactions by replacing the Sim card if some people have one mobile phone.

Visit Anzo Capital Official Website

Main Condition of BTC Deposit

Transfer Type Bitcoin Wallet
Accepted Currency BTC
Minimum deposit 20 USD
Processing fee None
Processing time Immediate deposit to MT4 account

For information on other payment options, please refer to Anzo Capital’s Funding Methods page.



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