Here is how to deposit funds via credit/debit card to your FXPrimus MT4 account.

1. Login to FXPrimus’s Client Portal & Proceed to “Credit/Debit Card Deposit” as below.

2. Enter deposit amount (minimum amount is USD100, EUR85 or GBP80).

3. Click “Preview” to review details.
4. If correct, click “confirm” and a request will be sent to Visa/Mastercard to confirm if your card is enrolled with the “Verified by Visa/Mastercard Directory Service (3D Secure)”. If your card is not enrolled then your transaction will be declined. This is done in order to protect your card against any fraudulent activity.
5. If your credit card is enrolled in the 3D secure program, you will be automatically redirected to an external URL where you must complete the 3D Secure authentication process.
6. If your 3D secure authentication is successful you will be redirected back to eMerchantpay’s payment form to complete the transaction.
7. Click on “Complete Purchase” to finish the transaction. Your credit/debit card will be charged at this time.
8. Enter your credit card details and billing information to complete the payment.
9. All credit card transactions are processed within one business day. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your funds have been credited to your trading account.

FXPRIMUS Official Website

Required Document for Card Deposit

In order to verify your deposit FX Primus requires a copy of the Card(s) used for depositing into your MT4 account (front and back copies).

Please upload the following documents to verify your Credit/Debit and increase the limit:

  1. Credit card copy (front and back)*
  2. Credit card or bank statement

*A copy of (ALL) the Credit/Debit card(s) used to fund your trading account(s). Please provide a color scanned copy both front and rear side of your card(s). The last 4 digits of your Card(s) number should be clearly visible. For security purpose, FXPrimus recommends you to cover the CVV code on the rear side of your Credit/Debit Card(s).

Other Important Rules & Advises

Please note that FXPRIMUS’ payment processors Emerchantpay cannot accept PREPAID debit/credit cards.

Please do not close the browser window at any time during the transaction process. Do not click back or refresh. The transaction process may take a few moment to be confirmed. No action is needed. You will automatically be redirected back to your FXPRIMUS etrader members area once the transaction has been completed.

Any charges, fees, or penalties as a result of a failed, returned, or refunded third party transaction will be the responsibility of the sender. FXPRIMUS will not be held liable for any of the previously stated charges. By proceeding with a transaction to FXPRIMUS you agree to these terms and conditions.

FXPRIMUS cannot accept payment from third parties unless in a special situation previously approved by management. All credit / debit card deposits must be made from a card bearing the account holders name and all bank wire transfers must be made from an account bearing the account holder’s name.

If your transaction fails, please do not try again. Either try another credit card or please contact your credit card institution to find out the reason why the card was declined. Multiple failed attempts may result in your credit card being temporarily blocked from further transactions with FXPrimus. Once you learn the reason the card was declined from your credit card institution, please email so they can assist you further.




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