About-IFC-Markets'-Portfolio-Quoting-Method---Unlimited-Trading-Instruments About-IFC-Markets'-Portfolio-Quoting-Method---Unlimited-Trading-Instruments

What are Personal Composite Instruments (PCI)?

The Personal Composite Instruments is a key component of the Portfolio Quoting Method (GeWorko), by quoting assets (Portfolios) to represent the price of Underlying Assets (Portfolios).

Create synthetic tools such as new cross currencies, correlations of different assets, currency indices, stock portfolios, portfolio pairs and more.

You can create a Personal Composite Instruments (PCI) on your own, with a quick start guide to create a Personal Composite Instruments.

Open a risk-free demo account and experience the unique features of Personal Integrated Tools.

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Advantages of Personal Composite Instruments (PCI)

  • The underlying asset and quoted asset of the personal comprehensive tool can be any asset, and long and short positions can be performed.
  • Give each asset a weight accurate to 1 unit or as a percentage of the total assets, in USD. As an asset, USD can be used as the base asset of PCI or as a quoted asset.
  • Personal Composite Instruments (PCI) are in the form of portfolios, ranging from simple – with only 2 assets to complex – containing more than a dozen assets.
  • The created Personal Composite Instruments (PCI) has a history chart.
  • Create PCI – with a convenient and concise interface.
  • Existing Personal Composite Instruments (PCI) can be imported.

You can use PCI tools created by our company’s professional analysts.

Using our tool library, traders need to upload tools to the trading platform to trade.

In addition, the PCI library contains examples of individual synthesis tools.

The main advantage of the new technology is that you can create any trading instrument, and perform trading and technical analysis on the NetTradeX trading platform.

The Personal Comprehensive Tool is based on the (PCI) transaction analysis platform NetTradeX PC, created through the Portfolio Quotation Method (GeWorko), and is an effective tool for both financial analysts and investors in fund management and fund investment.



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