What is FBS EU A CySEC regulated Forex trading broker. What is FBS EU A CySEC regulated Forex trading broker.

FBS: A Global Fintech Leader Offering an Unrivaled Trading Experience

In the dynamic, fast-paced world of financial technology, FBS stands as a shining beacon—an international brand renowned for its superior trading services. Operating under a license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), license number 331/17, FBS maintains its presence in the European Union through its representation by Tradestone Ltd, a respected entity in the finance sector.

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Bridging Gaps and Creating Opportunities in Trading

The numerous independent entities united under the robust umbrella of the FBS brand share a common, unifying ethos: an unwavering dedication to the needs of their clients. With a laser-focused approach, they are committed to facilitating a seamless trading experience in Margin FX and ᏟᖴᎠs—an increasingly popular realm of finance, ripe with potential for savvy investors.

This devotion to clients’ needs goes beyond simply providing trading opportunities. FBS is committed to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, equipping its clients with essential insights to navigate the complex world of trading. This is achieved through an impressive array of free seminars, engaging special events, comprehensive educational materials, and expert daily analytics—all carefully designed to help traders make informed decisions.

The company’s dedication to its clients is further embodied in FBS’s exceptional 24/5 customer support service. This support network ensures that any issues or inquiries clients encounter during their trading journey are swiftly and efficiently addressed. With an average response time of less than 1 minute per request, clients can remain focused on their trades, assured that a team of experts is ready to assist them at a moment’s notice.

Traders, whether new to the scene or seasoned experts, can harness an array of cutting-edge trading tools tailored to provide a competitive edge in today’s volatile markets. FBS clients have the freedom to make deposits and withdrawals via a variety of globally recognized payment systems, ensuring their trading is never hindered by logistical challenges.

Moreover, clients can access a broad range of trading instruments, expanding their investment horizons and enabling them to capitalize on diverse market movements. FBS prides itself on providing split-second execution of trades, a crucial feature in a world where market conditions can change in the blink of an eye.

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Ensuring a Secure Trading Environment

Tradestone Ltd, operating as FBS, is a Cypriot Investment Firm regulated and overseen by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The presence of this regulatory body underscores the integrity and reliability of the company’s operations.

Adherence to this regulatory framework ensures robust protection and security for investors and traders. CySEC’s regulations foster a healthy and rapidly evolving market, designed with investor security as its cornerstone. By monitoring the actions of investment firms and operations on the stock exchange, the commission ensures compliance with legislative and regulatory directives. This provides clients with the assurance of a safe and reliable trading environment—free from potential scams or fraudulent activities.

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Recognized Excellence in Brokerage

FBS is an award-winning broker, as recognized by more than 60 international entities. This speaks volumes about its stature as a leading and trustworthy broker in the global finance world. Furthermore, FBS has attracted a clientele of over 17 million individuals worldwide. These clients have made the informed decision to rely on FBS’s robust, secure, and efficient brokerage services for their trading needs.

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FBS: A Phenomenon in Numbers

FBS’s growth and market dominance are best reflected in its impressive figures. Every day, the company welcomes approximately 7000 new accounts—a testament to the brand’s global appeal and reputation. FBS’s customer support department resolves issues in an impressive average of less than 30 seconds per request. This commitment to providing rapid resolutions ensures a seamless trading experience and client satisfaction.

Even more impressively, almost half (48%) of FBS’s clients rely on their profits from FBS as their primary source of income—an indicator of the potential profitability of trading with FBS. Every 20 seconds, an eager client makes a request to withdraw profits. Reflecting the high degree of client satisfaction, an overwhelming majority—80%—of clients choose to stay with FBS for the long term.

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FBS: The Preferred Choice for Discerning Traders

As an internationally regulated broker, FBS stands out by offering negative balance protection with a margin call and stop out levels—a feature designed to protect traders from potential losses beyond their initial investment. Its commitment to efficient client support, advanced trading tools, and customizable account features that cater to the client’s level of Forex experience sets FBS apart as the preferred choice for traders across the globe.

In conclusion, FBS continues to shape the world of fintech with its unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier trading services. Its steadfast adherence to regulatory frameworks, a client-focused approach, and a spirit of continuous innovation provide traders with the tools, resources, and conditions necessary for successful trading. Whether you’re an experienced trader seeking new challenges or a beginner embarking on your trading journey, FBS offers a comprehensive environment designed to help your trading skills flourish.



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