What-is-FBS's-execution-model-for-Stocks---Speed,-re-quotes,-rejection,-and-more What-is-FBS's-execution-model-for-Stocks---Speed,-re-quotes,-rejection,-and-more

FBS’s order execution within 0.4 seconds

Asset prices in Forex trading can change very quickly in a matter of seconds, therefore your success is determined by how quickly you can make decisions and execute orders resulting from your decisions.

That is why FBS feels very responsible to be able to guarantee very fast order execution for orders placed by clients.

95% of order execution on FBS is done within 0.4 seconds.

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FBS does not re-quote orders

All accounts at FBS use “Market Execution” order execution so all orders are executed according to the values ​​in the international Forex market and re-quotes are not possible.

Orders are executed with NDD (Non-Dealing Desk), ECN (Electronic Communication Network), and STP (Straight Through Processing) technologies – so they are offset directly into the liquidity provider system.

The whole order process of your trading strategy

FBS clients have access to:

  • Market orders.
  • Limit orders.
  • Stop orders including trailing stop orders.

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Condition of Order Volume

You can open up to 200 orders at once on all account types.

Order volume varies for each account type: from 0.01 to 1000 cent lots (with a step of 0.01) on a Cent account and from 0.01 to 500 lots (with a step of 0.01) on other account types. Choose the right one, depending on your plans and abilities. Find out more about account types on the Trading accounts page.

Start trading Stocks with FBS

How to start trading stocks with FBS?

To start trading stocks, you need to open an MT5 account, download and install this software and log in to your account. After that, do some analysis and start making money.

Check the stock performance of the last few years. Don’t be distracted by fluctuations – they are all volatile. Look at the trend. If the stock has been following an uptrend for the past 24 months, it means it is a good candidate.

If the financial statements (quarterly or annually) show the company has increased profits or sales, then investor interest will increase. The demand for the company’s shares will increase and the price will also increase.

If a company announces its earnings are declining, its share price will drop after the news circulates.



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