ZuluTrade’s Platform connects brokers and traders

With ZuluTrade, you have the possibility to use the Copy Trading service through different broker partners, contrary to what happens with other platforms where it is possible to operate only with their broker, or where they themselves are brokers.

If you already have an account with one of the ZuluTrade’s partner brokers, you can send a request to change the account’s category.

Otherwise you can first need to find out which is the best broker for ZuluTrade.

The advantage of these partnerships is clearly that of being able to take advantage of the ZuluTrade’s service (by becoming both Signal Provider and Follower side) through an intermediary you are confident of.

Clearly, connecting two different intermediaries operating on an OTC market such as the Forex market is not a simple undertaking, for this reason the replication of signals is not always perfect.

In this regard, ZuluTrade designed the platform to improve the investor’s experience and protect their returns and performance.

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Which is the Best broker for ZuluTrade?

Among the most popular companies in the Social Trading, ZuluTrade is one of the few that offers you the possibility to choose the broker with which to operate.

The first most useful thing to do, however, is definitely to try ZuluTrade with a free Demo Account.

Once you have read this article you will also be able to choose, among the many, the best broker for ZuluTrade.

When we face with a choice of this type, the first question that arise is:

“Among the many brokers, which one is the best to use with ZuluTrade?”

We ourselves, the first time, asked the same question.

The first response we gave ourselves was to use one of our historical brokers, appreciated by users for the quality of the service it has always provided us and for the validity of its commission profile.

We quickly realized that the services provided by our broker were good or bad equivalent to those of many other intermediaries to choose from, and that in order to enjoy the full potential of ZuluTrade it was crucial to choose the broker taking into account two determining factors which are:

  1. Perfect replication of trading signals;
  2. The treatment of refunds, in case of badly replicated operations.

By carrying out some verification and carrying out a series of tests, we have found the best broker for ZuluTrade and we are ready to share it with you.

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Maximize your profit by choosing the right broker

You can amplify your earnings by finding the best broker for your ZuluTrade signal providers.

In this article, we will explain how to analyze the data that will lead you to find not “the best” broker for ZuluTrade, but “the most suitable” to replicate the orders of Signal Provider of your choice.

To understand how to find the most suitable for you among all the brokers supported by ZuluTrade, which you can see in ZuluTrade Official Website.

As already mentioned, there are two elements that make a broker perfect for ZuluTrade.

  1. Repayment terms for poorly replicated transactions
    Regarding this factor, only a broker has the best conditions of all the others and it is ICMarkets. All the others enjoy the same conditions, however good, but certainly less than those applied to ICMarkets.
  2. The least slippage in value for your Signal Providers
    You can evaluate the intermediary’s ability to faithfully replicate the trading signals arriving from Signal Providers, reducing waste as much as possible, and consequently improving earnings. ZuluTrade’s slippage parameter gives you the opportunity to understand whether or not the broker faithfully replicates the operation of the Signal Provider.

In terms of slippage, the lower values ​​are the best, because they indicate the broker’s ability to replicate the operations made by the Signal Provider with less pip waste.

Knowing these two elements, depending on the Signal Providers you decide to copy, you can identify the best broker to use.

However, there is a broker, among the many that you can choose, which has universally proven to be the best of ZuluTrade.

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ICMarkets – the best broker for ZuluTrade

ICMarkets has proven to meet these two characteristics that a broker must have to be the best intermediary among those of ZuluTrade.

As already explained, ICMarkets enjoys favorable repayment conditions compared to other brokers, which make it the best broker to use for repayments.

ICMarkets compared to other brokers, allows you to be reimbursed by ZuluTrade in the event of poorly replicated operations closed both in profit and in loss.

For all other brokers, the refund can only be requested in the event of poorly replicated operations closed at a loss.

This notable difference will allow you to improve your earnings.

Another fundamental requirement to be the best broker in ZuluTrade is to be able to faithfully replicate the signals of traders.
This must be verified for most of the Signal Providers and their strategies.

Once again it is ICMarkets that fulfills this criterion.

But how does ICMarkets manage to be better than all other brokers?

Let’s see it together.

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Why ICMarkets is the best broker for ZuluTrade?

The best refund conditions and good data on the slippage in value have certainly contributed to a high popularity of this broker within the ZuluTrade community, making it the most present broker.

Its high presence helps to improve the parameter of slippage in value, encouraging users even more to identify it as their broker within ZuluTrade.

A number of factors have led ICMarkets to outclass the competition.

However, there are certain elements that have made ICMarkets the best of all ZuluTrade brokers.

As we explained, ICMarkets beats the competition on 3 categories:

  • ICMarkets is the most popular broker among ZuluTrade investors;
  • ICMarkets is the broker to which ZuluTrade applies the best conditions for refunds;
  • ICMarkets is the broker with the lowest average slippage value compared to all other competitors.

The reason for all these winning features is very simple, ICMarkets in addition to being a company that works very well, is also the broker owned by ZuluTrade.

The speed of execution, which improves the replication of signals, is guaranteed by the concomitant of the ZuluTrade and ICMarkets servers in the same work environment, this eliminates rejections that can slow down the speed of execution.



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