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What are the XM’s Bonus Promotions

XM, an online Forex and CFD broker with international financial licenses offers various bonus promotions.

The promotions introduced in this page is offered by Trading Point (Seychelles) Limited, operating under the business name XMTRADING, is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in Seychelles (“FSA”).

The promotions may not be available for investors in certain countries. To find out what offers are available for you, please visit XM Official Website.

XM’s campaigns include risk-free no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, loyalty program (cash back bonus) and other special services.

In this page, we have summarized all bonus promotions run by XM, how to participate them and conditions.

Check out the following 5 bonus promotions of XM today and make the best out of your online trading!

  1. $30 No Deposit Bonus
  2. 50% and 20% Deposit Bonus
  3. Loyalty Program
  4. Free VPS
  5. Deposit and Withdrawal Commission Free

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xm 0.0 pips forex mt4 mt5

1. XM 30 USD No Deposit Bonus

This is a non-stop promotion ran by XM for years.

XM is giving away 30 USD to all new traders for Free, so they can take the first step to the “Forex Market and try out the service of XM without any risks.

This promotion is absolutely Free, and you do not need to deposit your own funds or risk it to trade Forex through the promotion.

Get 30 USD from XM

How to receive the Free 30 USD

Please follow the steps below to receive Free 30 USD from XM.

1. Sign up with XM and Open a Real Account

You can receive the “Free 30 USD” with either Micro or Standard account, but not with XM Zero account.

You can open all of the account types later on as you can hold up to 10 accounts at the same time.

XM Online Registration

Point – To receive the bonus, you must request for it within 30 days from the first account opening.

2. Log in to the XM’s “Members Area” & Submit documents

You can login to the Members Area using the login credentials provided by XM.

The required document is “a copy of ID and proof of addres document”.

Point – The verification with documents maybe a bit complicated for some traders. Contact XM, and they will nicely assist you.

3. Click the Button to claim “Free 30 USD”

After the verification is completed, the “button” appears in the main page of “Members Area”.

Just click on it, and proceed to the next step below.

4. Complete SMS Verification

You can verify your phone number with SMS message.

Please make sure that your phone receives SMS from new sources!

5. Receive 30 USD for Free

After the SMS verification is done, 30 USD will be automatically credited to your live account, and ready for trading.

The bonus is available for unlimited time until you lose them all, or withdraw profits from the account.

Point – The bonus amount is different by currencies as 30 USD, 20 GBP, 25 CHF, 3000 JPY, 30 AUD, 1000 RUB, 100 PLN, 7000 HUF, 40 SGD or 347 ZAR.

XM Official Website

Withdrawal Conditions

The bonus amount itself (the 30 USD) cannot be withdrawn to your bank account, but only profits can be withdrawn.

In order to withdraw the profits amount, you will need to trade at least 5 standard lots(round turn) in the relevant account.

Terms and Conditions of $30 No Deposit Bonus

Please make sure that you understand the rules of this promotion before start trading.

  • The bonus available only once per client, household or IP address.
  • The bonus is only available for new clients of XM, within 30 days of period after he/she signs up with XM.
  • If you internally transfer any funds from the bonus account to another trading account, the bonus will be also transferred proportionally.
  • XM allows any kinds of trading activities on their platforms, except arbitrage.
  • XM has the right to nullify the bonus at anytime at its own discretion.
  • In case you are having trouble receiving the fund, please contact XM via email, nobonus@xm.com.

You can download the official Terms & Condition document from the below link.

The Full Terms & Conditions of XM’s No Deposit Bonus Promotion

Visit XM Official Website and start registering for free today.

Open XM Real or Demo Account

2. XM 50% and 20% Deposit Bonus

XM is willing to offer up to $5,000 bonus on MT4 and MT5 accounts.

You can get the bonus from $5 of minimum deposit.

Use the bonus to trade Forex and CFDs with more capital today!

Bonus available to All new traders of XM
Required Deposit amount 5 USD (equivalent amount in other currencies)
Withdrawal conditions Only your fund and profit can be withdrawn*
Available account types Cent and Standard accounts
*Each withdrawal of fund from your account may cause full cancellation of bonus amount.

The bonus will be credited automatically to your accounts once you made a deposit!

XM Official Website

How to get the Bonus

  1. Open an account with XM
    • XM Zero account is not eligible to join this promotion.
  2. Login to the client portal
  3. Make a deposit
    • The required deposit amount for the promotion is $5

The bonus will be applied as follows:

Deposit Amount Bonus % Maximum Bonus Amount
Up to $1,000 50% 500 USD
After $1,001 20% 4500 USD
*The bonus may take up to 24 hours to be credited to your account.

Sign Up for XM

By trading in your live accounts, you can also earn XMP (XM Points) through the Loyalty Program.

‘Loyalty Program’ is literally the Cash Back program for traders who are loyal to XM.

Withdrawal Conditions

Bonuses (both 50% and 20% deposit bonuses) are available only for trading and are not available for withdrawal.

You can withdraw your fund and profit generated in the account at anytime, but it may cause full cancellation of the bonus.

In case of ‘internal fund transfer’, the bonus amount will be moved to the receiving account proportionally.

Terms and Conditions

Here are some important rules of the promotion.

For the full conditions of the promotion, please visit XM Official Website for more.

  • The bonus can be applied to the first and subsequent deposit of the eligible accounts.
  • The maximum bonus amount per traders is $5,000.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for the bonus to be credited to your accounts.
  • Bonus amounts cannot be withdrawn at any circumstances.

Go to XM Official Website

3. XM Loyalty Program

Did you know that XM is offering “Cash Back Bonus”? to all loyal traders!

Just sign up, join the promotion and start trading. Then you can earn cash back from XM directly into your live trading account!

Cash back is either “Tradable” or “Withdrawable”, find out the details below!

How to get Cash Back from XM

1. Sign up with XM & Open an account.

All account types are eligible for receiving the Cash Back.

If you haven’t, you may also want to receive 30 USD No Deposit Bonus before start trading.

2. Make a deposit & Check your Loyalty Status

By making a deposit to your live trading account, you can confirm your participation to the promotion.

Now check your status of “Loyalty Program” in XM’s Member Area.

As long as the status is updated, you are ready to receive cash back.

3. Start Trading

XM allows all kind of trading methods on their platform.

Start trading, and regardless to your trading results, you will receive cash back from XM.

Point – Scalping within 10 minutes won’t be calculated for this promotion.

4. Redeem “XMP” to Cash Back

The promotion is available for unlimited period!

Check the XMP you have earned through the Members Area, and “Redeem” them by following the buttons below.

Point – Longer the period you trade, the cash back amount becomes higher.

Open XM Trading Account

Withdrawal Conditions

When you redeem the XMP, there are 2 ways to proceed.

The “Credit Bonus” is available only for trading purposes, and cannot be withdrawn.

The “Cash Bonus” is available for both trading and withdrawal at anytime.

Thus, the amount of cash back is bigger for “Credit Bonus”. For your information, the rate of XMP you can receive differs depending on the loyalty status as below.

Loyalty Status
XMP/1 lot 10 XMP 13 XMP 16 XMP 20 XMP
XMP/1 micro lot 0.1 XMP 0.13 XMP 0.16 XMP 0.2 XMP
To Upgrade Start Trading 30 daysafter the first trade 60 daysafter the first trade 100 daysafter the first trade
To Downgrade N/A 30 daysof inactivity 60 daysof inactivity 100 daysof inactivity
Exchange to Bonus Creditable in the rate of 3:1
Exchange to Cash Not withdrawable Withdrawable in the rate of 40:1

Open an Account to join Loyalty Program

Full Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that you have read and understood the rules of this promotion before start trading. e have summarized some of the important conditions below.

  • The positions closed within 10 minutes after the position opening, won’t be calculated for this calculation.
  • Loyalty status will be demoted in case of continuous trading inactivity days according to the same principal applied in direction of promoting.
  • In case of demotion, all XMP will be nullified, and it cannot be recovered again.
  • Any XMP accumulated in your Members Area, can be redeemed at anytime without extra conditions.
  • In case you transfer funds internally to another live account, the bonus and XMP will be also transferred according to the% of funds transferred.
  • If you withdraw your funds from the relevant account, all bonuses credited in the account will be nullified immediately.
  • For trading of Index CFDs, Commodities, Metals and Energies, different rate of XMP will be provided for the same trading volume.

XM Loyalty Program “Official Terms and Conditions”

Visit XM Official Website

4. Free VPS Services

XM is a NDD (Non Dealing Desk) broker which accepts any kinds of trading strategies on MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

XM’s Free VPS is especially dedicated for traders with EAs (Expert Advisers) and Trading Robots.

By using the Virtual Private Server (VPS), you will have following advantages of online trading.

Eliminate downtime
XM’s VPS is not just free but also stable, and it consistently works for 24/7.
Ideal for EAs
You can lower latency by using XM’s VPS and optimum environment for EAs.
Accessible from anywhere
As long as you have the login credentials of your VPS account, you can access to your platform and monitor anywhere and anytime.

XM Online Registration

5. Zero Fees on Deposits and Withdrawals

XM has got the transfer fees covered for all investors.

For online wallets (e-wallets) and major credit/debit cards, the fees are 100% covered.

For bank wire transfers, commissions are covered in case the amount is above 200 USD.

Benefit from the instant account funding, along with no hidden fees or commissions.

xm 0.0 pips forex mt4 mt5



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