Logging to Your MyAxiory

What is MyAxiory? It’s a client zone, similar to internet banking you might be using at your bank. Each client has his own profile.

From here you are able to administrate your trading accounts, deposit funds or request withdrawals.

Of course you can also monitor the balance of the account as well as the current profit or loss. And everything is so easy!

Use your login details sent to you by email to access the client zone.

Funding Your Account

Whenever you feel like you need to deposit more money into your account, go to your client zone and click on “DEPOSIT”.

A pop-up window with deposit methods will show. Choose any method that is suitable for you. However, here are few suggestions from Axiory.

  • Instant payment methods – the advantage is the instant processing of the transaction and the immediate possibility of trading. All payments over 200 USD/EUR are without any fees.
  • Bank transfer – they might take longer to arrive, usually between 2-5 days. As with the Instant Payments, they are without any fees if they are over 200 USD/EUR.

All the client’s deposits are held with the reputable European banks, which provides you with high level of security of your funds and fast processing of deposits and withdrawals operations.

Please note that the deposit must come from your own account. Third party deposits cannot be accepted and will be returned to the sender.

$50 Bonus for New Clients

Every new client that deposits money into their account will receive $50 for free.

It is a small gift from Axiory to help you with your first trades!

The amount will be automatically reflected with your first deposit but can not be withdrawn.

Changing Your Leverage

You have the advantage of changing your leverage whenever you want. And again, it is really easy. Click on this “Setting” button.

A pop-up menu will appear, choose the right leverage for you and hit “Save changes”.

You can also name your account and change your password if you need.

Logging to Your real Account (MetaTrader 4)

Here is where the fun part begins!

First, you need to download the trading platform MT4. Again, it is really easy. Just follow the installing instructions and launch it. You will be asked to log in – use the credentials that were sent to you by email.

They are mentioned in step 3 of the welcome e-mail (“Login to your real account and start trading” section)

Which server to use?

During the login process, you will be asked to choose a server. Please follow these rules:

  • STANDARD account = AxioryAsia-01Live
  • NANO account = AxioryAsia-02Live
  • DEMO account = AxioryAsia-01Demo

For the safety of your account please change your password after the first login in the Tools-Options menu.

Here you can simply put a new password in the appropriate field and click the Change button.

Just one last suggestion before you start trading, in order to see all the available trading instruments in the MT4 platform please right-click to the MarketWatch field on the left side of your screen and choose “Show All”.

Also bear in mind that during the night transfers of liquidity pools the trading is disabled and it is therefore not possible to open or close any trading order between 23:59:00 – 00:03:59 (MT4 time).



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