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Is Forex business just a SCAM?

Are you interested in the online Forex market, but afraid of losing your own money and encounter with SCAM brokers?

Your first question maybe “Is it actually possible to make profits and withdraw them to my bank account?”.

The answer is “Yes” as not all brokers are SCAM, and there are many online Forex brokers with official financial license which follow strict regulations and rules, and provide maximum support for traders to actually profit from the investing activity.

For the profitable investment, it is always important to choose the right broker which is licensed and regulated by the local financial authority, such as the brokers you can find in the page below.

List of Licensed and Regulated Forex Brokers

For people who are about to take the first steps to the online Forex market but are afraid of SCAM brokers and the possible risks, we have a solution.

The solution that enables you to start trading Forex without worrying about any of the above factors.

Before getting into more details about it, let us clear some of the most frequently asked questions by new investors all over the world.

1. Is it really possible to make profits in Forex?

Yes, by choosing the right brokers, you can earn profits by trading in the FX market and there is no maximum limitation.

But you must also know the risks involved.

It is the basic knowledge to not invest more than you can afford to lose, in case of bad trading strategies.

2. How to distinguish the REAL brokers from SCAM brokers?

It can be difficult as there are many aspects that you must observe such as:

  • Company Information
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Financial License
  • Reviews from other traders

We, Hercules Finance list only the trustworthy online brokers with official financial licenses.

List of Online Forex Brokers

You can also see the reviews left by other traders, where you can also leave your own reviews, opinions and questions.

3. How much is the risk of trading FX?

FX trading’s great advantage is the high leverage, which enables you to trade with much larger volume than the actual fund you have in the account.

You can optimize FX’s high leverage to aim for greater profit, but it will also involve possibilities of greater loss.

Normally as a risk management measure, online Forex brokers limit the maximum loss to the total deposit amount with NBP (Negative Balance Protection) unless stated otherwise.

Start trading FX without your own fund

Are you afraid of SCAM Forex brokers or not ready to deposit your money for Forex trading? Then here is the solution for you.

There is a promotion type called “No Deposit Bonus” (or Welcome Bonus) offered by online Forex brokers.

The “No Deposit Bonus” promotions literally requires no deposit from you to start trading Forex online.

The amount of “No Deposit Bonus” varies from $10 to $1000 and is given by brokers for free, so new Forex traders can experience the Forex market without risking their own fund.

“No Deposit Bonus” is a great option for traders who want to experience the real Forex trading without making a deposit.

In the page below, you can see the list of “No Deposit Bonus” promotions available by online brokers.

List of Forex No Deposit Bonuses

Some traders might doubt the capability of such a great promotion, in that case, the following 3 aspects of “No Deposit Bonus” promotion may change your mind.

1. You won’t lose your money

The investment amount of “No Deposit Bonus” is fully provided by the broker, thus you do not need to make a deposit to claim the bonus.

By trading with “No Deposit Bonus”, there is no risk involved to your own fund.

If you lost the whole amount of “No Deposit Bonus” by trading, then you can simply move forward by opening a Demo or Live account of the broker for further trading.

2. It’s real money and real market

“No Deposit Bonus” is always credited into a Live trading account which involves real market liquidity and price quotes.

It is not a demo account with virtual money.

With the “No Deposit Bonus”, you can experience the real Forex market without risking your own fund.

3. Profit can be withdrawn to your bank account

The profit you made with the “No Deposit Bonus” can be yours, after meeting certain conditions provided by the broker.

While you can lose the whole bonus amount without any costs, you have possibilities to earn real money with the promotion.

This condition is different for each promotion. Make sure you have read the terms and conditions before claiming “No Deposit Bonus” from brokers.

Are you now interested in receiving “No Deposit Bonus”? Visit the page below for the list.

List of Forex No Deposit Bonuses

Start your real FX trading with top brokers

After trading with the “No Deposit Bonus” and when you feel you are ready to invest, it is time to open a real Forex trading account and deposit your own fund.

We have a list of online Forex and CFD brokers which are carefully chosen by Hercules Finance team and also by traders worldwide.

The list is sorted by the popularity ranking and lets you compare the brokers with various aspects.

Ranking of Online Forex Brokers

While larger amount of investment fund can lead to stable strategies, you can also start as little as 1 USD.

Being Scammed? Ask MyChargeBack for the solution

As mentioned before, Hercules Finance has picked only the online Forex brokers which are trusted, licensed, regulated and considered trustworthy by our team of market experts.

But there are hundreds of online Forex and CFDs brokers out in the market, and some of them are operating against traders with malicious intention.

If you have encountered such brokers, then you may have fallen victim and your money or profit have been stolen unfairly.

That’s where MyChargeBack comes in.

MyChargeBack’s professional team is happy to assist you in recovering your money.

MyChargeBack provides fund recovery services for the victims of scams in Forex, Binary and any other financial companies.

You should be careful when choosing the Forex broker to invest with first of all, but if you have already fallen victim of SCAM brokers, the team of MyChargeBack will take a close look into your case.

How does MyChargeBack’s service work?



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