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Why choose LMFX as you broker?

LMFX may be the broker you are looking for, an innovative online foreign exchange broker that offers advanced institutional and retail trading conditions to a global audience.

What are their main advantages for retail Forex and CFD traders like you?

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Here is a few benefits that LMFX offers out of many.

1. STP accounts

LMFX is a STP online broker, which STP stands for “Straight Through Processing”.

The STP trading environment has many advantages for traders such as low spread and fast execution.

There is no hidden commissions for STP accounts, and traders can also perform any kind of trading strategies with no limit.

2. 0.0 pips spread

LMFX chooses multiple liquidity providers and achieved to offer 0.0 pips spread for some account types.

Lower cost of trading will sum up to hundreds of your profits eventually.

See LMFX’s actual 0.0 pips raw spread in the page here.

3. 1:1000 Leverage

LMFX offers up to 1:1000 Forex leverage on MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms.

This extraordinary leverage comes with NBP (Negative Balance Protection) thus the maximum loss is limited to the total deposit amount.

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Why you should consider getting Bonuses from LMFX?

LMFX runs various bonus promotions and also trading contests.

While LMFX supports traders with these bonuses, there may be traders who are dubious about such promotions.

Some promotions might sound too good to be true.

For traders who are still dithering over whether or not to receive the bonuses, we have picked up some reason for you.

LMFX’s promotions are free to join
There is no cost but you can participate in all promotions of LMFX for free. You only get more instead of losing.
Low requirement to get benefit
Each promotion of LMFX requires low deposit requirement trading volume requirement. All bonuses are achievable for all traders.
Possibility to withdraw bonuses as your profit
The bonuses can be yours. By meeting certain volume requirement, you can withdraw all bonuses as your profit.
Available for all investors of LMFX
LMFX offers all bonuses to all investors of the broker regardless of the country residence and deposit size.
High Leverage and NBP
Along with the bonuses, LMFX offers 1:1000 high leverage. LMFX also supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection) for all accounts

We will introduce LMFX’s 3 main bonus promotions in this page below.

For other offers and latest information, please visit LMFX Official Website.

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3 main Bonus Promotions for new traders

Below, we will explain how to get LMFX’s all bonuses which are $20 Phone Verification Bonus, 100% Deposit Match Bonus and 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus.

Have you already opened a live trading account with LMFX yet?

Go to the page below and complete your online registration before getting started.

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LMFX $20 Phone Verification Bonus

LMFX with Leverage 1:1000!

Just trade 3 lots, and earn extra 20 USD for Free and withdraw them all!

This “Phone Verification Bonus” is available for every single client of LMFX.

How to receive LMFX’s “$20 Bonus”

Follow the steps below to get LMFX’s $20 phone verification bonus today.

1. Sign up with LMFX and Open an account

Any types of accounts can join this promotion.

Open any account types you want.

*You may also need to verify your account with documents which are ID and POA(Proof of Address).

2. Login to LMFX from the Official Website and Go to “Profile”

Login to your “Client Portal” on LMFX Official Website, then go to “Profile” at your name as below.

3. Go to “Phone Validation”

Go to the “Phone Validation” tab and Type your Phone number registered.

Then, you will receive “4 digits number” through SMS. Type that numbers in the required field on LMFX’s client portal.

4. Make a Deposit

Make a Deposit to your LMFX MT4 Trading Account.

Please make sure that your first deposit amount meets the “Minimum Required Deposit Amount” for your account type.

For the list of all deposit and withdrawal methods available with LMFX, visit the page here.
5. Trade 3 standard lots and Receive the Bonus

There is no time limit for this promotion! Trade 3 standard lots and receive Free $20!

*The bonus fund will be credited to your account within 48 hours after the completion of trading requirement.

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LMFX Phone Validation Bonus’s Withdrawal Conditions

You can withdraw your funds or profits at anytime through the promotion.

Once the bonus is credited to your account, you can also withdraw the bonus at anytime without any conditions.

This promotion won’t add any extra requirements to withdrawal procedures.

LMFX $20 Phone Verification Bonus Details

Terms and Conditions of LMFX Phone Validation Bonus

Please make sure that you know the rules of this promotion before joining. We have summarized some of the important conditions below.

  • The promotion is available only once per account, client or household.
  • There is no time limitation to receive the bonus amount.
  • The required trading lots(3 standard lots) are calculated through all accounts opened by your under the same email address.
  • The bonus you received through this promotion is available for withdrawal at anytime without any requirements.

You can download the Official Terms and Conditions below.

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LMFX 100% Deposit Match Bonus

LMFX is giving away 5,000 USD through “100% Bonus Promotion”.

The bonus is available for withdrawal after trading certain lots.

Receive it now and double up your deposit!

How to receive the “100% Bonus”

Follow the steps below to get LMFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus today.

1. Sign up with LMFX and Register

First, register with LMFX through the link here.

You may also need to verify your personal information with documents with ID and POA(Proof of Address).

2. Open the “Bonus Account” through the specified link

Go to the Promotion page in LMFX Official website, and open the “Bonus Account” from the specified link below.

The promotion is called as “Deposit Match Bonus”.

*All types of account can join this promotion through the link, but only one account can join.

Open LMFX Real Account

3. Make a Deposit

Make the “First Time Deposit”(FTD).

LMFX accepts variety of secure deposit methods, such as bank wire transfer, credit card payment and several online payments.

Point – The Bonus amount will depend on the FTD amount, so bigger the FTD amount, bigger the bonus amount.

4. Receive 100% Bonus automatically

The bonus funds will be credited to your account automatically upon the first deposit.

The bonus can be used as your margin, but cannot be lost.

Point – The bonus amount available is up to 3,000 USD, but in case of multiple accounts, available up to 5,000 USD in total.

5. Trade and Withdraw the Bonus

Trade the required trading lots and send an email to LMFX support within 3 months period.

Then, you will be able to withdraw the whole bonus amount finally.

*Bonus will be cancelled if the equity of the relevant account reaches the level below the bonus amount.

*Scalping trades within 3 pips won’t be calculated as the “completed trading volume”.

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LMFX 100% Deposit Bonus Withdrawal Conditions

You can withdraw your funds and profits at anytime, but if you withdraw funds before completing the required trading lots, the bonus will be also deducted proportionally according to the same % of bonus amount received.

The required trading lots to withdraw the bonus amount is calculated as below.

Bonus Amount / 2 = Required Trading Lots to Withdraw

*1 lot trading of US Stocks, Equity Indices, Gold and Oils are calculated as only 0.1 lot. And 1 lot trading of UK Stocks are calculated as 0.001 lot.

LMFX 100% Deposit Bonus Details

Terms and Conditions of LMFX 100% Deposit Bonus

Please make sure that you understand the rules of this promotion before joining. We have summarized some of the important conditions below.

  • This promotion is available only once per client, household or IP address.
  • You can increase your trading volume by using the funds, but the bonus funds cannot be lost.
  • You cannot join this promotion along with other promotions through the same account, but different accounts.
  • Internal fund transfers between accounts are also considered as withdrawals, and the action leads to the same results as withdrawals.
  • You can not transfer the bonus amount to anywhere from the relevant account before competing the required trading lots.

You can download the official Terms and Conditions of this promotion from below.

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LMFX 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus

For traders who has lost funds by trading, LMFX is giving away 15% of it for Free!

The 15% of bonus funds is fully Withdrawable, without any extra conditions.

Join the Promotion, and get it now!

How to receive the Bonus

Follow the steps below to get LMFX’s 15% Recovery Bonus on MT4 accounts.

1. Sign up with LMFX and Open an Account

To join the promotion, you must open a live account through the promotion page as below.

All account types can join the promotion, but only one account can join the promotion per person.

Open LMFX Real Account

2. Make a Deposit

The required minimum deposit amount is $50 – $250.

LMFX accepts dozens of deposit methods including bank wire transfer, card payment and many online payments.

Point – You will receive 15% of the first deposit. So bigger the amount you deposit at first, the bigger the bonus you will receive later. 

3. Start Trading

LMFX allows all types of trading styles.

Start making profits on LMFX’s STP MT4 where nothing is restricted.

4. Your account reaching “Stop Out”

You do not need to reach “Stop Out” intentionally, but IF your account reaches “Stop Out” and lose most of your total deposit funds, then you are now eligible to receive the “15% Bonus”.

5. Make a Deposit and Receive the Bonus

Make any amount of deposit again. Then you will receive additional 15% bonus in the relevant account.

Point – “15% Bonus” is the 15% of the “First Time Deposit” but not the 15% of subsequent deposits.

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Withdrawal Conditions

The bonus fund is available for withdrawal at anytime.

Both your funds and profits made by using the bonus are available for withdrawal without any requirements.

This promotion doesn’t add any withdrawal requirements.

*If you make a withdrawal from the relevant account before receiving the bonus, all bonus funds will be cancelled.

LMFX 15% Recovery Bonus Details

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that you understand the rules of this promotion before start trading. We have summarized some of the important rules below.

  • The promotion is available only once per client, IP address or household.
  • The bonus amount will be depending on the FTD(First Time Deposit) amount, but subsequent deposits after the FTD won’t be calculated for the bonus.
  • Only one “Phoenix account” can be opened per person.
  • This promotion won’t restrict you from receiving bonuses through other promotions.
  • The bonus funds will be credited at 12:00 pm each day for the accounts which have met criteria.

You can find the official Terms and Conditions of the promotion below.

LMFX also runs Trading Competitions

Aside from the main bonus promotions which will be introduced later in this page, LMFX also runs a number of trading contest.

Monthly and yearly contests, PAMM contest and predict the price contest.

See the list of all LMFX’s contests

Visit LMFX Official Website to check out the latest competitions for traders.

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Comparison of LMFX’s all trading account types

LMFX has 3 trading account types which are Fixed, Zero and Premium.

See the comparison of these 3 trading account types below and choose the right account type for your trading strategy.

Account Type Fixed Zero Premium
Minimum Spread Fixed from 1.8 pips From 0.0 pips From 1.0 pip
Maximum Leverage 1:400 1:250 1:1000
Minimum Deposit Amount $250 $100 $50
Trading Commission None 4 USD per lot None
Account Currency USD & EUR USD & EUR USD & EUR
Available Markets Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil, Indices, Share CFDs and Commodities Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil, Indices, Share CFDs and Commodities Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil, Indices, Share CFDs and Commodities
Max Trading Volume 75 lots 100 lots 60 lots
Max Number of Open Trades 150 200 100
Web Trader Available Available Available
Mobile App Available Available Available
Margin Call % 30% 50% 50%
Stop Out % 15% 20% 20%
Account Registration Open Fixed Account Open Zero Account Open Premium Account


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