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Why traders choose FXTM?

Before getting into more details of promotions ($30 Welcome Bonus and Loyalty Cash Back Program), let’s see some main and great advantages of FXTM’s service.

FXTM is a professional online Forex and CFD brokerage firm which offers complete set of trading tools for online investors.

1. No Dealing Desk (NDD) technology

FXTM is a Non Dealing Desk broker.

This means that the broker does not manipulate market prices or interfere in clients’ trades.

Traders of FXTM can make sure that their trades are executed fairly and directly sent to FXTM’s liquidity providers.

2. Leverage up to 2000:1

FXTM provides extraordinary leverage 1:2000 on MT4 and MT5 accounts.

This high leverage comes with NBP (Negative Balance Protection) thus you are protected from exceeded losses in your trading accounts.

With FXTM, you won’t lose more than you deposit.

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3. ECN accounts

Traders of FXTM have options to choose ECN trading environment.

With ECN (Electronic Communication Network) accounts, traders can trade with raw spread with side commissions while benefiting from deep liquidity and faster execution speed.

For the list and comparison of FXTM’s all trading account types, visit the page here.

4. Both MT4 and MT5

FXTM has adopted both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

MT4 (MetaTrader4) is the most popular trading platform among online FX investors.

MT5 (MetaTrader5) is the advanced platform developed by the same company which built MT4. MT5 has more potential and expanded options for both investors and brokers.

For the comparison of FXTM MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, visit the page here.

5. Variety of financial markets

By opening one trading account, you can invest in over 250 financial markets with FXTM.

The available financial markets include over 50 Currency Pairs, CFDs, Futures, ETFs, Precious Metals and Commodities.

With FXTM, you can diversify your portfolio, expand trading opportunities and manage risks easily.

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With FXTM, you can also manage your accounts, funds and trade online through FXTM Trader mobile app.

For more information about FXTM Trader mobile app, visit the page here.

FXTM’s all Bonus Promotions

FXTM runs variety of bonus promotions.

2 of their popular promotions are the $30 Welcome Bonus and Loyalty Cash Back Program.

$30 Welcome Bonus gives new investors extra 30 USD as a welcome gift.

The loyalty program is a cash back rebate program which you can earn up to $10,000 from FXTM directly.

Proceed below to find out more about the promotions and how to get them.

Note that FXTM brand is consisted of multiple entities. The promotion may not be offered or offered with different conditions for investors residing in some countries.

FXTM Online Registration

FXTM $30 Welcome Bonus

*The promotion is available only for clients under Exinity Limited.

FXTM welcomes new traders with 30 USD.

Join the million traders around the world who have already chosen FXTM as a broker.

Complete your registration, make a minimum deposit within 6 months, and Bonus will be yours!

FXTM $30 Welcome Bonus Information
Who can participate? Clients under Exinity Limited
Bonus amount 30 USD
Minimum Deposit Depends on account types
Bonus Withdrawal Available after trading required lots

The Trading Benefit is 30 USD and is fully tradable.

Make sure to join this promotion to not miss out this opportunity!

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How to get FXTM’s $30 Welcome Bonus

Follow the steps below to get yourself $30 Bonus.

  1. Register for FXTM’s service, Read & Accept T&Cs
  2. Deposit within 6 months from the account opening
  3. Get your $30 in your account
  4. Start trading with the Bonus

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Fund Withdrawal Conditions of FXTM $30 Welcome Bonus

The trader may withdraw any available funds from the Trading Benefit only upon completion of a trading activity which is equal to:

The Minimum Number of Lots =1

All the trading activity must be completed in the Account within the Active Period.

Only positions that are opened for more than 5 minutes will be eligible for this Promotion.

FXTM Official Website

Terms and Conditions of FXTM $30 Welcome Bonus

Here are some important rules of the promotion.

For the full Terms and Conditions of the promotion, pleas visit FXTM Official Website.

  • The Promotion is applicable to all CFDs (excluding CFDs on shares), Forex, precious metals and commodity futures only.
  • The Promotion is applicable to MT4 Standard, Cent, MT4 ECN), MT5 ECN and ECN Zero accounts only.
  • It is understood that the Trading Benefit is to be provided in the form of Credit in the Account and will be available for trading purposes only.
  • The Trading Benefit shall be transferred to the Account once and within 24 hours following the Minimum Deposit in the Account.
  • Irrespective of the number of trading accounts that a Client may run with FXTM, the Promotion is applicable for the Account only, as above;
  • Transfers between accounts are not considered as deposits for the purposes of this Promotion.
  • FXTM shall automatically adjust all the negative Balance with the available Trading Benefit.
*Available only for clients under Exinity Limited.

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FXTM Loyalty Cash Back Program

FXTM rewards all loyal traders with Cash Bonus!

The Cash Back Bonus isn’t virtual money or some ‘loyalty points’ but it is real money and available for withdrawal.

Join the promotion and Get the Cash Back for 6 months!

FXTM Loyalty Cash Back Program Information
Bonus Type Loyalty Cash Back
Who can participate? Clients under Exinity Limited
Maximum Bonus Amount $10,000
Bonus Withdrawal Available at anytime

This special Loyalty Cashback promotion works with levels.

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How to join FXTM Loyalty Program

Get FXTM’s Loyalty Cash Back by following the steps below.

  1. Register for an Account with FXTM
    • MT4 Standard, Cent, MT4 ECN, ECN Zero and the Strategy Account are eligible for this promotion.
  2. Join the promotion in MyFXTM, Read and Accept the Terms & Conditions
  3. Make a Deposit
  4. Trade and Receive Cashback weekly
Note that the promotion is available only for traders with verified accounts. For more information about the required documents for account verification, visit the page here.

For a limited time only, FXTM will also DOUBLE the cashback reward on orders placed through the mobile version FXTM Trader App.

Download and start placing orders today.

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How FXTM Loyalty Levels work
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Required Net Deposit(s)* From $1 up $15.000 From $15.001 to $30.000 From $30.001 to $60.000 From $60.001 to $120.000 Above $ 120.001
Rebate (cashback) per full completed lot $2 $3 $4 $5 $5
Maximum Bonus Amount $500 $1,500 $3,000 $5,000 $10,000
Upgrade or Downgrade by FXTM Automatically Automatically Automatically Automatically Manually
Requirement to keep the level** More than 30 Lots More than 30 to 60 lots More than 60 to 120 lots More than 120 to 200 lots Less than 200 lots

For the list and condition of FXTM’s all fund deposit and withdrawal methods, visit the page here.

*Clients current level shall be reviewed and consequently upgraded and/or downgraded at the end of the Confirmed Level Period based on the rules mentioned below herein and his/her Maximum Available Rebate Level. The Client must fulfill the following two rules at all times in order for him/her to keep his/her Level.

**Should the Client fail at any time the above-mentioned Rules, FXTM shall downgrade the Client by one (1) level at the end of the period, while his/her trading balance and Net Deposit shall remain the same. Only positions that were opened and closed during the period mentioned in clause 1 above herein, provided that they were open for more than 5 minutes will be eligible.

Rebate transfer(s) to client’s account will be made on Monday(s) following the lots calculation period.

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Funding and Withdrawal Conditions of FXTM Loyalty Cash Back Program

You can withdraw the Cash Back Bonus amount at anytime you want without any requirements.

The Client’s withdrawal requests shall be processed normally during the promotion period.

Any withdrawals made within the promotion period will affect the Levels and the calculation of Rebates accordingly.

For the list and condition of all fund withdrawal methods from FXTM’s accounts, visit the page here.

Terms and Conditions of FXTM Loyalty Cash Back Program

Here are some important rules of the promotion. For the full Terms and Conditions of the promotion, please visit FXTM Official Website.

  • Transfers of funds between accounts are not considered as deposits for the purposes of the Net Deposit(s) calculation;
  • For existing Clients, FXTM shall take into consideration the Client’s Current Net Deposit and the Maximum Payout;
  • New Clients with deposits made outside the period mentioned in clause 1 above herein shall not be taken into consideration;
  • Clients that have already accepted these Loyalty T&Cs will have their Levels assessed on the 2nd of January 2017. If the Client is allocated in Level 1 as per the requirements in the Table below, the Client cannot be downgraded further. If the Client is allocated in Level 5 as per the requirements in the Table below, the Client cannot be upgraded further. It is further understood that, existing Clients shall be allocated a Level as per the Net Deposit money limits stated in the Table below herein;
  • In the cases where the Client’s Maximum Available Rebate Level, that is based on his/her Net Deposit Level, was changed with withdrawal or deposit, the Client shall be instantly updated to the Level of his/her Net Deposit changed following which his/her Current Level will equal Maximum Level;
  • The Maximum Payout of any upgraded Level shall be inclusive of each Maximum Payout of all its below Levels. Hence, the Maximum Payout and/or total entitlement under the current Loyalty T&Cs cannot exceed $10.000;
  • During the Confirmed Level Period, the Client should deposit an amount equivalent to or above the Minimum Trading Account Activation Deposit.
  • It is further understood that, all subsequent deposits made during the particular Confirmed Level Period shall be taken into consideration. Deposits will be counted in assigned trading account currency. Recalculation in the trading account currency will be done at the deposit moment.
  • Clients may change levels when they make a deposit. In these cases, it is understood that they automatically fulfill the Minimum Account Activation Deposit for the Confirmed Level Period. When such deposit is made by the Client, FXTM, shall proceed with Level checks in 30 (thirty) calendar days following the deposit provided that the Client has not reset the period within these 30 (thirty) calendar days.
  • Should the Client’s Current Level be less than his/her Maximum Available Rebate Level and he/she fulfilled the conditions in clause 10 above herein, in the interval of Current Level to Maximum Level including, the Client shall be upgraded to the relevant Level accordingly. It is further understood that, should the Client fulfill the rules for his/her Current Level he/she can either be upgraded and/or kept his/her level.
  • After the Confirmed Level period restarts all values according to rules will restart too.
  • The Maximum Payout shall be displayed in a virtual wallet visible to Client through MyFXTM after the relevant deposit with FXTM has been processed.
  • All trading activity must be completed within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the day of the latest deposit made within the period mentioned in clause 1 above herein.
  • The Rebate calculated in the applicable Lots Calculation Period shall be credited to the Account at the end of the Lots Calculation Period, the following Monday by 9:00 (EEST/EET).


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