landfx-pamm-money-manager-trading-tool landfx-pamm-money-manager-trading-tool

Land-FX is pleased to announce the launch of new investment service PAMM the system aligns the interests of investors and successful traders.

LandFX’s new PAMM tool

LandFX has released a new trading tool for Money Managers.

PAMM, short for Percentage Allocation Management Module is a trading system which connects activities and profits of investors under selected fund managers.

The tool will bring advantages on online trading for both investors and money managers.

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MAM and PAMM for Money Managers

Land-FX MAM / PAMM is designed for Money Managers requiring the ability to trade for multiple clients at any one time.

Essentially it allows the money manager to execute orders with one click, whilst providing an overall visible view of the allocated trades from the user friendly GUI interface.

The MAM/PAMM offered to you, is customisable and extremly user friendly.

Land-FX has developed a stand alone console to assist the manager in trading and the Administration of trade and fee allocation.

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PAMM for Money Managers of LandFX

LandFX PAMM systems allow the fund managers to set up PAMM accounts and see the investors’ status.

Fund managers then trade with their professional strategies, using the investors’ funds.

Investors can check the fund’s performance on a real time basis.

LandFX PAMM systems provide the fund managers with the best technology built for the highest level of efficiency integrity, and the following 4 advantages:

  1. Fund Manager Data Analysis
    Manage your risk by using unique analytical tools, while referring to real time fund performance reports.
  2. Weekly/Monthly Profit Distribution
    Fund managers can choose to share the profits and distribute weekly or monthly. The distribution will tale place automatically once the setting is fixed.
  3. Exclusive PAMM Portal for fund managers and investors
    LandFX has prepared an exclusive web portal for PAMM system users where all settings can be done by fund managers and investors.
  4. Share your strategy with the world
    You can choose for your fund’s data to be either public or private. By making it public data, anyone in the world can see and participate.

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