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BlackBull Markets - What's now?

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Comparison of BlackBull Markets’ Account Types

BlackBull Markets has multiple trading account types such as Standard, Prime, Institutional, Active Trader and Islamic Swap Free.

The main account types are Standard, Prime and Institutional.

Here is the comparison table of BlackBull Markets’ 3 main account types.

Main Account Types ECN Standard ECN Prime ECN Institutional
Required Minimum Deposit 200 USD 2,000 USD 20,000 USD
Minimum Forex Spread 0.8 pips 0.1 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None $6 per round turn lot Contact Support
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Trading Server NY4 NY4 Custom Option

If you are interested in customized and tailored service and conditions, you may request to BlackBull Markets support team.

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How to open BlackBull Markets’ Demo (Virtual) account

You can open a free demo account by filling out BlackBull Markets’ registration form.

  1. Please fill in your personal details (Legal name, email, password, phone, country). Please keep a copy of your password somewhere safe.
  2. Once you click “Create Account”. You will be taken to a page with the download link for MT4.

Your account type will automatically be “BB Demo”

BlackBull Markets’ free demo accounts offer the same service and lightning fast execution speeds as their live accounts.

You can also Watch BlackBull Markets’ Youtube video for an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to install MT4 on Windows.

Open BlackBull Markets Demo Account

How to open BlackBull Markets’ Real (Live) account

You can open a BlackBull Markets’ ECN live account by filling out the registration form.

  1. Select your account application type (Individual or Corporate)
  2. Fill in your personal details (legal name, company name, registration number if applicable, email, password, phone, date of birth)
  3. Fill in your address and ensure you select your country from the dropdown box. Please ensure your inputted address matches the address on your legal documentation as we will need to confirm your application.
  4. Upload your legal documents for the application (less than 2mb in size).
    • Upload a current legal ID as proof of identification.
    • Upload a current legal documentation as proof of address.
  5. Once you click “Create Account'”, you will be taken to a page with the download link for MT4.

BlackBull Markets hopes you’ll enjoy the institutional level of security, service and lightning fast execution speeds of our platform.

If you wish to open a corporate or trust account, please email to the support team for more information.

Open BlackBull Markets Real Account

Advantages of BlackBull Markets’ Technology

In today’s market, the most successful traders use the best technology.

BlackBull Markets considers this statement to be paramount.

As such, BlackBull Markets offers clients the ultimate trading advantage, offering:

  • Top-of-the-line technology
    The main focus of BlackBull Markets’ service is the technology. To support investors to increase the profit rate, BlackBull Markets has prepared the unparalleled trading conditions with the latest technology.
  • 2 to 5 millisecond execution speeds
    BlackBull Markets’ STP execution sends all investors’ orders directly to the market through fibre optic cables by using ECN technology. On BlackBull Markets MT4 and MT5, all executions are completed instantly.
  • Trading servers located in the heart of Wall Street, New York
    BlackBull Markets uses Equinix servers as the trading hub, located in New York and Tokyo. BlackBull Markets is also willing to tailor made the server condition for investors in need.
  • Fibre optic cable connection
    To avoid any conjunctions of data connection, BlackBull Markets has chosen to use multiple servers all over the world connected with fibre optic cables.
  • Institutional grade, high-load servers removing the possibility of a bottleneck
    The server stability is one great advantage of BlackBull Markets. You can even place orders of 100 standard lots on BlackBull Markets MT4 and MT5.

All the advantages of BlackBull Markets’ technology can be experienced once you start trading.

Open an account with BlackBull Markets today and see the difference.

Open BlackBull Markets Real or Demo Account

BlackBull Markets is an ECN Forex broker

BlackBull Markets’ clients enjoy a rare sense of rapid execution not commonly found outside major hedge funds and investment banks.

Lightning fast servers allow usage of multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation technology.

This means using multiple liquidity providers by constantly processing the live interbank spread quotes.

When you place a trade it is processed to the cheapest current liquidity provider BlackBull Markets has in the system to make sure you get the best possible price available.

All of these systems and algorithms running through BlackBull Markets’ servers mean that no matter which trading platform you use, BlackBull Markets’ execution engine facilitates a highly efficient integration of data and information flow every time a trade is placed.

BlackBull Markets’ 0.0 pips is possible because of their in-house ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology.

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FAQs about BlackBull Markets MT4 and MT5 account opening

Do you have any questions about BlackBull Markets’ service and the account opening prcedure?

We are here to answer the frequently asked questions of traders.

1. Do I have to provide any documents to BlackBull Markets?

Yes, in accordance with AML and FSCL regualtions, BlackBull Markets requires a copy of your proof of identification and a proof of address to open a live account.

Please ensure they are less than 2mb in size and are in pdf or jpg format.

  • Your ID or proof of identification can be your passport, driver’s license or a national identity card.
  • Your proof of address can be a current utilities bill (phone, water electricity) or a bank statement.

When creating a live account, you can upload documents up to 2mb in size.

If the file sizes are too big, you will be redirected to the start of the registration page.

If you are experiencing difficulty, please email BlackBull Markets’ support team.

BlackBull Markets does not accept expired documentation.
BlackBull Markets allows clients from most countries except USA, New Zealand and a list of others. For more details, please read BlackBull Markets’ Terms and Conditions.

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2. What is the required minimum deposit?

In order to open a live account, BlackBull Markets requires a minimum deposit of 200 USD.

This can be done easily with a variety of methods for client convenience.

The minimum deposit to open a Standard account is 200 USD.

For a Prime Account it is 2,000 USD. Finally, BlackBull Markets requires 20,000 USD for an Institutional account.

By making a deposit of over $2000, you can also request for free VPS of BlackBull Markets.

BlackBull Markets offers three types of accounts, Standard, Prime and Institutional.

Each account has different minimum deposit requirements and services, the right account type would mostly depend on your funding size.

If you want to find out more, go to this link here.

To change the account type, please contact your account manager and they will change your account type providing you have meet all the account requirements.

Open BlackBull Markets Real or Demo Account

3. Does BlackBull Markets offer Islamic account without swaps?

Yes, BlackBull Markets does offer swap-free Islamic accounts.

These are accounts with no swap rates or rollover costs on overnight positions.

You can open an Islamic account by opening an account with BlackBull Markets, then contacting the support team.

Once received, BlackBull Markets will then change your account type accordingly.

Please note, BlackBull Group Limited reserves the right to revoke this granted swap-free status in the event of any form of abuse.

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4. How long can I keep my live and demo accounts?

If your demo account remains inactive for 30 days, then it will be closed.

You will need to open a new free demo account.

As long as your live account has funds in it, BlackBull Markets will not close your account.

If there are no funds in your account, BlackBull Markets will keep your account open for 6 months before closing it.

Signup for BlackBull Markets

5. Why my application has been denied? My account says it is invalid.

In some cases your application has been denied, there could be multiple reasons why BlackBull Markets has denied your application:

  • You may from the US or NZ (BlackBull Markets cannot accept US citizens due to new regulations)
  • You may be from another country BlackBull Markets does not accept clients from.
  • Your ID has expired or is not eligible.
  • Your proof of address is not current. Or not been posted within the past two months.
  • You haven’t confirmed your email address.

Please contact BlackBull Markets’ support staff or your account manager to specify the reason.

If your account says it is invalid, your login details may have been inputted incorrectly.

If the problem persists, contact your account manager or BlackBull Markets’ support team.

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6. I forgot my password for my account. What do I do?

If you’ve forgotten mthe password or login name for MT4, contact your account manager or BlackBull Markets’ support team.

You may need to prove your identity.

If you forgot the Login ID or password for the account portal, your Login ID would be the email address you used to open your account.

If you forgot your password you can click “forgot password” and follow the process or contact your account manager to send you a temporary password.

To change the password, on the left hand side of your account portal, go onto “settings” and then “personal settings”.

There you can reset your password.

Go to BlackBull Markets Client Portal

7. Is there a commission? Can commission be negotiated?

There is no commission on the standard account, however on BlackBull Markets’ Prime and Institutional accounts there is a $6 USD standard round turn commission on every lot you trade.

BlackBull Markets seeks to provide its clients the lowest costs without forgoing a premium level of service.

BlackBull Markets does offer commission rebate options on the institutional account, however these are based on your funding size and your trading sizes.

Please discuss this with your account manager for details.

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BlackBull Markets offers MAM and PAMM system

The BlackBull Markets PAMM system has been painstakingly crafted and created for all BlackBull Markets’ valued clients.

BlackBull Markets’ clients can use this system as a method of investment or to manage other accounts.

Optimised for institutional use, BlackBull Markets is proud to offer this service free for all our retail clients.

With the launch of BlackBull Markets’ new portal, BlackBull Markets is introducing a Social Trading Plugin, where clients can browse and select Money Managers (MM) to invest in.

The performance of these MM accounts will be visible to all BlackBull Markets’ traders who can then decide where to invest their money.

This gives investors the chance to make money without having to trade themselves.

Furthermore, it is easy to become a Money Manager.

You just link your own trading accounts and show their performance to other people.

People who wish to invest in your account can do so.

This allows MM’s the chance to earn additional income for managing their investors’ funds. With this setup, there is a real potential for everyone to make money.

What is PAMM and MAM?

BlackBull Markets’ PAMM and MAM is for both Investors and Money Managers

Account managers can set certain conditions for their investors, including the level of leverage and minimum funding required to invest.

They can set their own performance fees and create a comprehensive money manager profile.

There is incentive for them to perform well, as they make can make more money from investors and attract even more funding.

Money Managers can also be set up with a MAM (Multi Account Manager) to provide them a complete and transparent overview of all their investor accounts.

They can view account performance, the open and closed trades, and the account performances.

The MAM platform is intuitive with clear graphical representations, designed for the institutional Forex trading package.

BlackBull Markets is proud to offer this service for the valued clients.

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BlackBull Markets is partnered with ZuluTrade, social and copy trading platform provider.

Find out how to use ZuluTrade’s copy trading service on BlackBull Markets MT4 and MT5 in the page here.

BlackBull Markets’ FIX API technology

BlackBull Markets understands that its clients want the best, most reliable and fastest trading services available.

As such, BlackBull Markets is proud to offer FIX API trading for clients.

Using a combination of our superior aggregation technology and liquidity relationships with top-tier world banks; BlackBull Markets is dedicated to providing the users the best quality execution and transparent market liquidity at all times.

Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Application Programming Interfaces (API) Technology allows a number of benefits for BlackBull Markets’ clients:

  • Direct Market Access (DMA)
  • Lower latency
  • Precision and transparency
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • More levels of market depth

Take advantage of the automated and efficient systems offered by BlackBull Markets FIX API Technology.



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