superforex-botcoin-mania-demo-trading-contest superforex-botcoin-mania-demo-trading-contest

Trading Contest Details

Prizes 100 USD
Available to All Traders of SuperForex
Contest Dates For 2 Weeks
How to entry Signup for SuperForex and Open a contest demo account.
Entry Requirements You must open a live trading account to receive the cash prize.
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

SuperForex BitcoinMania Contest Information

See the table below for the main information of SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest.

Contest Name SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest
Contest Type Demo Trading Account
Trading Instruments Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum
Account Type Any Account Type
Maximum Leverage Up to 1:1000
Trading Strategy Any Strategies
Prize Fund 100 USD
Contest Duration 2 Weeks

You use a Demo trading account to participate in this SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest.

SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest runs for 2 weeks and you can see the schedule of the next contest round in SuperForex Official Website.

What is SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest?

SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest runs for 2 weeks period.

The date of SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest is announced in SuperForex Official Website.

In SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest, you trade the most popular and major Cryptocurrency markets which are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum to compete with other participants.

The participants with the highest account balance will win SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest in the end, and he/she will be rewarded $100 prize fund in live trading account.

SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest is free to join and risk-free to trade.

Visit SuperForex Official Website

How to join SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest?

Follow the steps below to join SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest.

  1. Go to SuperForex Official Website
  2. Signup and open a live trading account
  3. Login to SuperForex’s Client Cabinet from Official Website
  4. Go to “Contests” and “BitcoinMania”
  5. Insert your password and click on “Register for BitcoinMania”
  6. You will be provided with login credentials of the Contest Demo account


All traders of SuperForex can participate in this demo trading contest.

Go to SuperForex Official Website to check the schedule of the next round today.

Go to SuperForex Official Website

Use any Account Types and Strategies

SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest uses a Demo trading account specifically opened for the contest.

The demo contest account is recharged with $2000.

The winner of the SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest is chosen by the account balance at the end of the contest period.

You can choose any account types and leverage for SuperForex’s BitcoinMania Contest.

You can also perform any kinds of trading strategies as SuperForex does not restrictions on trading strategies.

Each round of BitcoinMania takes 2 (two weeks). You can register for the current round for the first registration week from Monday till Friday.

Visit SuperForex Official Website to find out more information about the contest.



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