One of the hallmarks of the ZuluTrade platform is the range of choices you get to trade with confidence.

Not only do you choose which expert traders to follow and copy, you also decide on a payment and trading setup that best suits you.

Choices for the trading style that suits you.

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Who is ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade is a social and copy trading platform provider founded in 2007.

By registering for ZuluTrade, you can invest in various financial markets by coping professional traders’ accounts.

The service is available for free.

To signup and start investing with ZuluTrade, go to the page below.

ZuluTrade Online Registration

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ZuluTrade Company Information

ZuluTrade is a social and copy trading platform provider.

The company’s service is licensed and regulated in EU and Japan.

ZuluTrade is not an online Forex and CFD broker. To use ZuluTrade’s service, you must also open an account with an online broker which is partnered with ZuluTrade.

Through ZuluTrade, traders can earn from $100 up to $1 million per month depending on the performance and invested amount.

ZuluTrade is solely a provider of the social and copy trading platform.

While using ZuluTrade’s service, your funds will be deposited to your broker’s bank accounts and market liquidity will be provided through the broker’s system.

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ZuluTrade’s Social and Copy Trading

To use ZuluTrade’s social and copy trading platform, follow the steps below.

1. Sign up and register for ZuluTrade

Open an account with ZuluTrade first.

At this process, you also need to open an account with one of ZuluTrade’s partner brokers.

ZuluTrade is partnered with more than 50 online brokers including AAAFX, IC Markets, PepperStone, FXCM, EverFX, SwissQuote, AvaTrade, AxiTrader, FXOpen, InstaForex, VantageFX, FXDD and Rakuten Securities.

2. Choose your account types

ZuluTrade has mainly 2 different account types which are:

  1. Classic
    For manual or fully customized copy-trading.
  2. Profit Sharing
    For win-win relationship. Traders are compensated by your profits and penalized in case of loss.

You also need to open an account with the partnered broker.

Register for ZuluTrade online

3. Make a deposit and choose strategies

The required minimum deposit depends on your broker.

You may deposit the amount you wish, but not more than you can afford to lose.

Once you make a fund deposit, you may choose the traders to copy orders from.

There are thousands of signal providers from 192 countries.

4. Choose the Signal Provider

There are thousands of signal providers with ZuluTrade, and you can see their full details and perform demonstration.

To manage your ZuluTrade’s accounts, you can login to the web-trader or install android, iPhone, iPad and desktop widget apps.

ZuluTrade provides you a greay solution to diversify your portfolio and optimize your performance for free.

zulutrade traders profit
ZuluTrade’s statistics of professional traders
With ZuluTrade, you can also invest in cryptocurrencies such as BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and XRP (Ripple).

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Try ZuluTrade’s Automator

ZuluTrade doesn’t just provide you the platform to copy traders of professional and profitable traders.

With ZuluTrade, there are tools to manage your risks, to create your own trading system and to communicate with other investors.

ZuluGuard™ is an account protection feature that monitors each trader’s behavior and automatically removes a bad Trader when a radical trading strategy is detected.

Automator is a strategy builder. It is a tool to let you crate your own system.

With the Automator, you can create and execute your own automated rules, using an “if this then that” logic, such as set rules to lock your profit, to update Stop/Limit for selected trades, to close profitable trades or to simply notify you.

For anything, by logging into ZuluTrade’s platform, you can socialize and communicate with other investors and traders.

If you are also into bonus promotions, choose the broker which runs promotions.

There are brokers which offer no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, trading bonus and also cash back.

Open ZuluTrade Real or Demo Account

What’s the main reason to use ZuluTrade’s service?

ZuluTrade removes emotions from trading and lets you follow top performing Forex traders from around the world and copy how they trade, follow multiple traders and match how they do it.

Comprehensive social media capabilities allow traders to share their knowledge with people who are interested in their strategies and want to profit from them.

You choose who you want to follow and monitor their progress with social charts that track their opening and closing positions.

The Trade Wall lets you see the results of trading quickly.

And when traders new to ZuluTrade get the hang of it, they get compensated when followers copy them.

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Enhanced risk management with ZuluTrade

With ZuluTrade, you can stay in control and effectively manage the levels of risk within your account.

The Risk Meter lets you set the level of risk that suits your demands and trading style.

For extra security, Zulu Guard is a safety feature that monitors the performance of traders 24/7 and steps in to protect invested capital.

And to help you stay informed and make decisions quickly, automated alerts notify you when things happen or automatically executes actions for you.

Try ZuluTrade’s Automated Tools

Transparent Zulu Rank to find the best traders

Zulu Rank is powered by a highly developed algorithm that ranks other traders by analysing their performance.

It ranks traders by both their current and historic performance, so you get an accurate view of their capabilities.

With the ranking system in place you can choose to copy traders who may be more aligned to your trading style and volume.

The platform is controlled by you alone and leverages the insights of the peer to peer community.

However, the ranking system is based on mathematical data and precisely rates the skills of the traders you follow.

See the Ranking of ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade Ratings And Reviews

ZuluTrade's Rate

3.0 rating based on 3,992 ratings
3/5 3992
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ZuluTrade's Trading Accounts

ZuluTrade (ZuluTrade, Inc.) offers 1 trading account types.

Account Name
Max Lev
Min Deposit
Margin Call/Stop Out
Depends on the Broker
Depends on the Broker/Depends on the Broker

ZuluTrade Company Profile

ZuluTrade is a copy trading tool for Forex, CFDs and Binary Options. Copy the profitable trades for free, and make a fortune with them!

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.
Regulations & Licenses
Company ZuluTrade, Inc.
Founded 2007 (17 years)
Country Base U.S.A
Headquaters 14 Akti Kondyli Str, Piraeus, 18545, Greece
Traders Rating
3.0 rating based on 3,992 ratings
3/5 3992
Supported Platforms
Maximum Leverage 2,000:1 *
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Client Funds Safety Segregated
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods


Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.

ZuluTrade FAQ

Everything you need to know about ZuluTrade (ZuluTrade, Inc.).

Traders are ranked by a system developed by ZuluTrade known as the ZuluRank. This is an algorithm that assesses each professional trader – known as Signal Providers. The ranking system analyses trading activity such as, how often the trader logs in, their age, their profit and losses to date, how long a trade sta...

ZuluTrade does not guarantee any profits through its service, but it is your responsibility to manage your investment activities. ZuluGuard Protection ZuluGuard is a comprehensive account protection feature that monitors each trader’s behaviour, automatically taking action when their trading strategy radically...

You can gain more control and free time with the Automator. Think of the Automator as your personal assistant. This is an innovative tool that lets ZuluTrade users set up and carry out their own automated trading rules. This tool enables you to monitor markets and Signal Providers, as well as providing alerts ...

A social trading network works similarly to regular social networks. But instead of people sharing photos of their kids and holidays trips, they share trading results. A key feature of social trading platforms, like ZuluTrade, is that you get the chance to copy the trades of other users. Simply find a success...

How to find the most profitable signal providers? ZuluTrade - One Most Popular Copy Trading Service How to find the most profitable signal providers? Go to "Traders" page on ZuluTrade official website, and then click on any parameters shown for each trader. The table will show you the list of traders fro...

Although copy trading has its advantages, there are factors to consider. Don’t leap in too soon. You should know some of the fundamentals about Forex trading before you begin. So read blogs, guides and articles and watch as many videos as you can consume to get familiar with currency trading. Remember, Signa...

Yes, there is. Most successful traders have built up years of experience; devising methods which work more often than not. Through trial and error they have learned to identify what indicators to scrutinize, how to react or prepare for news and events and how to behave under pressure. ZuluTrade lets you ch...

After clicking the copy function, the master's investment style and operation will be immediately displayed in your account. It's like a real teacher, instructing the copiers at real-time. When you don't understand or have any doubts about the investment, you can use the private message to communicate with t...

Traders can choose from among thousands of Signal Providers from all around the world. You can pick them based on a wide number of performance factors including exposure, stability, operational strategy and behaviour. Choose according to your preferred style, as you can study each trade, seeing how it progre...

ZuluTrade was born out of a need to help traders who were pressed for time. It was developed by former trader Leon Yohai, who found he couldn’t follow the markets with as much commitment and analysis as he liked. So Yohai created a system that enabled him to keep control and ownership of his trading account, but ...

With the free signals, you just have to be reactive to trade with the best chance to make profits. With ZuluTrade, you can share your trading experience and add a trading signal. Your friends can execute the position by a click. Select the instrument and the position type. You can optionally add Stop loss...

With the Forex copy trading network, powered by ZuluTrade, you can hand pick a group of select, expert Forex traders to work for your portfolio, with full transparency and control, delivering real results. The ZuluTrade copy trading network is a unique copy-trading service that delivers a select network of emergi...

You can copy a number of masters at the same time, so that you can avoid the risk of a single person when his/her performance is not stable. As long as your money is sufficient enough, the copy number of masters is no limited. You are always free to stop copying from any signal providers as you prefer. Egg...

With ZuluTrade, if your copy trading from a master does not bring profit to you, you can end this relationship immediately and choose another master to copy. When you earn a lot and trust the master, you can simply increase fund on the copy to make more money. No matter what the market risk is, grasp the mas...



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