ZuluTrade-Review---Copy-and-Social-Trading-Service ZuluTrade-Review---Copy-and-Social-Trading-Service

Zulutrade, the largest and most famous Copy & Social Trading platform in the world.

What is Zulutrade?

Zulutrade is an EU-regulated company with license number 2/540 / 17.2.2010 belonging to the FINVASIA group.

It is one of the best Copy & Social Trading platforms in the world that gives you the opportunity to invest in a wide range of instruments and interact with your account with over 70 different brokers using countless services that vary depending on the broker selected.

Zulutrade is extremely attentive to transparency and security for its traders, offering tools such as ZuluGuard and fund management in separate accounts.

The list of Zulutrade’s available accounts includes:

  1. Classic account
  2. Demo Account
  3. Account Trader
  4. Zulutrade Islamic Account

The platform allows traders to open a Classic account for the copy trader, plus an additional Trader account to be used for signal providers.

The Copy Trading service offered by the Zulutrade platform guarantees customers a simple and extremely fluid trading management, thanks to the use of options such as Trader, Combo and Investment Baskets on a wide list of available instruments including Cryptos, CFDs on Forex shares, commodities and indices.

ZuluTrade offers traders the possibility to use cryptocurrency copy trading which, like traditional copy trading, copies the trades of other professional traders in the sector on a wide range of cryptocurrencies among which we can find the most popular such as bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin and bitcoin cash.

If you are interested in this service, ZuluTrade is an excellent choice since there are few who offer it.

Zulutrade’s main corporate goal is to become the most impressive social trading community in the world by offering trading services and options suitable for any type of trader, all in an intuitive environment full of opportunities in which traders from all over the world will be able to connect to any trading platform and share your knowledge.

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ZuluTrade and Social and Copy Trading

Zulutrade offers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that is perfectly compatible with features such as MT4 EAs or VPSs.

Absolutely the best platform for social and copy trading which also has an area dedicated exclusively to copy trading on cryptocurrencies.

For traders it will be extremely simple and quick to connect and connect their account to over 70 brokers being able to choose from the best professionals in the sector all over the world.

In order to use the ZuluTrade social and copy trading platform, it will be sufficient to follow the next very simple steps.

1. Sign up and register at ZuluTrade

To start, the trader must have a Zulutrade account, if he does not have one he can do so by clicking here.

Subsequently it will be essential to open an account with one of ZuluTrade’s broker partners.

ZuluTrade is partnered with over 50 online brokers, including AAAFX, IC Markets, PepperStone, FXCM, EverFX, SwissQuote, AvaTrade, AxiTrader, FXOpen, InstaForex, VantageFX, FXDD and Rakuten Securities.

The trader will be able to choose the broker most suitable for your needs and which fully reflects your investment style.

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2. Choose the type of account

ZuluTrade mainly offers two different types of accounts:

Demo account
Account that allows you to experience all the functions and qualities of the platform without having to commit any capital. The account has no time limit for use and can be used to test both the Classic account and the Profit Sharing account (professional trader account from which to copy trades).
Classic Account
Certainly the most popular among traders, the Classic account bases its structure on the volume of replicated trades. The trader who opts for this type of account will be able to follow other traders and offers access to all the main features offered by the platform.
Trader Account
Account type available only for professional traders, signal providers. The customer intending to open this account must provide valid information proving its operation in the sector. After the application, Zulutrade will evaluate whether to consider the trader valid or not. As a function of a win-win relationship, traders will be able to profit in the event of a successful investment or lose in the event of a loss.
Islamic Account
The company does not directly offer the possibility of opening an account to any customers of Islamic faith. The option will depend on the broker chosen by the trader. In principle, most of Zulutrade’s broker partners offer an Islamic account that can be opened without having to face additional costs. But it should be noted that using an Islamic account could slightly increase the investment fees required by the broker.

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3. Make a deposit and choose strategies

The minimum deposit required depends exclusively on the broker affiliated with Zulutrade chosen by the trader.

It will be possible to deposit the desired amount but it must be remembered that ZuluTrade expects at least 100 USD to be deposited in the account.

Payment methods vary depending on the broker selected, but typically these include wire transfer, credit and debit card, and e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal (pay particular attention to the transaction fees charged by the broker selected).

The base currency to be used must be the same for both deposits and withdrawals in order to avoid unpleasant exchange fees.

The platform’s base currencies change based on the broker connected, but usually the currencies offered are USD, EUR and GBP.

Once the fund has been deposited, it is possible to choose the traders from which to copy the orders.

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4. Choose your signal provider

Zulutrade offers the ability to copy the trades of thousands of highly experienced professional traders in the sector.

Among the operations granted, there is the opportunity to check in detail the operations of the chosen trader and perform adjustments.

To have a complete management of ZuluTrade accounts, just log in to the web-trader or install the widget applications for Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop.

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Zulutrade, ZuluGuard, Automator and Combos tools

Among the tools offered by the platform, we find ZuluGuard, Automator and Combos.

Considered by many to be indispensable for Copy Trading both for the protection of traders and for the safety of investments and to make any selected operation even more advantageous.

It is an extremely functional tool created for account protection. The software constantly monitors the work of traders and automatically removes it in the event that a non-compliant trading strategy is recorded. ZuluGuard, being a real investment shield, is available to any trader and is a mandatory service for clients residing in Europe. The software automatically calculates a trading exit value for each open trade in the client’s account based on the best / worst trading chart. When the red line crosses with the blue line, ZuluGuard will close all open positions and immediately replace the unsuitable trader with another with a higher ranking score.
Created mainly for traders who do not have the ability to constantly follow the markets and for newcomers to the world of trading eager to learn as much as possible, Automated trading allows you to invest in the markets using software that can take advantage of pre-set rules to enter and exit the markets. The trader, after having carried out a careful technical analysis, will be able to set all the main parameters to be implemented for the operations, such as opening orders, trailing stops and limit stops. Automated trading allows the trader to make numerous trades in a relatively short time, eliminating any issues arising from uncertainties or conflicting emotions that could affect any decision. In summary, the trader sets his own strategies, the Automator will work together.
Combos are groups of traders put together by the broker similar to each other but with different risk propensities with a win rate higher than 30%, over 100 trades executed, more than 15 weeks of trading, positive ROI in the long term. The trader can choose the group managed by the ZuluTrade Certified Portfolio Management Team that best suits their needs.

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Zulutrade platform

The platform offered by the broker is called ZuluTrade+, extremely popular among traders for the quality of the services included and an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The platform is available both in browser version and as an app (Android and IOS).

Whatever the version chosen, the trader will be able to take full advantage of all the social services and tools offered by the broker, including the ability to consult the profile of other traders and interact with them through comments, a wide range of data and statistics in order to trace any type of information such as ROI, followers and total amount invested.

Having an extremely transparent structure, the platform allows you to see if a trader uses Automated Trading, which broker he works with and when he has been operating with Zulutrade.

In addition, thanks to the social chart, the customer will be able to view live when an investor carries out an opening or closing operation.

In the event that the customer prefers to opt for platforms other than the one offered, he can use Metatrader 4, one of the most famous platforms in the world for trading with over 80 graphical tools.

Subsequently, each operation carried out will be instantly copied to the ZuluTrade+ platform.

As for the instruments available for investments, these vary according to the broker chosen, but regardless of the instruments offered to be able to trade, the main advantage in trading with Zulutrade comes from following the results of other traders and taking advantage of them.

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Zulu Rank

Zulu Rank is a software based on very complex algorithms that constantly analyzes the work of traders in order to create a ranking. Zulu Rank catalogs the traders and their current and historical performances, thus the trader will have the possibility to get a broad view of the investor’s work.

By carefully analyzing the ranking, any trader will be able to find the most suitable professional for their style and suitable for their goals.

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Support and training team

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the essential support service managed by a team of experts in over 20 languages ​​that any trader can contact via chat on the broker’s website, via e-mail and 8 different telephone numbers divided according to the place you are calling from (UK, Russia, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Colombia, Japan and Australia).

As for the training sector, ZuluTrade offers a wide range of educational materials that will help less experienced traders to hone their trading skills.

Among these it is possible to consult a complete guide on how ZuluTrade actually works, one dedicated to new members and useful tips, guides and contents thanks to the ZuluTrade blogs.

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Why invest with Zulutrade

In summary, here are the main reasons why a trader should decide to invest their funds using Zulutrade.

A company that bases its operations on clarity, any information, data on the performance of traders can be accessed by everyone at any time. There are no hidden fees or costs not listed clearly.
A team of specialists is constantly engaged in meeting the needs of traders by providing up-to-date services and tools to offer a one-of-a-kind trading experience.
Customer Service
Highly qualified and available 24/7 via chat, phone or email.


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