Trading Commission of FXPro cTrader

FxPro cTrader clients are charged a commission fee of 45USD for every 1 million USD traded upon opening a position, and 45USD upon closing the position.

Thus you will be actually charged 90 USD for every 1 million USD traded round turn.

As 1 lot equals to 100,000 units, you will be charged 9 USD per 1 round turn lot of transactions.

If you like to consider the total costs of trading in FXPro cTrader trading platform, the minimum cost would be 11 USD per 1 lot traded(minimum spread 0.2 pip = 2 USD per 1 lot, and 9 USD as extra commission).

Some traders might see the 9 USD of extra commissions as a bit too much though, it is actually a reasonable cost for trading on STP trading environment.

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ECN = Raw Spread and Trading Commission

ECN(Electronic Communication Network) is an unique trading environment provided by cTrader.

The developer of cTrader, Spotware also mentions that as there is a trading platform restriction, all orders will be sent to broker’s liquidity providers without any interference.

Your orders are to be also matched with other traders’ orders electronically, hence the execution quality should be maximized with the system.

It is simply the most fair trading environment where traders can trade without worrying about brokers manipulating or interfering to cause losses to traders’ accounts.

ECN is similar to STP trading environment, and these trading environment comes with certain costs. As there may be no broker which can offer STP/ECN trading environment with lower than 0.7 pips of costs(approximately).

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FXPro Accounts with No Commission

If you prefer to not pay any trading commissions while trading, then you can choose the following account types of FXPro.

  1. MT5 Floating Spread
  2. MT4 Market Execution
  3. MT4 Floating Spread
  4. MT4 Fixed Spread

The above account types have no extra trading commissions, but the trading cost is only the spread.

Note that there are overnight financing (swap charges) for positions carried over to the next day.

For the comparison of FXPro’s all account types, visit the page here.



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