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Trade with an ECN Forex broker

An ECN account can help you reduce the spread dramatically, a rebate program can give you guaranteed returns on your trading or a no commissions account can help you save money and boost your profitability.

Our pick of Accounts and rewards you can get at Yadix Forex Broker!

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Want to reduce trading costs?

Try ECN trading to reduce your trading costs and add extra profitability to your trading activity.

All ECN accounts at Yadix benefit from core bank spreads, with the major pairs starting from just 0 pips.

As the accounts are supported by deep liquidity, you can be sure of tight spreads at all times.

Want to get Cash Back (Rebate)?

Yadix offers a comprehensive cash back program (Rebates) that promises to give you real cash back on your trading activity.

Win or lose, your trading will be rewarded with real cash rebates paid instantly back to your trading account as soon as you close your trade.

You can choose the best account for your trading and earn up to $12 per each lot you trade, no minimum trade size and certainly no restrictions.

Want low spreads with no extra commissions?

Try the Yadix Classic account to benefit from low and competitive spreads with no commissions and no hidden costs or fees.

The account is also available as an interest free account (swap free) and is eligible for high value rebates or bonus with industry leading execution speeds and filling accuracy.

Yadix would love to save you more money, help boost your trading efficiency and profitability, so please contact the support team to learn more.

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Why Yadix is the best at STP and ECN execution?

Yadix, an Online FX & CFD broker is proud of offering STP and ECN MT4 for traders.

STP stands for Straight Through Processing and ECN stands for Electronics Communication Networks.

Both essentials together achieved to offer its traders the Fair and Fast execution environment.

But how exactly you can take advantage of Yadix’s MT4 as an online trader?

Here are the 4 main benefits.

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1. No Scalping Restrictions

Execution benefits include no restrictions for scalping.

Scalpers are able to open and close orders within the same millisecond with no penalties or limits and this allows them to maximize profit making opportunities.

2. EA Trading Benefits

Expert Advisers rely on low spreads and execution accuracy.

Prices are feed from 15 liquidity banks and spreads start from 0.0 pips, with accuracy delivered by the use of the Equinix LD4 exchange, co-located and cross-connected liquidity providers and global data-centers with fibre-optic lines.

3. No Trading Restrictions

Operate any trading EA, Auto-clicker or algorithm without limitation or restriction. No matter the strategy, Yadix has solutions to fully support the most profitable and high frequency trading strategies.

4. High Frequency Trading

Low latency, millisecond execution speeds, excellent trading conditions and supporting technologies are in place to support high frequency trading.

High spec and reliable VPS facilities are available for Expert Advisor trading and the Yadix FIX API can benefit high frequency algos.

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