FXDD is an online Forex and CFD broker founded in 2002.

By opening an account with FXDD, you can invest in Forex, Indices, Metals, Energies, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies.

As a regulated international online broker, FXDD has opened over 400,000 accounts by 2019.

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FXDD Company Information

FXDD is an international and multi-licensed FX and CFD broker.

The broker is regulated by several financial authorities including Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Mauritius.

FXDD is also approved to provide cross border services across the European Economic Area (EEA) under the EU’s MiFID II.

As a regulated broker, all client funds are securely stored in a segregated bank account, existing separately from company funds.

FXDD has been in the industry for a long time, studiously working to build and maintain a great trading environment.

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FXDD’s Trading Conditions

With FXDD, you can trade over 100 financial instruments of Forex, Indices, Metals, Energies, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies.

The available Cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP).

The available trading platforms are MT4 (Metatrader4) and MT5 (MetaTrader5).

FXDD also has web trader which supports Windows, Mac, Web, iOS and Android devices.

The available maximum leverage is 1:100.

FXDD offers all retail clients negative balance protection. This means that clients will never lose more than their invested capital.

FXDD receives raw price data for all trading instruments from its Liquidity Providers (LPs) and data providers such as regulated markets, multilateral trading facilities (MTFs) and executing brokers.

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Available platforms, trading cost (spread) and some other conditions are different depending on the account types as below.

Account Types Standard ECN
Trading Platforms MT4, MT5 and Webtrader MT4 and MT5
Spread (Commission) From 1.2 pips From 0.2 pips ($2.99 per lot)
Advantage Guaranteed 0 slippage on entry orders High-speed execution and a high fill rate over 99%.

FXDD also has programs for affiliates and IBs (Introducing Brokers).

To register for FXDD’s service, please go to the page below.

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FXDD Swordfish trading platform

FXDD Swordfish is a web-based trading platforms which is designed for newcomers, active traders and professional forex traders.

With a highly customizable interface, including undocking and docking features, FXDD Swordfish puts the user in control of where and how to view their information.

FXDD Swordfish is a Java based web trading platform. To ensure that the platform runs properly be sure that you have the latest Java Runtime Environment on your computer.

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Bonus Promotions and Tools of FXDD

FXDD occasionally runs live and demo trading contests and other types of bonus promotions.

For EA (Expert Adviser) traders, FXDD has VPS (Virtual Private Server) from $30 of monthly cost.

FXDD’s VPS is compatible with any types of devices including MAC OS.

In FXDD’s Official Website, you can access to research, analysis, webinars and many other online trading tools for free.

FXDD Ratings And Reviews

FXDD's Rate

4.4 rating based on 47 ratings
4.4/5 47

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FXDD's Trading Accounts

FXDD (FXDD Malta Limited) offers 2 trading account types.

Account Name
Max Lev
Min Deposit
Margin Call/Stop Out
$2.99 - 4.99/per Lot

FXDD Company Profile

Trade with the New York based FX & CFD broker with 15 years of history.

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.
Regulations & Licenses
Company FXDD Malta Limited
Founded 2002 (22 years)
Country Base Bermuda
Headquaters K2, First Floor, Forni Complex, Valletta Waterfront, Floriana, FRN 1913, Malta
Traders Rating
4.4 rating based on 47 ratings
4.4/5 47
Supported Platforms
Maximum Leverage 100:1 *
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Negative Balance Offer Negative Balance Protection
Client Funds Safety Segregated
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods

Company Categories


Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.


Everything you need to know about FXDD (FXDD Malta Limited).

Yes, if any account equity is less than $5,000.00 USD, a micro account on MetaTrader 4 is appropriate. Trading in 1,000 base currency units (or dollar) increments on the MetaTrader 4 platform is the micro. The maximum leverage which FXDD offers is 1:500, you will be required to have only a few dollars to open ...

No. The money provided in the demo account (FXDD Trader or MetaTrader4) is virtual play money with an initial deposit of either $50,000 or another amounts you select. This virtual play money is provided so that you may practice trading before opening a live account. No charges are incurred for the transactions...

A demo account is good for 90 days, beginning the first day of sign-up. On the 90th day, your account will become inactive. If you require additional time before opening a live account, you may register for more than one demo account on either of their platforms. Also, you may email FXDD support team to req...

Currenex offers Executable Streaming Prices (ESP(tm)), Request For Streams (RFS), Benchmark Trading, and Algorithmic Trading. Currenex is one of the deepest liquidity pools in the spot foreign exchange market. FXDD offers the Currenex platform under the trade name "Power Trader Platform". The broker offers the...

FXDD is an online Forex & CFD broker which has the main office in the World Trade Center in New York. FXDD is also a registered broker in Bermuda to provide its service outside of U.S.A. Please note that the accounts you may open with FXDD will be under FXDD Bermuda Limited which is registered by BMA (Berm...

FXDD maintains a risk desk, but not a dealing desk. The function of the Risk Desk is to insure liquidity from their global liquidity providers and to provide assistance to clients who cannot access their platforms. FXDD does not intervene in client trades; all trades are executed in FXDD's back office system. ...

FXDD offers lot allocation but not percent allocation facilities available to money managers. For specific terms and conditions, send a request to FXDD sales department detailing specific needs and a representative will be in contact. Please note that in case your country requires specific license to be active...

FXDD will not charge commissions on trades made by self-directed clients using the standard tier spreads on Swordfish, MirrorTrader, or MetaTrader platforms. FXDD charges commission on any account using the Xtreme tier, Currenex(Viking Trader & PowerTrader), or Dukascopy(JForex) spreads. Please note that S...

FXDD has paid $2.74 million of fine to the regulatory authority, CFTC in USA in 2013. According to CFTC's announcement, the fine was charged because FXDD has used "asymmetrical slippage parameter" to let the system execute the orders in favor of FXDD. This program has made the system favored FXDD in slippage s...

FXDD is an online Forex and CFD broker that focuses on providing transparent and professional online trading services. There are various advantages to trade Forex and CFDs with FXDD by using FXDD's trading platforms and accounts for free. FXDD runs Bonus Promotions and Contests occasionally to support its trad...



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