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Get FXOpen’s 2 main Bonuses

FXOpen runs various promotions such No Deposit Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Cash Back and Trading contests.

Their very popular 2 promotions are the:

  1. 10 USD No Deposit Bonus (Welcome Bonus)
  2. Direct and Official Cash Back Rebate

These promotions are available for all traders of FXOpen.

You can also earn both of these bonuses.

For the list of the latest bonus promotions of FXOpen, please go to the official website from below.

Visit FXOpen Official Website

What is No Deposit Bonus?

FXOpen’s No Deposit Bonus promotion, literally gives away bonus for traders with no deposits.

You may open a live trading account (STP MT4) and verify your phone number, then 10 USD will be credited to your account automatically.

Participating in the promotion and getting the bonus, won’t cost you any or will be extra/hidden commissions.

10 USD is a small amount but enough amount to start trading Forex by using FXOpen’s high leverage 1:500.

Open STP MT4 account to get 10 USD Bonus

What is Cash Back Rebate?

FXOpen’s another popular promotion is the “Cash Back Rebate”.

The broker officially runs a Cash Back program, where participants can earn rebate according to their trading volume.

The cash back rate is 2.4 pips for STP accounts or 15% of ECN commission.

No other brokers offer this high rate of cash back rebate!

The Cash Back promotion runs for 90 days from the date of account opening.

More information about FXOpen’s Cash Back rebate program, go to the section below.

Visit FXOpen Official Website

In the next section, we will explain more about FXOpen’s No Deposit Bonus and how to get it.

FXOpen 10 USD No Deposit Bonus

Open FXopen’s STP account and get 10 USD for Free.

With this promotion, you can try the “Risk Free” trading on FXOpen’s MT4 account.

How to receive the $10 for Free

1. Register with FXOpen

Please just register without opening an account yet.

You will first need to verify your phone number with SMS message.

2. Verify your Phone number with SMS

After registering with FXOpen, please login to your “myFXOpen” from FXOpen Official Website.

Then, go to “Settings” and “SMS Notification” as below.

Select the country code, type your phone number and “Submit”.

Now you will receive a SMS message from FXOpen with several numbers. Just type the number in the specified on screen, then your SMS verification is completed.

3. Open “STP Account”

Now, from the myFXOpen, go to “Add Account” and select to open a “STP account” as below.

Account opening may take a few seconds to complete.

*If you open a “Micro Account” first instead of STP account, “$1 No Deposit Bonus” will be credited to the Micro Account.

4. $10 will be automatically credited

As long as the “SMS verification” is completed, you will have $10 in the first STP account opened immediately.

Now start trading without making a deposit at all.

FXOpen Online Registration Page

Withdrawal Conditions of FXOpen’s No Deposit Bonus

The bonus amount can be used for trading purpose, and the profits made using the bonus can be withdrawn after trading 2 standard lots.

You cannot withdraw the bonus amount itself.

Terms and Conditions of FXOpen’s No Deposit Bonus

  • The bonus promotion is available only once per client, household or IP address.
  • In case you have received $1 No Deposit Bonus for a Micro account, you cannot receive this $10 No Deposit Bonus for a STP account.
  • The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn in any cases.
  • Profits made in the relevant account can be withdrawn when you complete 2 standard round turn lots.
  • The promotion is not available for traders residing in Indonesia, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

For more information please contact FXOpen 24/5 customer support team.

Visit FXOpen Official Website

FXOpen Cash Back Rebate

If you haven’t registered or trade with FXOpen, then you can join the promotion and get Cash Back Bonus.

The offer is available for all new traders.

Cash Back Rate 2.4 pips or 15%
Trading Platform MT4 (MetaTrader4)
Maximum Cash Back Amount $1000
Withdrawal Available at anytime

Find out more about FXOpen

How to get Cash Back from FXOpen

To receive the Cash Back from FXOpen, please follow the steps below.

1. Register for eWallet & Open an account

Go to the registration page below, and you can open FXOpen’s eWallet.

FXOpen Online Registration

Then, login to FXOpen’s client portal and open an account.

You can join the promotion with ECN, STP, Crypto, Micro, PAMM ECN or PAMM STP account types.

2. Make a Deposit

There is no required minimum deposit amount set for the promotion.

Fund your account with any method you like to get started.

You can send money via bank wire transfer, credit/debit card, online wallets and crypto wallets.

3. Start trading and Get Cash Back

Once your fund is credited in your account, start trading and you can get Cash Back.

Note that you can receive the Cash Back bonus for 90 days from the date of registration.

The minimum cashback is $5, the maximum is $1,000.

The maximum cashback per trade is $100.

Open FXOpen Real Account

How much you get for each trade?

The basic partnership commission (a percentage of the FXOpen trading commission or Standard commission) equals 2.4 pips (5-decimal pricing) per trade in an STP or Micro account and 15% of the commission for ECN and Crypto accounts.

Standard Commission is multiplied by a certain coefficient, which depends on the total Used Margin on all client accounts.

The table below shows coefficients for cashback calculation.

The right column of the table illustrates the cashback calculation of the Standard Commission of $15.

Used Margin Range Cashback (% of Standard Commission) Example* Standard Commission = $15
less than $5k 150% 0% 0% $22.50 – –
$5k – $15k 105% 0% 0% $15.75 – –
$15k – $50k 70% 0% 0% $10.50 – –
$50k – $130k 45% 0% 0% $6.75 – –
$130k – $400k 25% 0% 0% $3.75 – –
$0.4m – $1.05m 10% 0% 0% $1.50 – –
$1.05m – $2.5m 0% 0% 0% – – –
$2.5m – $5m 0% 0% 0% – – –
more than $5m 0% 0% 0% – – –

Cashback is fully automated.

The funds are credited to the your Commission account.

FXOpen Official Website

Withdrawal Conditions

The promotion does not have any requirements or conditions for fund withdrawal.

You can withdraw your fund, profit and Cash Back Bonus credited into your account at anytime you want.

Do you have any questions about the promotion? Go to FXOpen Official Website and contact support team today!



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