xm-50%-and-20%-deposit-bonus-promotion-mt4-mt5 xm-50%-and-20%-deposit-bonus-promotion-mt4-mt5

About XM’s 50% Deposit Bonus

XM Trading is currently offering a two-step bonus on your deposit.

This adds a total of $ 5,000 to your investment, allowing you to start trading with more margin.

  • Immediate reflection on payment
  • Applies to deposits from $ 5
  • Available for MT4 and MT5 accounts
  • Bonus that cannot be withdrawn
* XMTrading Zero accounts are not eligible for deposit bonuses.

Get XM’s 50% Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is a two-step bonus of 50% up to $ 500 and 20% up to a total of $ 5,000 (or equivalent).

Earned profits can be withdrawn at any time.

This bonus is available to all customers who deposit funds into their trading accounts and will be automatically granted until the maximum bonus amount of $ 5,000 is reached.

* XMTrading Zero accounts are not eligible for deposit bonuses.

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About XM’s Loyalty Program

If you trade with an XMTrading real account, you can exchange the XMTrading points given for each lot you trade for a credit bonus.

XM also offers seasonal trading bonuses for a limited time and special trading bonus promotions with full invitations.

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What are XM Trading points?

With the XMTrading Loyalty Program, you can earn XMTrading Points (XMP) while trading, and the percentage of XMP per transaction will increase with your loyalty status promotion.

Loyalty status is 4 levels (Executive, Gold, Diamond, Elite).

XMTrading points can be earned by holding the position for more than 10 minutes for each round trip of the standard lot.

The XMP you can earn in a transaction is determined by your loyalty status. Executive level customers can earn 7XMP per lot and double the Elite level to 16XMP per lot.

Please note that if you hold a position for 10 minutes or less, you will not be eligible for XM Trading points.

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Loyalty Status within the program

All customers may start at the Executive level and upgrade to higher levels on a regular basis, with the benefits of each of the following levels.

After trading for 30 days, your loyalty status will be upgraded to Gold for the first time and you will be able to earn 10 XMP per lot at a higher XMP rate.

After trading for 60 days, you will be upgraded to the Diamond level with a ratio of 13XMP per lot.

Elite status can only be achieved after 100 days of trading and you will get 16XMP per lot, which is twice the ratio of Executive levels.

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How to use XMP?

XM Trading points can be redeemed for credit bonuses and used for transactions.

You can redeem your XM Trading points at any time and there are no restrictions.

You can redeem all XM Trading points or just some.

The XMP (XMTrading points) balance is displayed in real-time on the member page, and you can also check the conversion amount to the credit bonus at that time.

For example, suppose you currently have a 10,000 XM Trading points balance and you want to redeem 3,000 XMP for a credit bonus.

The convenient “Credit Bonus Exchange” tool on the membership page will automatically convert the points you select and you will receive USD 1,000 as a credit bonus.

Your new points balance will be 7,000 XM Trading points, which you can redeem later.



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