Start-trading-Forex-and-CFDs-with-1Market.-Take-advantage-of-the-latest-technology. Start-trading-Forex-and-CFDs-with-1Market.-Take-advantage-of-the-latest-technology.


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1Market - What's now?

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1Market’s Account Types Comparison

Account Type Mini Standard Gold Platinum Diamond VIP
Minimum Deposit 500 USD 1,000 USD 5,000 USD 10,000 USD 50,000 USD 100,000 USD
Minimum Line 1,000 USD 10,000 USD 50,000 USD 100,000 USD 500,000 USD 1,000,000 USD
1nsight Live Feed Available Available Available Available Available Available
Trading Signals Available Available Available Available Available Available
24/5 Live Chat Support Available Available Available Available Available Available
MT5 Unavailable Available Available Available Available Available
Personal Push and SMS Notifications Unavailable Unavailable Available Available Available Available
Exclusive Market Updates Unavailable Unavailable Available Available Available Available

At 1Market, clients can test their trading skills.

1Market’s fully regulated trading platform looks forward to establishing a strong working partnership with you.

The amount of your deposit and the principal of your account may require changes to the minimum line requirement.

If you want to operate with another type of account, send a message to 1Market’s customer service team.

*Please note that 1Market offers Islamic accounts upon request.

The trading services and conditions of Islamic accounts depend on the amount of the deposit and according to 1Market’s existing accounts, in particular, the Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP accounts.

*Please note that 1Market reserves the right to modify the minimum line of your transactions in proportion to the capital available in your account and up to 10 times your capital.

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How to open 1Market Forex Trading Account?

It is very easy to open an account.

  1. Register
    Select the account that best meets your needs and enter your personal details.
  2. Deposit
    Select from a wide range of banking options to fund your account, such as debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets, and more.
  3. Trade
    Choose a CFD on financial instruments, measure the market direction and open your trade with one click.

Open 1Market’s Account for Free

FAQs regarding 1Market Account Opening

How many types of accounts can I open at 1Market?
Only 1. 1Market does not allow traders to open multiple accounts.
Does 1Market withdraw funds to pay taxes?
No. You are solely responsible for your own taxes and VAT.
Can US citizens trade 1Market?
According to federal regulations regarding the conduct of operations, US citizens cannot operate on 1Market’s platform. Therefore, 1Market does not offer any services or operations to permanent residents or US citizens.
Does 1Market offer Islamic accounts?
Yes. Contact 1Market’s customer service.
Can I do test online trading before trading real money?
Of course. You can use 1Market’s trial trading account before depositing funds and trading real money at 1Market.

Do you have any other questions about 1Market’s service?

Go to 1Market Official Website and get in touch with one of their professional support members today.

Contact 1Market’s Support Team

One-click quick accessibility

At 1Market, the proprietary WebTrader platform is instantly accessible on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you will always have access to 1Market’s trading platform without downloading it.

Fast and safe
Manage your risks with Take Profit / Stop Loss orders and pending orders with just one click.
Instant accessibility
It only takes one click to access all your CFDs on a single screen.
Simplified data
Get free access to exclusive signals from Trading Central. 1Market offers exceptional access to the indicator 1Market has developed in-house, CrowdFeed & Sentiment, as well as more tools and resources.
Resources that work
Access more than 120 technical indicators and chart options to strategically plan your operations.

With 1Market, you can open an account for free in a few minutes.

After opening an account with 1Market, you will be provided with full access to 1Market’s all trading platforms and tools.

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1Market web trading platform: enjoy a wide range of options with 1Market

Optimized design – Enjoy greater flexibility and a better experience.

1Market’s innovative web trading platform enables you to discover and analyze market opportunities in real-time.

More than 600 CFDs
Unleash your full potential and trade hundreds of CFDs on stocks, commodities, indices and currencies. All sectors of financial operations on one platform!
State-of-the-art technical tools
Get a clear picture of your trades with a wide range of indicators and analysis tools. 1Market provides you with a reliable GPS to guide you in your operations. It includes tools such as moving averages, oscillators, trend detection, and much more.
Live Chat
You can contact 1Market by sending a message whenever you need 1Market’s help. 1Market’s expert customer service professionals are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and speak your language.
Position simulator
Trade with an advantage. Now you can determine precisely when a buy or sell trade could be profitable before making any investment decisions.

Open 1Market’s Account for Free

Follow Trends with 1Market’s 1nsight

The ultimate trading experience! Take the pulse of the community with 1nsight.

Having up-to-date and measurable information is the essence of successful online operations.

The 1nsight feed allows you to measure the activity of other community members as they trade.

Watch other traders perform and lead the trend.

Trend detection function
To succeed, it is not enough to follow trends. Knowing how to identify them is the most important thing. Thanks to its unique algorithm, 1nsight’s feed allows you to accurately identify trends as they take shape.
Price barometer
Sudden price fluctuations reflect a change in operator expectations. Stay up-to-date on any price increase or decrease in real time with 1nsight, a nifty feature that will inform you of all price changes.
Volume markers
1nsight measures the volume of buy and sell positions, and alerts traders to changes in volume and / or volatility in real time.
Trend reversal alert
Whenever the 1nsight algorithm detects a change in the direction or strength of the trend, it alerts traders when it occurs. Forget about false breakups.

Find out more about 1Market’s 1nsight

1Market’s 1nsight on MetaTrader5 (MT5)

Whenever the 1nsight algorithm detects a change in the direction or strength of the trend, it alerts traders when it occurs.

Forget about false breakups.

A multitude of data-driven insights and assets
Thanks to its advanced multi-asset trading functionalities, MT5 gives you seamless access to thousands of asset classes such as derivatives such as CFDs, futures and real stocks. Benefit from the unmatched depth of market, tick charts, and much more.
Technology Enhanced Operations
Stay on track with your trading activities with 82 smart charting tools and indicators that allow you to navigate through 21-time frames. Trade Your Way – Choose from 6 order types and 4 execution models such as hedging, clearing, and table/chart reporting.
To your taste
Tech savvy traders love to customize their indicators, scripts, and EAs. 1Market’s multi-threaded strategy testing tool makes it easier than ever to test your unique EAs and indicators, all using the new MQL-5 language.
More detail
Trading is a very participatory activity. The platform’s built-in community chat module, along with its economic calendar, internal email system, and the ability to manage multiple accounts from the same interface and seamlessly transfer funds between them allow you to focus on what you really want: increase your capital.

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Trading with 1nsight: beyond the basic analysis of financial operations.

1nsight, thanks to a set of intelligent algorithms, analyzes the activity of thousands of traders and assets available on the 1Market platform to provide real-time, data-driven information on community sentiment.

Connect to the 1nsight feed and trade right from the start!

The 1nsight feed is your ultimate smart trading source, showing you data on one side of your screen without interfering with your activities.

Identify trends
Before and after big economic events, traders start to open new positions and generate a new trend. 1nsight’s special trend detection feature will alert you when a new trend is forming.
Volume peaks
The feed algorithm measures the volume of purchases and sales of each asset class over a specified period of time and will send you a notification whenever there is a spike in volume and volatility.
Effects of events on positions
1nsight operators can plan all their movements with confidence because the feed allows them to visualize in real time the impact that each news and each economic event has on the mood of the operator community.
Change of trend
Stop worrying about trend breakouts – take advantage of a solution that will allow you to detect true trend reversals as soon as they occur. Forget about false trend reversals.

Start Using 1Market’s 1nsight

All you need to know about how to trade with 1nsight

The trading environment offered by 1nsight from 1Market consists of two fundamental elements: 1nsight Feed: the set of live market events and 1Market’s trading indicator shows you the reaction of the trading community in real-time.

This allows you to easily spot trends, price swings, or trend breakouts that occur due to macroeconomic data releases such as GDP, PMI, CPI, etc.

Each event shows the buy/sell ratios of an asset, as well as valuable information that compares the current market action with the usual.

To make trends easier to spot, deviations are highlighted, allowing you to spot the event immediately and carefully assess all possible reasons for the event and better weigh your options.

Conveniently displayed next to each asset, 1Market’s trade indicator lists purchases and sales as you trade – it’s your compass.

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Why should you use 1nsight?

Digital technology has revolutionized operations in a totally disruptive and unprecedented way.

Thanks to the Internet boom, nowadays anyone can carry out financial operations.

However, having greater accessibility to trading opportunities is not the same as trading smart.

That’s where 1nsight makes a difference.

1nsight revolutionizes the world of financial trading by bringing a unified approach to investing and creating a dynamic ecosystem in which the wisdom of each individual trader becomes the wisdom of the community, which drives the actions of all traders.

Market action, economic agenda, breakouts and trends – you can view all this information, displayed more clearly than ever.

Review this data and use it in your operations!

The ultimate trading experience! Take the pulse of the community with 1nsight.

Having up-to-date and measurable information is the essence of successful online operations.

The 1nsight feed allows you to measure the activity of other community members as they trade.

Watch other traders perform and lead the trend.

Trend detection function
To succeed, it is not enough to follow trends. Knowing how to identify them is the most important thing. Thanks to its unique algorithm, 1nsight’s feed allows you to accurately identify trends as they take shape.
Price barometer
Sudden price fluctuations reflect a change in operator expectations. Stay up-to-date on any price increase or decrease in real time with 1nsight, a nifty feature that will inform you of all price changes.
Volume markers
1nsight measures the volume of buy and sell positions, and alerts traders to changes in volume and / or volatility in real time.
Trend reversal alert
Whenever the 1nsight algorithm detects a change in the direction or strength of the trend, it alerts traders when it occurs. Forget about false breakups.

Open 1Market’s Account and Get access to 1nsight

Trading Central: Your Guide to Market Action

To ensure that no opportunities are missed, 1Market has integrated the investment decision support infrastructure powered by Trading Central ™, the financial industry’s leading provider of trading signals and on-time market sentiment.

Fund your account and you will get access to Trading Central’s premium signals 3 times a day for free. Stay alert!

Choice of assets
Receive signals from a wide variety of asset classes: CFDs on currencies, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, commodities and indices.
Multiple scenarios
See detailed situations based on various levels of support and resistance. Plan your next move more precisely.
Multiple time frames
Confidently explore the sessions in New York, Asia and Europe. Three times a day, every day – Stay on top of the markets with real-time signals.
Confirmation tools
Choose from a wide range of trend confirmation tools and technical indicators, and trade trends with confidence. See RSI, MACD, Fibonacci Retracements, and more from one place.

Find out more about 1Market’s Trading Central

How Trading Central’s Signals Help You

Trading signals can really help you raise the bar on your trades by providing you with optimized opening, closing and directional data for a wide range of assets.

They are typically generated using complex algorithms and undergo a comprehensive quality control process that includes filtering and confirmation by human analysts before they can be used as a valuable supplement to daily fundamentals.

If used correctly, signals also allow you to change the direction of an open position based on new data.

Get Access to Trading Central

Why are trading signals so important?

Trading Central combines artificial intelligence analysis with investment advice provided by expert market analysts and financial advisers from around the world who look at key fundamental and technical factors, as well as any changes in investor habits during a specified period of time.

1Market offers international coverage 24 hours a day to ensure synchronization with the market in real-time.

Use this advantage in your operations and stay one step ahead of the others.

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1Market Leverage selector – make the leverage suit you

Determine your level of leverage based on the level of risk you prefer to take for each specific trade.

The leverage selector allows you to adjust your leverage according to the risk you want to take at any given time.

You are in complete control of your operations!

Leverage levels are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Operation.

Choose from a wide range of options
Select from over 650 CFDs on currencies, indices, stocks, commodities, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.
Check a few boxes
Access Additional position parameters and check the Leverage box (if available).
Level up
Select the level of leverage that best suits your risk preferences. Please note that depending on the asset you have selected, you may not be able to click through all the options.
Confirm your order
Click CONFIRM to open a buy or sell position. That’s all!

No more phone calls, conversations with your account manager, and hassle.

Change your leverage level directly from the platform.

Transform your trading experience with one click. You can decide everything.

Find out more about 1Market’s Leverage selector

What is 1Market?

1Market is a trademark owned by Podora Ltd., a Marshall Islands company with registration number 107838, which is exploited worldwide.

As a European financial services provider, 1Market is also regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under law L.87 (I) / 2017 regarding the provision of investment services, the exercise of business investment and the functioning of regulated markets.

1Market is committed to the same principles of integrity, expertise, diligence, financial prudence, communication with clients, and protection of client assets as established by law.

1Market offers a complete and secure trading environment in which traders can explore new ways of trading and learn from each other.

1Market is an authorized broker run by Podora Ltd, a Marshall Islands company with registration number 107838.

Therefore, 1Market also abides by the strict rules of MiFID, the directive on markets in financial instruments, a European law that oversees regulations and standards of safe practice for financial and investment firms within the European Economic Area.

By employing rigorous regulations and standards, 1Market ensures that you can enjoy a safe and secure operating experience.

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1Market’s Platforms and Trading Tools

Power your operations with cutting-edge trading tools on multiple platforms.

Access endless assets on the industry-standard platform on all devices.
Mobile platform
1Market is coming to Google Play and Apple Store soon. Stay tuned!
Try 1Market’s web platform and enjoy a stellar experience and a wide selection of assets.
Trading Central
Trading signals by the best provider in the industry – 3 times a day and free with a funded account.
1nsight feed
Get a more complete perspective on how other traders think about market dynamics.

Sign up to get access to 1Market’s platforms

Available financial markets for trading on 1Market

1. Forex Currency Pairs

Did you know that the world currency market is worth more than $2.4 trillion? Participate in it by trading currency CFDs.

To watch the world’s money markets change, understand their dynamics, and capture the headlines that move them, you need 1Market – your ultimate destination for live charting and training.

Currency pairs are among the most popular and internationally traded asset classes.

Why are they so attractive? Its ability to fluctuate rapidly in fractions of a penny or, in other words: its volatility.

Whether you are familiar with trading CFDs or are an expert trader, the Forex market presents you with a wealth of opportunities to take advantage of the price movements of the most liquid asset on the market, a trusted broker, a healthy level of leverage, and tight spreads.

1Market offers you all that and much more.

Choose your account type and start trading today.

The Forex market generates more than 6.6 trillion dollars in transactions every day, of which more than 6 billion dollars are from transactions with the USD (three times more than with the EUR).

Central banks hold foreign currencies as international reserves to facilitate transactions in world trade.

Governments buy and sell foreign exchange to keep the exchange rate at a certain level.

China is a good example from this point of view.

Trade Forex Pairs on 1Market

FAQs about Forex Trading on 1Market

Also known as the foreign exchange market, the Forex market is a world market where national currencies are exchanged or traded with each other.

Participants in the Forex market invest in the evolution of relative values ​​between established currency pairs.

With which currencies can I carry out operations through 1Market?
While all brokers offer a different range of currency pairs, most of them, including 1MARKET, provides traders with a selection of major pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY and NZDUSD), minor pairs ( EURGBP, EURAUD, GBPJPY, CHFJPY, NZDJPY and GBPCAD) and exotic pairs (EURTRY, USDHKD, JPYNOK, NZDSGD, GBPZAR, AUDMXN, USDTRY and USDMXN).
Are there currencies that cannot be traded?
The offer of brokers in Forex terms varies. With such a large market, it is impossible to cover it in its entirety. Not to mention that certain national and international rules and regulations prevent operations with certain currencies such as the Iraqi dinar or the Vietnamese dong. Most importantly, rules may arise that require brokers to temporarily remove certain currencies from their platforms.
Are there fees associated with Forex trading?
Brokers generally do not charge fees for transactions you make with your account. They benefit from the difference between the bid and ask prices, which is known as the spread. However, if you leave positions open overnight, you may be charged swaps (refinancing fees).
How are long positions different from short ones?
With long or buy positions, you can benefit from the increase in the current currency price, while with short or sell positions, you benefit from a decrease in the currency price.
What are the trading hours of the Forex market?
The Forex market opens at 22:00 GMT on Sunday and closes at 22:00 GMT on Friday, which is when the US market closes.

Invest in Forex on 1Market

2. Stocks

Enjoy exposure to small, medium and large-company stocks.

From GameStop and AMC Entertainment to Tesla, Aurora Cannabis and more – enjoy all the options 1Market gives you.

Access 450 Stock CFDs and take advantage of the income posting season.

Receive up-to-date price and volatility alerts on your favorite stocks.

1Market offers CFDs on a variety of European, American, Australian and Saudi stocks.

You can trade any of them during market hours, Sunday through Friday. Open a trading account now to access some of the world’s biggest stocks.

Whether you want to go long or short, 1Market has the right solution for you.

Likewise, trading CFDs on shares with leverage allows you to unlock endless opportunities without putting too much pressure on your capital.

Stay on top of the news and get quick market information and daily alerts straight to your inbox.

Knowledge is power. Level up with 1Market.

Buying stocks on a stock exchange can be expensive.

Exchanges taxes and fees are capital intensive.

At 1Market, you can trade stocks commission-free with Stock CFDs.

Versatile by nature, Stock CFDs lower the entry barrier exponentially, allowing you to leverage your investment and increasing your chances of success.

You can also increase your risk to your liking thanks to 1Market’s proprietary leverage selection tool.

Join 1Market and access a suite of cutting-edge tools to raise the level of your operations.

Trade Stocks on 1Market

Commission-free stock trading with 1Market

Take your stock trading to a whole new level, with zero commissions.

Access 450 real stocks from anywhere in the world through your mobile or desktop device.

Own shares in the top 100 companies and enjoy the privileges of being a shareholder. Get ahead of the market!

See which are the most traded stocks on the 1Market MT5 platform, register and choose the ones you like the most.

Follow the headlines and stay up-to-date with the latest corporate stocks and earnings.

Advantages of trading stocks through 1Market:

  • Grow your portfolio at your own pace.
  • Invest in small- to large-cap stocks with no fees.
  • Do your research and create a strategy that suits you.
  • Earn quarterly or annual dividends based on your participation.

You can trade both stocks and CFDs on shares of some of the best-known companies in the world. Click here to see the full range.

At 1Market, registered traders have access to a wide range of actions.

For your convenience, 1Market provides you with definitions of the terms that are most used in the world of operations.

You can buy or sell stocks in major companies like Coca-Cola, Google, Tesla, Apple, or Amazon, as it suits you.

With so many shares available, 1Market makes it easy to trade quickly and easily by taking care of all the costs, fees and commissions associated with buying shares.

As a shareholder, you will own a percentage of the company and may be entitled to receive dividends, if applicable.

Invest in Stocks with 1Market

3. Stock Indices

Take advantage of the movement of dozens of stock markets around the world, including those in the US, Europe, Australia, Asia and the UK.

Track your performance with stock indices.

Access your favorite stock markets hassle-free with index CFDs offered by 1Market.

Enjoy trading any index, from the Dow Jones (DJI) to the BIST 100, and from anywhere thanks to 1Market’s proprietary platform or the popular MT5.

Harness the power of 1Market’s advanced tools, unleash your potential to feel the power of the community, or use MT5’s distinctive charting tools and indicators.

Benefit from the best trading conditions, leverage and spreads in the market.

Let’s exceed the limits of operations!

Stock indices are the backbone of market analysis, no doubt.

A financial journalist realized that in 1884 when he revealed his first index to the public: the Dow Jones Railroad Average.

It included 11 stocks, with the New York Central and the Union Pacific among them.

12 years later, in 1896, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) as 1Market knows it today emerged.

Likewise, the S&P 500 was created in 1860, and many more have appeared since then.

According to the Index Industry Association, there are 2,960,000 indices worldwide today and the value of ETF assets is more than $ 5.4 trillion.

Join 1Market to be part of the market.

Trade Stock Indices on 1Market

What is an index?

An index is a measure made with a standardized methodology of the price performance of a group of securities (or stocks) or specific data (micro and macroeconomic indices that track economic performance at scale).

Examples of micro and macroeconomic indices: CPI, PMI and GDP Stock indices: DJI, S&P 500, DAX 30, CAC 40, etc.

1Market offers a wide range of index CFDs on 1Market’s proprietary and MT5 platforms such as the BIST 100 and the Saudi Tadawul.

1Market always listens to the operators and add what they ask of them the most.

You can trade CFDs on indices during market hours, between 22:00 GMT on Sunday and 22:00 GMT on Friday.

However, trading index CFDs through 1Market is subject to daily downtime.

Trade some of the world’s leading stock indices with leverage, negative balance protection, and the advantage that only a world-class broker can provide.

Invest in Stock Indices with 1Market

4. ETFs

Looking for a better and profitable way to diversify your portfolio? Try ETF CFDs.

Choose from 40 ETF CFDs and trade on price movements.

At 1Market, you will be able to trade some of the most popular ETFs, such as SPY, VOX, GDX, and USO, available through CFDs.

You can start small with up to 1: 5 leverage and grow at your own pace.

1Market offers a wide range of exchange-traded funds from various markets and asset classes, including stock indices and commodities such as gold and oil.

Benefit from tight spreads and free real-time signals.

Analyze 1Market’s charts and use a variety of indicators that you can flexibly adjust according to your preferences.

In addition, 1Market’s market experts and multilingual customer support representatives will ensure that your experience is as seamless and agile as possible, from onboarding to investment.

ETF: more than indices and mutual funds.

Track the performance of selected industries and enjoy numerous diversification opportunities at a low cost.

ETFs trade in virtually any asset class, from commodities to stocks and currencies, allowing you to broaden your investment horizon with multiple asset classes simultaneously.

Trade ETFs on 1Market

What are ETF CFDs?

ETFs are baskets of stocks or stocks, which track the performance of an underlying index like the S&P 500, for example.

The ETFs created around the Standard and Poor is the SPDR or SPY.

These behave like mutual funds in many ways; However, unlike mutual funds, ETFs are publicly traded, and ETF stocks are traded in the same way as common stocks.

Being listed instruments, investing in ETFs can be expensive.

Also, investing in an underlying asset is only beneficial if the price goes up.

Otherwise, you will be left with an asset that you will need to sell for a profit or hold in the hope that its price will rise again at some point.

On the other hand, trading ETF CFDs can give you a lot of benefits, regardless of whether the price goes up or down because you are not investing in a real ETF; Instead, you invest in the appreciation or depreciation of the price of an ETF over a specified period of time.

As they are asset pools, ETFs offer greater diversification.

In addition, you can predict the price movements of groups of similar assets instead of tracking individual assets and projecting their result.

1Market offers dozens of ETF CFDs in a wide range of asset classes. Click here for the full list.

Invest in ETFs with 1Market

Condition of Spread on 1Market

Asset spreads (spreads) reflect the price difference between the purchase price (BID) and the sale price (ASK).

Traders open long positions at the ASK price and close them at the BID price.

Conversely, traders open short positions at the BID price and close them at the ASK price.

At 1Market, all spreads are fixed. Traders who wish to request custom spreads can contact 1Market’s customer service.

Certain currency pairs and commodities may not be available in specific regions.

While rare, spreads can vary as the market experiences volatile conditions. Spreads may also vary outside of business hours. If you decide to trade under these types of conditions, the relevant spreads will be presented to you.

Check out 1Market’s trading spread

Condition of Leverage on 1Market

Leverage allows traders to use capital borrowed from the broker in order to increase the size of the position they wish to trade.

This very effectively increases your exposure to the markets so that you can get more profit when transactions end positively.

With online trading activity, the broker allocates an amount of the trader’s capital as equity, known as the margin requirement, to trade.

As an example, a margin of 0.5% indicates that the trader can trade a position 200 times larger than the size of available capital (100 / 0.5).

Therefore, leverage significantly increases the size of positions when trading.

These operations, of course, can go both ways. For you or against you.

Leverage can also multiply losses to the downside. The margin requirement varies depending on the asset class.

It also depends on your level of operation, which is represented by the type of account you have.

Retail traders are offered considerably less leverage than professionals.

This is done to protect inexperienced traders when exposed to risk.

Certain currency pairs and commodities may not be available in specific regions.

Although not common spreads may vary during extreme operating conditions or outside of trading hours. If you attempt to trade under these conditions, the relevant spreads will be presented to you.

Find out more about 1Market’s leverage

Invest with a trusted broker today

Thanks to 1Market’s new and renewed approach, operators, regardless of their level of experience, will be able to explore new ways of operating with a technological advantage.

At 1Market, the broker believes that all operators should benefit from a personalized offer.

Developed by traders for traders, 1Market’s versatile trading solution offers both small investors and large investors the freedom to choose from a full range of cutting-edge platforms and tools, including the basic solution that underpins 1Market’s infrastructure, 1nsight, an exclusive algorithm-driven sentiment analysis tool.

1Market also offers 1Market Social, an ingenious application to copy trades from your mobile device, and the popular MetaTrader 5, a platform easily accessible from any device and from anywhere.

Plus, 1Market’s robust web trading platform is always a great choice when it comes to asset hedging, real-time trading analysis, signals, and much more.

The markets, in your hands!

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